Purple – one of the trendy colors for 2017 Wohnraumgestaltung

Purple - one of the trendy colors for 2017 Wohnraumgestaltung

According to the color experts at Benjamin Moore, the color purple to be the color of the year 2017 in a fairly dark shade. Among all the trendy colors that will determine the interior design in the coming year, the Marktfüher of the coating colors Color Shadow 2117-30 put on a pedestal. A dark purple color, which is described as sattiges and deep Amethystviolett.

purple &# 8211; one of the trendy colors for 2017 Wohnraumgestaltung

wall color ideas in purple for modern color scheme of dark color palette© Benjamin Moore & Co.

After this round herschenden color palette in neutral shades of white, is time for a muttige living space with a meaningful wall color in dark shades of purple, such as plum, violet, or purple. But what is the difference between these three colors, red and blue mixture which is commonly known as ” Purple ”? It all depends on how high the proportion of blue and red in color mixing, varriert by the corresponding purple color towards either red or blue and glueing the viewer individually.

muttige color scheme with dark purple wall color

color design living room with wall color purple, modern living room with fireplace black, white chairs and coffee table and ottoman sofa made of wood with zebra pattern in white brown© Benjamin Moore & Co.

make a bright bedroom stylish with dark purple walls

the color purple for modern color scheme bedroom with white chest and wall niche© Benjamin Moore & Co.

The plum color is another purple color walking towards Purple Violet and can be described as deep and dark purple gessätigtes. Through their Itensität in blue-violet color is one of the cold color palette, but can also go in the warm color direction. It radiates peace and is associated with wisdom.

the color purple in a dark shade is the new trend color of modern interior design

color ideas for walls in purple© Benjamin Moore & Co.

What other colors, the color purple can be combined harmoniously and accent full?

Due to its saturation Eigent the violet for an expressive design of accent walls. When it comes to the coating of large wall surfaces, the dark purple wall color can be perfectly combined with light, neutral basic colors in beige, gray and cream color.

Gray and plum color &# 8211; great inspiration for chic bathroom color scheme

bathroom design in purple gray wall colors

A refined and pleasant color scheme resulting from the combination with mitteltonigen to dark shades of green, and the Brauntänen such as chocolate, mocha, ocher or tobacco. Important role in such a color combination makes the illumination of the room.

interesting idea for interior design with purple color as ceiling paint

cool color design living room with purple cover color and ocher wall color

Would you like to create a modern and powerful color scheme, then combine the purple with fresh greens toward olive green or yellow. When you combine the purple color with orange, or red tones, then wirckt color intensive. In this color combination to mauve can easily turn gray, lavender toward his.

a rustic room design with purple color accent

rustic living room design with door in purple color and vintage black sideboard decorated with black picture frames and small purple colored glass vases

Suitable would also be a color scheme tone-on-tone, in which the dark purple with bright lilac or mauve color can harmonize. If you kombimentieren the purple color with gold, then you are sure to create a luxurious living space.

Idea for a stylish color combination in the warm color palette with the color purple

tones color ideas for living room design in warm purple and yellow© colorpalettes.net _ Color Palette 

Combination of smooth shades of purple, the cold color palette

color design by the color combination of cold lilafarben© colorpalettes.net _ Color Palette # 2570

a delicate combination of colors in purple pastel colors

cool color ideas for walls in purple© colorpalettes.net _ Color Palette # 2707

make a bright Wohraum by the combination of lilac with neutral beige shades

idea for interior design by the color combination of dark purple and neutral colors© colorpalettes.net _ Color Palette # 2939

They give the room a cheerful Stimmumg by the color combination of bright yellow with different shades of color purple

color combination of purple tones and bright yellow for a cheerful color scheme© color palettes

Green, brown and plum color &# 8211; a fantastic combination of wall colors

color combination of green, purple and brown for a cozy living room design© colorpalettes.net _ Color Palette # 2902

Idea for muttige interior design with color accents in dark purple, purple and fresh green

interesting color combination of purple, red and green for a colorful color scheme© color palettes

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