Printing with potato Temple

Printing with potato Temple

Not only the children makes it a lot of fun with punches to play, even adults can enjoy themselves by it. Today we want to show you how you can print on various textiles with a homemade potato stamp creative and individual. With a potato stamp you will beautify the boring, plain curtains, cushion covers and table and bed covers and give a whole new look or at least a fresh accent to the interior. Even your old Converse shoes and each garment can be original revive with a simple potato prints and make unique. Of course, you can get a DIY stamp for the creative tinkering great murals, gift packaging, invitations and greeting cards for every occasion.

wrap a gift with a lot of love and a creatively patterned gift wrap

wrapping paper itself tinker with kartoffeldruck

Why a stamp namely potato?

You can actually make a stamp from various vegetables and fruit themselves. The reason we have chosen namely the potato Temple as inspiration for a creative fabric printing is quite simple. The potato are usually easy to find at your fingertips and in different sizes. One can fairly easy to trim different forms, thus creating diverse and colorful patterns the potato. All geometric shapes can be created with a few cuts. In addition, a potato stamp is enough elastic to leave soft prints.

printed pillowcase with potato stamps to add a striking accent the sofa and bed

cool decorating ideas with pillow and a diy kissenbezug_soffa and modern decorate bedded

What is needed?

All you need are some potatoes, high-quality and durable fabric paints, brushes and of course cookie cutter or X-Acto cutter to cut the desired pattern.

diverse creative stamp forms can be from a potato tinker

printed textiles white with black mustache pattern


make potato temple itself

Once you have decided on a pattern, pick out a good-sized potato that you first make clean and then long or across, must halve according to the pattern size, or the cutter. Then simply press the cookie cutter into the halved potato. Maybe it will be easier to stab you with the form when the potato with the form down, put on a cutting board and press it. The next step is to cut out the pattern. For the destination you need a knife without a serrated edge, is cut off by the edge until the cutter inside. Remove the cutter and wipe the surface dry with paper towels. Your potato temple is now ready for use.

for the perfect potato stamp you use a cookie cutter

cool potato temple selbermachen in different shapes using a cookie cutter

Such as printing works with a potato stamp?

You have already made the perfect stamp from potato and are ready to start designing a fabric. With the help of a broad brush or stamp pad enter the selected fabric paint on the potato stamp. best make first a test print on a scrap of fabric. So you will find the necessary amount of ink and the sufficient clamping pressure. If you are satisfied with the test results, you can use the printing what you there still would like to make a fabric bag, blanket or.

make chic Throw yourself with a simple stamp from potato

modern DIY pillowcase white with black print

To make the fuel pressure even more interesting, you can combine different colors and shapes, or vary with the color intensity. Take for example, the first print with full color and then print on without color the potato stamp again. In this way, any further pressure is weaker and barely visible at the end.

enliven the dull curtain with a playful print pattern

cool realizations with white vorhang_tolle idea for small storage spaces without doors

© Stacy Risenmay

For the correct curing of the redesigned textiles note instructions of the textile dye used. Some fabric paints are also fixed after the required drying time with the iron to.

make yourself your own designer clothes 

craft ideas for your own designer clothing with cool and original print

the old bag a whole new and cool look give by the Bedruckem with a potato stamp

make fabric bags themselves and creatively customize unique prints

the white kitchen towels embellish with a stripe pattern 

diy make potato stamp for streak-pressure on textilien_tischdecken and cloth napkins itself

© Tid Bits

print blanket or shawl with potato stamps and turn it into a cool DIY gift

white ceiling make original with black feather-pattern by a potato temple

and napkins made of paper can be creatively designed with a homemade potato Temple

napkin fold and printed with DIY stempel_coole tischdeko idea with white paper napkins

chic and stylish dressed with a DIY T-Shirt

blouses and shirts redesign with paint and a stamp selbstgemaachten

with a potato printing, you can spice up your Sneakers

making old textile shoes as new with a kartoffeldruck

© China Squirrel

Using a potato stamp you will quickly and easily refresh the interior

Cool Interior pillowcases ideas with Textilien_neue, blankets and drapes itself create


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