Partitions made of paper and cool room divider ideas

Partitions made of paper and cool room divider ideas

Partitions made of paper and cool room divider ideas

How can we share a large open space? Thus, a problem or a question often comes in the space division and surface arrangement of open office spaces, lobbies and of course in the field of gastronomy. A perfect solution when it comes to our four walls, are the free-standing shelving systems, screens or wall elements of different materials, which play the role of discreet room dividers in the living room or an elegant separation at the entrance. But what room dividers are suitable for the public spaces? Should these be mobile or be mounted? How can an office be creative, modern and functional shared? How can a waiting area, a private space or seating area in open foyer rooms of public buildings, such as defining interesting hotels, office buildings, universities and libraries and separate at the same time?

a diverse interior design with flexible partition systems

mobile partitions kraft paper room divider as flexible and creative ideas interior

An interesting and original solution, as well as some cool room divider ideas for modern and flexible space division, the mobile partitions offer of paper from Molo design. The creative space division system enables easy and fantastic design with flexible room divider with a free wahlbaren length and simple design. The partitions are made from kraft paper or Tyvek, a polyethylene nonwoven existing manufactured and have a cellular structure, the noise reduction. In addition, through the innovative, translucent partition wall systems are also different light conditions in the room can be modeled.

Partitions made of paper and cool room divider ideas


creative room divider ideas with white kraft partition walls

Partitions with cell-shaped structure and modern pendant lamps made of kraft paper 

mobile partition systems made of kraft and modern pendulum lamps white of paper as a cool device idea

Why have the designers namely materials as chosen kraft paper and Tyvek fabric? In first place the two materials are 100% recyclable. Tyvek is a fabric which is waterproof and resistant to cracking. The folding screen-like partition walls made from this textile are available either as transparent partition in white, or as a UV-resistant and bamboo charcoal in black colored space separation. The partitions made of paper are to be ordered in a flame retardant and earth brown or in black.

mobile partition systems of textile and paper for creative and easy separation space

cool idea for spatial separation by partitions of paper

Furnishing idea with folding wall partition from recyclable materials

mobile partition walls white and cool room divider ideas with partition system kraft paper and tyvek

UV-resistant and flexible paper colored by partitions bamboo carbon black

partitions black and creative room divider ideas for modern space separation with coated paper

elegant and flexible design through the innovative partition walls made of kraft paper

paper partitions for modern and interesting space division with mobile partition systems

This mobile partition wall system can be used by integrated LED lamps as a light source. This results in not only an amazing lighting design. The visual fineness of the material, and a flowing movement to be strengthened.

creative space and light design with illuminated partitions

flrxible dividing walls white with LED lights for creative light design and space distribution

cool room divider ideas with modern partition elements made of Tyvek

flexible interior design with modern partitions

Wall lighting by integrated in mobile dividers LED lights

modern trennw-walls and mobile partition systems with integrated LED lighting

Another advantage of this mobile partition wall systems is the connection of individual elements by means of magnets. Thanks white steel anchoring strips to a mounting fixed space elements, such as pillars and walls, is made possible. Through the extensible system and inconspicuous attachment points, you can except an interesting room divider, also create a special and creative wall design. For greater stability of the partition wall systems are available steel materials for fastening to the floor and with the help of pins and discs stacked parts are reinforced horizontally. This type of mounting allows the movement of an entire unit or a safe use of the horizontal top as exhibition space.

How to build a modern partition of individual elements together?

room dividers ideas for modern interior design with expandable partition system

interesting partition systems with functional design

creative wall design and spatial separation with mobile partition systems made of textile and paper

To make the new and creative space created stylish, you can set up empty space with modern lamps and a variety of seating in the same style. To be the space spontaneous, flexible and redesign over again. The partition of individual modules can degrade and transform into long benches or round stools and seats quickly and easily.

When the partition walls transform into comfortable seating.

designer furniture from kraftpapier_moderne raumgestaltung rows of seats, with freiformigen and round stools

Design and functionality &# 8211; foldable elements of kraft paper with function

device ideas with round stools and lounge chairs of powerful cardboard in black and brown

interesting decor with black kraft Gastro furniture

black gastro furniture from papier_moderne device with stamina round and stools made of paper

a round coffee table, stools or flower pot made of kraft paper

designer furniture and creative ideas from device having coffee table around kraft

create personal spheres in an open space creative

creative interior design and space division with a round bench and coffee table around of paper

Partitions, screens and seating of kraft paper and Tyvek fabric for interior design eintigartige

creative room divider ideas with mobile folding screen room divider

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