paint cool Easter eggs for Easter

paint cool Easter eggs for Easter

paint cool Easter eggs for Easter

How will you paint the Easter eggs this year? The variations are endless! Some love the colorful, traditional dyed Easter eggs, others love them always different and creative to make every year. We have chosen 26 cool ideas and painting techniques for your inspiration here. Are you looking for ideas for creative and simple design of white Easter eggs, or would prefer to do something more complex to use your Easter eggs for a special Easter decoration or as a unique Easter gifts? Then we have some cool inspirations for you!

interesting ideas and painting techniques for Easter eggs colorful Easter

creative decorating ideas and painting techniques for cool easter eggs for osterfest

paint cool Easter eggs for Easter

Happy Easter with our decorating ideas for cool easter eggs


Acrylic paint / brush / metal paint pen

decorative or brown hard-boiled eggs (not to eat)

Pour small amount of the various acrylics of your chosen color scheme and mix until you get that perfect color. Paint the whole eggs with the color. After the colored eggs are dried, tear off random surfaces and shapes with the metal color pen to. Additionally, you can make some of the vice torn areas with dots and dashes to look even cooler your Easter eggs for Easter.

Egg-painting technique Gliterpulver

easter eggs painted with Group-slid for Easter 2016


Glitter and colored eggs

Spoon / craft glue / brush

Ruler / pencil / needles

Foam board 25cm x 25cm, 1.3cm thick

Before you start with the egg painting, Tinker a drying rack. Cut out a square of the foam board and using a pencil and ruler to draw a grid on it. Then insert the needles at the point where the grid lines intersect. Coat the half of an egg with the craft glue and sprinkle them with glitter powder same color as the color of already dyed Easter egg. Place the egg on the on drying rack with the glitter side up to dry and then repeat the same with the other half.

cool Easter decorations and ideas for Easter egg painting in Neionfarben

easter celebrate with Easter eggs in neon as a cool idea to paint eggs for Easter 2016

A fantastic idea for a cool design of your Easter eggs, the egg-painting in bright neon colors. And so you set this not only as a cool Easter decorations on the table, but also can eat, use neon food coloring. To present this colorful Easter eggs as an elegant table decorations, you can decorate and place it in the white soufflé dishes with DIY Easter basket of sliced ​​into strips of baking paper.

DIY decoupage Easter eggs with paper napkins

make white eggs with roses of paper napkins for Easter 2016

If the painting Easter eggs is not exactly your thing, here are some examples of cool Easter eggs for Easter, you can creatively make with paper napkins. Thanks to this simple technique, you will decorate your Easter eggs unique of all possible patterns and give a personal touch of Easter decorations.

Great idea for Easter decoration with patterned Papierservieten

easter - cool decorating ideas with cool Easter eggs


white hard boiled and chilled eggs

3 x paper napkins with pattern

2 x pasteurized egg – lightly beaten

Papierservieten for decoration of unique Easter eggs

tinker customize papierservieten for easter eggs with kindern_coole

Separate the top, patterned layer of paper napkin and remove the underlying layer. Divide the separate pattern layer into four squares, with which you will wrap the eggs. Dip the brush into the beaten egg whites and start glattzustreichen outside the set on the egg napkin from the center. Cut out the excess napkin at the rear of the wound Easter eggs and let them dry on paper towel. After decorating your beautiful Easter eggs has dried, buff it with olive oil dipped in cotton wool.

color your Easter eggs with silk

Cool eggs tinkering for easter


hard-boiled or blown out white eggs

¼ white wine vinegar

Handkerchiefs made of 100% silk

white cotton fabric and rubber bands

Large pot and scissors

For those who love brightly painted Easter eggs, we will show a cool craft idea with silk scarves. For that you get all the possibilities handkerchiefs with patterns of silk. Cut out 10cm x 10cm square pieces in which you will wrap the hard-boiled eggs. Wrap the egg white with the top of the cloth and tie the cloth with rubber band. Then wrap the eggs again in the white cotton fabric around so that the silk is better pressed against the egg. Place the wrapped with silk and cotton eggs in a pot of water and white wine vinegar. The water should cover the eggs about 5 cm. Let boil the eggs for 20 minutes. If you take out from the water, leave them to cool down and then carefully remove the towels.

Easter eggs as Easter gifts &# 8211; make eggs for Easter by silk creative 

creative easter eggs tinkering for easter 2016 with handkerchiefs in silk

In this way you can tinker a special Easter decoration with blown eggs themselves. Before painting the eggs, you need to blow it out with the help of needle clamp and straw. First, let the raw eggs in the pot of hot water for about 10 minutes. Then you run into the egg shell down and up through the needle. Unleash a bracket that allows you to touch the inside of the ice. Then with the help of syringe or straw, blow air through one of the two holes in the egg.

Easter decoration craft for Easter with blown eggs 

interesting garnishment tinkering for easter with blown eggs and cool idea for eggs painted with silk

wonderful idea for interesting Easter eggs with floral decoupage

easter basteln_coole ideas for decoupage-eggs


Eierschelen and colored prints of botanical illustrations and motifs

Scissors / flat brush / craft glue e.g. Mod Podge Matte

First print colored vintage floral motifs or just depressed wall wallpaper or wrapping paper. Cut out the desired images along the contours. The best way to arrange the cut motives before you stick it on the egg. Because some are very small and delicate of the motives, apply the glue directly to the egg shells, then place the cutouts on it. To the other end of the brush to smooth out any wrinkles created and apply a further thin adhesive layer. Let it dry glued motives for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Then simply stick more motifs. Always wait until the already glued motives are completely dry before you glue the other on it to decorate your Easter eggs completely great.

How will you make your Easter eggs?

cool easter eggs for easter tinker with paper napkins

Celebrate Easter with colorful Easter eggs Ombre

ombre eggs painted as a cool idea to tinker for Easter with children

creative technology for toolle Ombre Easter Eggs for Easter


Here you will find another technique for painting Ombre eggs. To paint these cool Ombre Easter eggs for Easter, put the hard-boiled eggs in a glass that is not full of eggs color and wait a few minutes before you even add some water. Wait again a few minutes before the next addition of water to get the ombre effect. Repeat it until all the egg is covered with water.

Easter eggs with writings &# 8211; cut Malerschblonen of adhesive labels out

paint colorful easter eggs and customize malschablonen as a cool idea to tinker for easter


hard-boiled eggs

acrylic paint

Labels for lettering Painter Template

Cut the drawn on the adhesive labels words out, pull it out and stick it to the boiled eggs. Vielleich it is better if you cut out individual letters and glue. Smooth out the good mood glued lettering and paint the eggs with acrylic paint. Start with an egg half, let the paint dry and then color the other half. If the egg is completely dry, carefully remove the painter template using a cutter knife.

They make white Easter eggs with wishes

happy easter celebration with cool creative painted ostereiern_ostereier with pen paint

Happy Easter! &# 8211; The right Überschrigt for Easter eggs with crossword

paint creative idea for eggs and easter craft

simple but cool idea for funny Easter eggs

creative ideas for easter eggs easter bemalen_basteln 2016

Easter eggs as table decoration

garnishment for the table with easter eggs in bright blue and gold

How to decorate the painted Otereier creative?

garnishment ideas for paint eggs and customize top

Easter eggs painted with Kreutern

eggs painted with kreuter motives for ostern_coole eggs with pattern kreuter

deorieren Easter eggs with sequins

creative easter eggs tinker for ostern_coole garnishment with Easter eggs

great and simple idea for Easter egg painting

easter eggs painted basteln_bunte for cool garnishment

painted Easter eggs with butterflies

easter eggs painted with wasserfarbe_coole easter deco ideas

Rubber bands for creative Easter egg painting

easter eggs painted with craft and gimmiebändern

Glitter Easter Eggs for Easter

Easter eggs with glitter paint for Easter

Marble Easter eggs painted and put in the Easter basket as an ideal Easter table decoration idea

marble-painted eggs for Easter

 mixed with oil paint colorful for beautiful marble eggs

Happy easter celebrate with garnishment of marbled Easter eggs

Eggs painted with wax &# 8211; You make individual eggs for Easter

eggs painted tinker with wax as a cool idea for easter

Easter eggs as Easter decorations and Easter gifts


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