Original wall design ideas with parquet

Original wall design ideas with parquet

When it comes to parquet, one imagines intuitively a floor covering is not a wall covering, although the design of walls with wood is not a new trend. And if you still imagined a rustic wood paneling of the wall, rare this example, in a herringbone pattern, which is one of the typical types of installation of parquet flooring. Today, as you want to be inspired, where we present you some original wall design ideas with parquet on the wall. For the goal we have chosen examples that make namely the magnificent combination of the warmth of the wood surface with the dynamic effect of classical parquet pattern clearly.

the parquet in the role of startling decoration and paneling for walls

stylish interior design with white walls, wood floor coverings, modern armchairs in green and original wall decoration with parquet

parquet &Biscuit; # 8220&# 8220; &# 8211; designed by Patricia Urquiola for Listone Giordano

The wall design with wood is not just a typical design for the houses in country style, but is always used frequently even with the modern interior design of hotels, restaurants and luxury homes as a stylish, natural accent. Instead of simple boards quality wood floor surfaces are used nowadays that offer visually quite a lot of of all possible types of wood and wood colors. Although today the parallel association is very popular, the other laying Arte are not to disregard the parquet if it is an attractive wall coverings. For example, a head of the floor and a parquet floor with Frischgrät- or panel pattern can achieve a particular spatial effect, even if they are installed on a wall in the bedroom or living room.

Let us with the inspiration for the exciting look of a hardwood wall and begin to introduce some exceptional wall design ideas.

original wall design ideas with parquet for an atmospheric ambience

modern interior design living room with panoramic wallpaper in wood optic, wooden wall shelves, diy sofa wood, black rocking chair and a round carpet beige

panoramic wallpaper &Wooden; # 8220&# 8220; the Italian brand Inkiostro Bianco

The following two pictures show how the designer and founder of the website Makers Workshop Lindsey Smith the floor as an elegant and exceptional accent in their own homes has been implemented. An old house in Baton Rouge, which was built in 1983, turned into family nest for the then pregnant Lindsey and her husband. After the transformation of the house, the feeling of comfort of the designer was reflected in an interior with classic elements of the past. So, for example, was the living-dining room with a dark wood dining table and antique, decorated with velvet, white wooden chairs. To complement these authentic device, the dark blue curtains and parquet accent wall behind the serving table with her classic herringbone laying pattern.

who are interesting wall covering with parquet in classic herringbone

dining room in classic style with polished concrete floor brown, wood dining table, antique wooden chairs white, dark blue curtains and cool wall covering with parquet

© Lindsey Smith

Also, the opposite wall in the living area was covered in the same way, this time as a decorative wall design from both sides of the centrally positioned on the wall of the chimney, which thus protrudes more apparent. The fireplace has been elegantly staged not only by the beautiful contrast between the white fireplace wall and the warm wood, but also by the symmetrical division of the wall and its slight dislocation. Also interesting is the herringbone pattern itself, since it consists of different widths wooden parts.

decorative and creative wall design with parquet on the wall

living room ideas for classic interior design with fireplace, leather sofa brown, coffee table wood and wood wall covering with herringbone

© Lindsey Smith

The next example is from a London apartment, which is located in the cultural district Barbican and was renovated by Design Studio Retrouvius and redesigned. In this interior a cube parquet pattern puts the accent on a 5m long sliding wall. The passed, sliding member was covered with up to gloss hand ground hardwood parts of a parquet floor former an elementary school.

Sliding and separating elements accentuate by playful braided covering with a parquet

modern living dining room with concrete floor, modern sofa gray, wooden dining table with classic wooden chairs with leather upholstery and creative space separation disguised by sliding wall with parquet

© Tom Fallon Photography for Retrouvius

Another inspiration shows how to animate the interior by a wall design with playful colored parquet in light wood. The fresh color combination of blue, green and white gives a special accent that breaks the repetitive herringbone pattern, forming a living wall surface together with the warm wood grain.

an invigorating accent wall make with matching Mustter and color

cool wohnideen for colorful and creative interior design by wall tiling with colored parquet

The following interior design with hardwood on the wall, the creative work of architects and designers from Nema Workshop is the bold interior design of D’ESPRESSO Café Bar on Madison Avenue combines a continuous photography of books in sepia look with a herringbone-wall dark. Wood.

special Cafe interior with wood paneling and books photo printing on tiles

modern interior design with accent wall made of wood, individual wall design with photos of bookshelves and leather sofas white with round coffee tables and chairs made of acrylic glass

© David Joseph

Inspiration for French herringbone on the wall

cool wall design ideas for bars, restaurants with wood wall covering, bullet-wall lamps, green sofa and marble coffee table

original idea for wall decoration in the bedroom with parquet

suitable for bedroom colors and materialien_kreative wall design and idea for DIY bed headboard with parquet in gray black and cement

Sliding Parket &# 8211; interesting addition of modern interior design in white and gray

cool color design living room with gray walls, wooden floor, white window frames

© Casey Dunn Photography_Goodrich residence in Austin, Texas

chic hallway design with wood accents and mirror parts in herringbone

hallway ideas for modern interior design large floor and wall tiles white, wall tiling wood and spigeln with indirect lighting cover, a white side table in metal decorated with black vases and gray front door with window

© BAGUA. pracownia Architekturi

welcoming atmosphere the industrial style interiors lend by the heat of a wood wall paneling

modern interior design in an industrial style with wooden wall in the French ski rule herringbone pattern with black joints and bricks dark gray

Pizza Express Restaurant _ Style: Urban Studio

Parquet in the kitchen embarrassed as an accent wall behind the kitchen countertop

small kitchen modern design with wall made of parquet, gray kitchen cabinets with white concrete countertop and built herb garden outside the kitchen window

© Carl Trenfield Architects

a partition put center stage by original decoration with parquet

cool idea for DIY wall decoration with mural behind dark parquet armchair graumit black feet

© Silverwood Flooring

extraordinary design idea for offices with parquet wallcovering

make floor and walls in the office chic with parkett_coole interior design with wood, black pendant lamps, black office table and black double doors

make the shower area with a wall in parquet look creative

bad design idea with wall tiles in parquet-cube pattern

How can the parquet attached to the wall?

You can use the floor as a decorative wall design element or completely disguise a wall with him. In both cases, the installation of prefabricated parquet floorboards little effort and you can even itself achieve the desired wall design requires. For the goal you must get a lot before that:

  • Fertigparkett (3-layer) and construction slats (18x50mm) for wall mounting of the parquet board
  • Plugs and screws for mounting the construction battens
  • Mounting clips for attaching the plank on the batten construction
  • Acrylic filler in a matching color for sealing the inner edges
  • Assembly adhesives and shooting lists for a nice edge termination
  • Tools such as hammer, tape measure, screwdriver, spirit level and a circular saw are also necessary

natural parquet flooring mafi of an elegant wall coverings and special emphasis in the bedroom

Modern bedroom interior with wooden floor, wooden wall behind white bed with leather headboard, modern wall lights and white curtains

© Alexandra Fedorova

Step 1: Before the assembly of the structure slats First, the evenness of the wall and measure the position of the mounting slats, which must be placed at a distance of up to 50cm on the wall. If the surface is not level, you can use Unterleghölzer. You must blame the wooden slats so that there are no irregularities. For this reason, the screw heads are to be sunk. Do not forget also to leave a distance of a few centimeters from the ground.

Step 2: Once you are done with the installation of all construction slats, you can start from the bottom up with the installation of parquet boards. First you cut the spring of the first plank from, enter mounting glue on all slats in construction floorboard height and fix the board with the groove-side up, by means of the specific clip. Then simply click in all other boards. Previously always apply glue and then screw the clips. Finally, stick to the decorative wood paneling matching end strips.

creative wall design ideas with wood panels to stick on the wall

wall design ideas for bedroom and children's bedroom with Farradbildern in black picture frame, metal bedstead black, diy accent wall wood terrarium and bedside table

Wood panels of Stikwood &# 8211; just peel and stick

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