Order hold means journal collectors

Order hold means journal collectors

The apartment and the budget always keep in order is a good idea and of course the desire of every woman, which can be thanks to creative tricks and tips for space-saving storage of all possible objects and trinkets rather easily met. to keep tidy our flat, is sometimes not so easy task, especially when we do not have enough space for everything and the kitchen countertop or coffee table turns slowly into exhibition space. The same goes for the bathroom and children, as well as for the workplace and the wardrobe itself. To help you clean up, we have prepared some great examples of how you can keep every room in order as an idea by newspaper stand.

the other, and creative use of magazine collectors

creative craft ideas for DIY wooden side table-magazine collectors

The well-known magazine collectors from various materials such as wood, plastic, metal, acrylic glass and cardboard can be effectively use not only for storing magazines. They can be used even more versatile as storage boxes and DIY shelves. The following inspirations and craft ideas with magazine collectors will show you how to keep the same order and can create additional storage space.

interesting ideas how you can keep using magazine file your house in order

wall in the hallway decorate with diy wall shelf wooden magazine collectors

Get organized DIY Zeitschritftensammler shelves

Where do you keep your mail, keys, chargers and other small things? Usually we just leave them somewhere in the kitchen, or on the coffee table in the living room. The same we do all the little office supplies and tools when we have a desk without cabinet and drawers. Exactly, everything is on the table and creates a little chaos. To solve this problem, you can simply attach some wood magazine collectors on the wall and use it as a small DIY wall shelves.

DIY Wall shelves Magazine file for storage and organization from small Show

wall shelves themselves are expanding zeitschriftsammlen_wand make and decorate with small DIY shelves to room in grain size to keep

keep clean kitchen

Another area in which can quickly be messy, of course, the kitchen. The kitchen cabinets are often not sufficient to clean up all kitchen utensils, equipment and packages of food and kitchen accessories. Or if we still have hidden all behind the closet doors, does not mean a long time that the kitchen cabinets and shelves-are tidy. Here you will find some interesting proposals for greater order in the kitchen. For the destination you need a magazine file on the cabinet door to stick or to screw in order to create the perfect space for cutting boards, cover, kitchen towels, cleaning bottles, kitchen foil, food packaging and other stuff. The grid magazine collectors are ideal for the storage of vegetables such as onions, potatoes or tomatoes, as well as cans and small bottles.

the kitchen in order keep using magazine file

organizing tips for kitchen and aufräumen_kreative ideas for storage in the kitchen

Metal magazine file for storage of kitchen towels and a beautiful rustic Dekoelemnt in the kitchen

Keep kitchen towels and shopping bags and in order keep in magazine collectors

organize cans and bottles to save space in the kitchen cabinet

clean magazine collectors for space-saving storage of dosen_kleine kitchen

cool idea for the organization cabinet with cleaners

detergents in order stopped by magazine collector at the cabinet door

extra storage space in the kitchen create by attaching magazine file on the cabinet door

keep cool idea for plastic cover and kitchen sheets in order

hold idea for lids and cutting boards in order

clean kitchen and halten_schneidebretter and topfdeckel organize in order in magazine collectors

Arrange vegetables and food packages in magazine file

household in order maintained by storage in magazine collectors

Holds refrigerator in order

Even in the refrigerator and freezer everything can be messed up. Again, the magazine file can help for a better and clear organization of the food.

create more space in freezer

clean refrigerator by means of magazine file as storage boxes

tidy wardrobe and dressing table

The women and their thousands of shoes, clothes and hairstyle accessories for which they never find enough space. How can you find in the room and in the wardrobe of a woman many little things? Here are some examples of the organization of makeup, hair devices and the small clutch bags and ladies’ wallets. Certainly you will come to more creative ideas for beneficial use of magazine collector in a girl’s room.

tidy wardrobe and keep in order by magazine collector made of acrylic glass

Clutch and Wallet in zeitschrifsammler organize properly in the wardrobe to create


keep straighteners and curling irons tidy

clean hair appliances halten_zimmer and hairstyle table in order

Storage ideas for makeup and hair

properly maintain the household using magazine collectors

keep Bad OK

Also in the bathroom a mess can prevail, especially when there is no place for our hairdryer and straighteners. With the right magazine collectors we can not only keep order, but also create a great and even colored decorative element in the bathroom. Apart from various devices with cables, also toilet rolls and towels in every small bathroom are creative and space-saving storage.

Bathroom ok maintained by storing in the magazine file

clean up bad and keep in order by the storage of the hair dryer in metal magazine collectors

ineteressante idea for storing and cleaning of towels and toilet paper

order to create the bathroom by the storage of toilet-paper rolls and hand wipes in magazine collectors

Keep workplace tidy

In addition to great ideas for homemade wall shelves from magazine collectors, we can also use a simpler version to keep our work area tidy. Here, the collectors play again the role of a shelf, which is this time directly on the desk. You just have to turn two collectors flat and put together. If the modem device on the desk, or is it visible on the TV shelf, you can hide it in a newspaper stand.

Modem devices creatively hide and keep the workplace in order

desk clean by diy shelf magazine file

make room for printers and printing paper to keep the desk tidy

tidy workplace and organize by diy wooden shelf magazine collectors

keep children’s alright

Anyone who has small children, knows the prevailing chaos in the children from everywhere lying about toys. Using some magazine collectors are quick to clean up the numerous crayons and small children’s show.

clean up small toys in colorful magazine file

cool ideas for storing children's toys in magazine file

Storage of slippers and flip-flops

Whether you have in the hallway no shoe rack, or do you have one that is but over stuffed with shoes, here you see another idea for the organization by magazine file, where you could store several pairs of flat shoes, slippers and flip-flops to save space.

creative idea for storage of flat and house Schuen Schuen

clean shoes in corridor and shoe closet and keep order in

means journal collector we can keep the small Show in the household in order

clean up interesting examples and ideas on the budget and keep in order

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