Open living room Gestaltung- modern houses decorating ideas

Open living room Gestaltung- modern houses decorating ideas

Open living room Gestaltung- modern houses decorating ideas

The modern house – what makes a house modern? The designer furniture, the modern hi-tech household appliances or the design idea? the word alone “modern” awakened association usually with a minimalist style of the house – an elegant and simple design of open living spaces and house area.

The open living space is often used in the oblong-designed houses. The various living areas develop succession and share mostly in two main functions – living and sleeping. Separation of the functions that can be represented in a space on two levels as Mezzanine open, bringing the separate areas simultaneously and combine. Another possibility, which has an open living space, an area division of the areas in the space through various color and material accents, or by a room divider.

An open living space allows endless design ideas. These include unobstructed view faces to the outside through large-size window. An intricate connection of indoor and outdoor areas with oversized sliding doors and large window openings which let not only ausrechendes daylight in the room, but also allow an unobstructed view of all levels. Take a look at our inspiration for ideas open interior design and modern houses-furnishing ideas.

 Open living room design &# 8211; A-frame house

mezzanine design-living room wood-open kitchen design-interior stair-large-size skylight

The visible roof structure 

loft apartment-open kitchen wooden-pendant lights minimalist design

modern apartment design-open space design-built Wall Shelves-Wonhzimmer design idea

visible concrete &# 8211; design idea

minimalist living room design-wooden ceiling with built-in ceiling light concrete floor open fireplace

mezzanine design-wood stair-marble flooring-living room design in white and black

Modern Home Design &# 8211; PLUS_Mount Fuji Architects Studio

open living room design ideas modern-house design-open kitchen

Elongated House Design Idea and design

open living room design with sliding door to the terrace wall

minimalist living room design-large-size window-vitrine- fireplace in the living room

The black as an accent in the living room

modern interior design-black pendant lights-wood flooring-large-sized windows with black window frames

industriales loft design with glazed floor openings and concrete ribbed slabs

Access to the garden through large sliding door &# 8211; Vila Madalena

large-size sliding doors Modern living room design

set design-open kitchen-garden interior Modern bedroom modern Wonhraum

Wood and concrete &# 8211; Maruyama House of Sano

modern house of concrete-open living room design

open living room design-minimalist decor idea

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