Oktoberfest Trends 2015 – chic Dindl and Trachtenmode

Oktoberfest Trends 2015 - chic Dindl and Trachtenmode

Oktoberfest is coming! One of the most popular and most popular festivals in Germany will soon take place again. It remains only a few time until Oktoberfest 2015! So that you are dressed chic and elegant this year, we want to introduce you to the Oktoberfest Trends, 2015. We have selected 32 modern and trendy Dirndl models according to the latest fashion from six different designers. What color combinations and shades are the latest thing in fashion, you will soon see.

Oktoberfest Trends 2015 El Picaflor &# 8211; Models of the Autumn-Winter collection

modern dirndl hairstyles and fancy dirndl in dark green and yellow with yellow rose pattern and bolero in green

We begin with the collection of Svenja Liehn – the Munich-based designer of the label “el-picaflor”. The Spanish label name means “Hummingbird” in German &# 8211; “A small colorful bird, full of dazzling colors that glow in the sun, full of elegance, grace and admirable beauty.” This completely describes the dreamlike Dirndl and costume fashion that creates Svenja Liehn. Loden wool fabrics are used for unique models that are produced in the oldest textile company in Germany. Silk fabrics for Dirndl come from Vienna and the chic skirts and ribbons of Miederschnürung are made of silk fabric skirt. Apron strings are two-colored handmade. In addition to the designer dirndl, you will also find other interesting fashion inspirations and suggestions for Oktoberfest. For the ladies who like to wear leggings and cardigans, we present two extremely chic models of rennet. When looking for quality, tradition and passion in dirndl and traditional fashion, the spectacular and colorful “el-picaflor” Design is definitely a hit.

Oktoberfest fashion -Unterrock Ruffle Hem for dirndl dress in cream tones &# 8211; Model GOLDEN RAIN

Oktoberfest dirndl dirndls and hairstyles 2015_modernes dirndl dress in champagne color with embroidered lace skirt

chic Dirndlkleid WILDBERRY Paisley and silk skirt in purple

Oktoberfest 2015 trendy dirndeln in purple Bolero and cool dirndl hairstyles

The ladies who are looking for modern dirndl in bright, soft colors, we have some models of current collection of “silk and pearls.” Dirndl dresses in fresh and bright summer colors, you will find factory in Kruger dirndl. The current proposals of TianVan Tastique be who want to look charming and glamorous arouse the interest of the ladies. Already have an outfit for this year’s Oktoberfest? Do you want to buy a new Dirndl dress for a special occasion? We hope that we will help you with this post to find the right model for you.

Turquoise Dirndlkleid LAKESIDE with apron belts silk

Oktoberfest 2015 trends and hairstyles

current trends Oktoberfest &# 8211; Bolero Wolloden in apple green with double button placket

Oktoberfest hairstyles and traditional fashion in 2015 with leather balls and Bolero

modern Oktoberfest Dirndl dress CHERRY BLOSSOM in light yellow with floral motif

cool Oktoberfest hairstyle with floral decoration and fancy dirndl with floral motif and are red apron

extremely chic Dirndl and costume fashion models of the collection Spring-Summer

chic bavarian style with leather pants beige and green bolero and cool Oktoberfest hairstyle with floral decoration

Dirndl AUTUMN CROCUS pigeon blue and salmon tones

Oktoberfest trends and hairstyle for modern dirndl with apron and ribbons in light pink

elegant traditional costumes for Oktoberfest 2015 &# 8211; Stretch leggings in Beige &# 8211; DELICATE TOUCH

frisure cool Oktoberfest and trends

cool stretch leggings in beige and anthracite lamb suede with subtle embroidery

bavarian style trends in 2015

Oktoberfest in bright gold and pink colors &# 8211; Dindl ORIENTAL FUCHSIA

modern dirndl dress with floral motif and are apron in fuchsia

Traditional clothes in delicate colors &# 8211; Dirndlkleid BLOOD ROYAL in gold-Rot

bavarian style and dirndl hairstyles 2015_schickes dirndl in light pink color with seidenschürz in taupe

extravagant and elle gante ideas for Oktoberfest &# 8211; Cardigan HISTORIC BEAUTY

strickjake in emerald green with black imitation leather for Oktoberfest 2015

elle Gantes Dirndl Angie Sonja Fellner

plaits in a dirndl hairstyle and fancy dirndl in green and gold

chic and Dirndl Baerbel by Sonja Fellner

Oktoberfest trends and dirndls in blue with pink colored apron

Dirndl Beryl by Sonja Fellner in light green with floral motif and petticoat in purple

chic Dindlkleid in green and purple as the idea for Oktoberfest 2015

Dirndl Amy Sonja Fellner in bright green and pink

Dirndl and bavarian style for Oktoberfest 2015_rodafarbiges Dirnd with skirt and petticoat in green

Oktoberfest 2015 Trends of silk and pearls

Designer Oktoberfest Dirndl in purple apron with light pink

elle Gantes Dirndlkleid in blue shades with apron Stripe

cool bavarian style for Oktoberfest 2015 and designer dirndl dresses

dirndl dream in cream tones with chic lace skirt with embroidery of white tulle

long dirndl dress in beige for Oktoberfest 2015

elle Gantes Dirndls model in bright colors

chic Dirnd in beige with light blue apron and bright pink ribbons

Oktoberfest Trends 2015 Kruger &# 8211; collection Feelengs

dirndl and trachtenmode_blaues dirndl with light green apron

Leather pants with white lace embroidery

chic Oktoberfest fashion for ladies

trendy Dirndl dress in knee length as inspiration for Oktoberfest 2015

Dirndl in light green with dark blue apron with white embroidery

pink colored with green apron silk Dirndls

modern dirndl and bavarian style for Oktoberfest 2015

sugar sweet dirndl dress in pink color with delicate dot pattern in white

chic knee-length dirndl for Oktoberfest 2015 in pink color

Send dirndl and costumes for Oktoberfest 2015 Lola Paltinger

black dirndl blouse made of tulle for Dirndl white with floral motif in yellow

elegant Oktoberfest Dirndl dresses from the collection-Happy Heidi

designer dirndl dress with white satin apron in chocolate brown with motif

black dirndl dress Couture Collection  &# 8211; Couture 2021

black dirndl with petticoat and apron with purple floral motif

extremely chic Dirndln the collection &Nobility; # 8222&# 8220; of TIAN VAN TASTIQUE

Oktoberfest trends 2015_Dirndlfrisur with black flowers and designer dirndl in light purple with black scpitzenschürze

look smart with elle Ganten dirndl dress models 2015 TianVan Tastique

designer dirndls and seek for Oktoberfest

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