Oktoberfest hairstyles – 36 trendy hairstyles Dirndl

Oktoberfest hairstyles - 36 trendy hairstyles Dirndl

Oktoberfest – time for a good mood, good beer and a fashion show of traditional costume fashion. So that we, the women, chic and sexy look for the feast, we need to our outfit as well the appropriate Wies hairstyle. Just as with the dirndl, on hairstyles, there is also a wide selection of Dirndl hairstyles. Different Zopfarten, for stylish and playful updos, as well as a quick and romantic hairstyle with loose hair. To help you to hairstyles in the selection, as 36 proposals for trendy and elegant Oktoberfest hairstyles have prepared. We will fantastic examples of interesting plaited for long hair, as well as chic chignon show hairstyles that you can make yourself. We begin with two modern Dirndl of hairstyles that are a work of well-known in Munich hairdressers and Traub Arnoldy.

Fashionable hairstyles for Oktoberfest by hairdressers and Traub Arnoldy 

hairstyle trends for plaited Oktoberfest as updo with plait

chic updo as inspiration for Oktoberfest &# 8211; Arnoldy and Traub Hairdressers

beautiful hairstyles for long hair as ideas for hairstyles dirndl Oktoberfest 2015

Another inspiration for interesting plaited of Haasalon Pauli

hairstyle trends for hairstyles wiesn

How can you combine your Oktoberfest hairstyle with a Trahchtenhutt shows the label CocoVero (Left photo). The second example of braided hair with Hutt is Limberry – shop online for traditional costumes.

Oktoberfest Zopffrisuren with costume huts 


cool Oktoberfest hairstyle trends with costume huts

For the ladies with long hair, who like to wear your hair down, as some simple yet stylish suggestions. You can either braid the hair and decorate the side again with a few flowers, or stuck through thin braids the top section of hair back.

elegant Hochteckfrisur or half up-half-down hairstyle for curly hair

cool hairstyles with curls hairstyles than idea for dirndl

fast plaited with floral decoration for Oktoberfest 2015

cool zopffrisuren with floral decoration as ideas for quick hairstyles

Zopffrisuren with fresh daisies as Wiesn Hairstyles Idea

zopffrisuren Oktoberfest hairstyles with fresh flowers as ideas for dirndl

Oktoberfest hairstyles &# 8211; elegant and simple hairstyle for long hair

hairstyles simple plaited as ideas for wiesn

weave or hair pin up side

fantastic dirndl hairstyles for Oktoberfest weave with side


One of the most famous Oktoberfest hairstyles is the Zopfkranzfrisur where you, the braid behind both ears a braid. Thereafter, the tresses are wound around the head and pinned. To make your hair even more chic, you can also either fresh flowers or a hair band with decorative flowers, between the two braids plug.

cool Zopffrisuren as an idea for beautiful updo

dirndl hairstyles than idea for updo hairstyles

Dirndl elegant hairstyle Salon Pauli in Munich

hairstyles chic dirndl

Long hairstyles with braids for the meadow

trend hairstyles Oktoberfest for langehaare_zupffrisuren manual

side bun hairstyle as an idea for beautiful Dirndl hairstyles

Oktoberfest hairstyles with side Dutt

Dutt hairstyles &# 8211; Updos for Oktoberfest

dut hairstyles as dirndl hairstyles

Inspiration for braided her hair with Dutt &# 8211; Dirndl cool hairstyles

Oktoberfest frisuren_ plaited instructions as ideas for beautiful updo hairstyles for long hair

Idea for beautiful hairstyle with hair band as Oktoberfest hairstyle

make as hairstyles attract beautiful updo hairstyles itself

a typical Oktoberfest plaits of Thomas Kemper Salon

cool updo hairstyles-dirndl with pigtails

the elegant Dirndl hairstyle by Cathy Fischer with hair band of roses

cool wiesn hairstyles as updo with blumenkranz

Oktoberfest updos by the hairdresser Jasmin Kohlmayer

modern Oktoberfest hairstyles for Oktoberfest 2015

 interesting idea for Oktoberfest hairstyles with plait from the bottom up

with dutt and plait make updo hairstyles himself as dirndl hairstyle

make inspiration for beautiful and fast Wies hairstyles for yourself

simple summer hairstyles than idea for meadow hairstyle

fast loop hairstyle &# 8211; Idea for trendy hairstyles for Oktoberfest open hair

simple and cool hairstyles as matching dirndl hairstyle

 creative plaits Oktoberfest

cool summer hairstyle with side Zopf_einfache hairstyles ideas

make beautiful braided hair for himself &# 8211; Pointed hairstyle idea

make creative dirndl hairstyle with pigtail and ponytail itself

Idea for matching your dress braided hair 

beautiful hairstyles than idea for reported hairstyles with plait

Kim Kardashian with elegant coiffure on Oktoberfest 2014

hairstyles idea for fashionable dirndl

beautiful hairstyles for open hair with two braids dunes

zopfkranz dirndl hairstyle as ideas for quick and easy summer hairstyle

Pigtail hairstyle idea for quick summer hairstyles

braided hair as pointed hairstyle ideas for long hair

fantastic and easy Zopfkranz hairstyle 

frisurentrends_flechtfrisuren do it yourself as ideas for hairstyles dirndl

creative idea for quick hairstyle and chic Dirndfrisur

hairstyle trends hairstyles for plaited with anleitung_schnelle braid

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