New lighting ideas for your living room

New lighting ideas for your living room

The living room is the room of the house or apartment where you are staying most. Especially at night and in the dark season the right lighting create that cozy atmosphere. Lamps can change the look of a room completely. You can leave the room cold or hot, larger or smaller effect. Those who use lighting targeted, so can make the most of its rooms. More tips for the right light in all the rooms can also be found in Counselor to

new lighting ideas for your living room

living room ideas for beleichtung living room with modern pendulum lamps black and cover design with wood© / sutichak

The right mix

There is a rule of thumb that says you should combine three different light sources together to create an ideal lighting. The trick is to strike a balance between low-contrast and high-contrast light. Contrast arm light is produced by indirect lighting. This is soft and unobtrusive, but they can be the eyes tire easily when you need to focus, for example when working at the computer. Therefore, you should create a mixture of backlighting, accent lighting and brighter task lighting for your living room.

Lighting ideas and -Tips a comfortable living room lighting

color design living room ideas in white and blue for modern living room design and cool light idea with accent lights© / shishic


To fully illuminate a room, most people choose a ceiling light. But also a wall heater and a ceiling washer have the potential to completely illuminate the room. it if you choose a background lighting that can be regulated with a dimmer is best. To adjust the light always situational.

Indirect backlight is nowadays also like integrated into furniture. Wall units with hidden light strips or light elements that also serve as a room divider, your living room provide a comfortable atmosphere.

indirect lighting by integrated furniture luminaires for a well-filled room atmosphere

IKEA shelf with indirect lighting as light decoration idea idea and make wohnzimmer_wohnzimmer with accent wall black and red sofa with IKEA coffee tables living room in white and red for fresh color scheme© / Nadya Lukic


With light, you can set great accents that set, for example, a particular piece of furniture or pictures in the right setting. In addition, accent lighting can also hide, animate or damp. this individual radiators are often used, which are targeted to a point. But even with different decorative lights you can set accents. Just play a little bit of light and shadow, to find the right illumination of your favorite songs or most beautiful areas in the living room. Pay attention but that the lamps used for accent lighting, are not too bright.

Light idea for accent lighting with table lamps

living room design in brown set with wall color braun_wohnzimmer with leather sofa and seats in brown and white and round side tables with table lamps around metal connectors accent lighting© / JoseIgnacioSoto

working lights

To work a direct and bright lighting is important. Even to read a lamp with targeted light should be available. So a high-contrast light offer, for example, floor lamps or spotlights that can be aligned precisely.

Floor lamps as lighting and decoration idea for the living room

living room ideas for modern living design with sofa white and round coffee table glass and indirect lighting living room with floor lamps© / Ivan Stevanovic

Choosing the right bulb

living room design white with lederecksofa and coffee table schwarz_licht idea for lighting living room with wall and ceiling lights© / vicnt

Besides the type of lamps or lighting and the lamps plays an essential role. Nowadays there is a wide selection of bulbs, which differ in the color of light, energy efficiency and brightness. Here is a brief overview:

  • Light bulb: The good old light bulb is very popular even today. Their disadvantage is the relatively high energy consumption. In addition, is because it was long ago replaced commercially by the energy saving lamp and is no longer sold in their original form.
  • Energy saving bulb: Energy-saving lamps consume much less energy than conventional bulbs. However, they are slightly higher in the purchase price. Buyer should make sure whether the bulb is dimmable, because that is in energy-saving lamps not always the case.
  • fluorescent: This bulb is currently very trendy. They are available in many shapes and colors and offer a wide variety of designs. A big advantage is that fluorescent lights barely heat up, so that they can also be installed behind furniture or near curtains or other textiles, etc.. They are also energy efficient.
  • Halogen lamps: Halogen light is clear and white and is therefore very suitable as a function of light for reading and working. However, it can quickly be perceived as too bright.
  • LEDs: LED bulbs are currently on the rise. They impress with an extremely long life, low heat generation and very low energy consumption, even though this until some time later paid off by the high purchase price. By their small size LEDs can be installed just about anywhere, so you can set great accents. Just like fluorescent tubes are available in different colors and some can also be dimmed. The disadvantage of LEDs is the relatively cold light that, compared to other light sources emit.

Luminaires and lamps as furnishing idea Living

light ideas for living room with table lamp as a subtle living room lighting© / FotoW

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