Narrow and small rooms set up with modern folding table

Narrow and small rooms set up with modern folding table

Narrow and small rooms set up with modern folding table

How can you set up close and small rooms, so you can live in comfort? The most difficult task in setting up small apartments, is in fact to keep the balance between design, functionality and all the furniture necessary to live. Especially the one-bedroom apartments provide us accommodate in a room facing the challenge of multiple functions such as sheep, working, eating and even cooking. The same situation is also seen in the small living room where kitchen and dining area have to find a place.

the folding table &# 8211; the perfect solution for space-saving device

folding table itself expanding holz_kleine kitchen with white folding table, black wallpaper with flowers, swinging lamps black and white wall cabinetsInterior design: Géraldine Laferté_Projekt &Duhesme; # 8220&# 8220;

If the room area is too small, we have to give up one or other piece of furniture, and often this is the dining table. In reality, the table takes a lot of space, and thus he makes the small room even smaller. For this reason, the sofa and the coffee table are automatically the dining area, which is not convenient enough, unfortunately. If the space for a dining table in your home does not mean long that you can not have a comfortable dining area. The folding table is exactly the right solution for each narrow kitchen, for any small living room and for each room where a table is needed. Today we will show you different inspirations for a modern and functional equipment with a space-saving wall folding table that simultaneously plays the role of an original wall decoration.

Narrow and small rooms set up with modern folding table

cool wohnideen small kitchen in white, black and holz_moderne kitchen device with a modular cabinet system and wall folding table wood

The first example is the project ” Duhesme ” the French architect and interior designer Géraldine Laferté. Their task was the area of ​​only 18m² studios in Paris optimally exploited. And they did it and fantastic solved by the she designed modular and collapsible furniture. On the area of ​​a small room a small kitchen with plenty of cupboards, cozy dining area with a fold-away table and three seats, a job and sofa are housed with coffee table and perfectly combined. The modular cabinet system results in an alcove and a elegente Azkentwand where the wall folding wooden table takes place. The modular shelving system under the folding table not only offers plenty of storage space, but also three seats when the table is folded out.

elegant kitchen equipment with fold-away table for two

modern furnishings small kitchen with diy folding table wall woodFolding table Tchibo

Now follow several cool ideas for space-saving device with folding table by which you will enjoy a comfortable dining area at the same time and the walls can decorate with a big screen, mirror or memo board. We will show you how to build a folding table itself, and thus set up close and small spaces.

build Memoboard folding table itself and set up small spaces functionally

memoboard and folding table itself bauen_kreative wanddeko and equipment for small kitchens

This wall folding table Tchibo is ideal for small kitchens. It creates enough room for three people and provides the desired nuanced black board for news and shopping list. So a folding table provides fantastic decoration idea is dual function for the boring white walls.

What do you think of a wall mirror with wooden mirror frame which transforms the requirement in small table? Do you want to build a beautiful, space-saving folding table itself so? Then you get the following materials and tools:

  • Wooden boards / metal fishing / mirror / mirror self-adhesive tape / L-hook / screw / acrylic paint / masking tape
  • Jigsaw / Wood drill / drill / sandpaper / brush / pencil / Ruler

creative wall design with wall mirror and a folding table in

klaptisch with mirror itself bauen_coole idea for small spaces without dining table

Step 1: Cut two equal wood panels. One for the table and one for the table leg.

Step 2: Build table leg and mirror frames – for the target to draw a rectangular, 10cm wide frames on the wooden board. Then drill a hole in each corner of the drawn frame through which you are cut out with the help of the jigsaw the frame. Now you do the inside, and make the cut edges of the wooden frame smooth with sandpaper.

Step 3: Then who wants the two pieces of wood and metal fishing can emphasize in the desired color. Once the paint has dried, you can fix the wooden frame to the table top by means of hinges.

Step 4: To attach the mirror, place it in the wooden frame with the back of the table top and attach the two to each other by means of adhesive tape. The mirror must of course be cut to the same size as the opening of the wooden frame. Then glue strips of double-sided mirror adhesive tape along all four sides of the mirror. Remove the protective foil and press the table top on the mirror back.

Step 5: After attaching the mirror on the underside of the tabletop, can be the folding table mounted on the wall by means of two further metal fishing. To close the table and use it as a wall mirror, you need two L-hooks to screw on the wall that will keep the folding table from both sides.

space-saving device for tight spaces with modern folding table and mirror

Decorating ideas for wall with mirror and wooden folding tableFolding table model &# 8220; Standard&# 8220; _ivydesign

In the same way you can use a picture or your favorite photo to the practical folding table for wall decoration. Another nice feature of a wall folding table is the creation of additional storage space on the wall. Such examples of companies for kitchens, as well as various interesting solutions for architects and designers for a modern and functional interior design and furnishings, you will also see here.

Folding table as wall decoration

folding table as a picture frame for space-saving deviceFolding table model &Premium; # 8220&# 8220; _ivydesign

simple and interesting idea for DIY dining table

dining table build yourself with wall mirrors and mirror frame made of wood

the modern kitchen with cooking island and folding table

Setting up modern kitchen with cooking island, folding table holu, large pendulum lamp black, modern fitted kitchen blackfolding table &# 8220; Wing Table&# 8220; by Elmar cucine

a genuine solution for more space in the kitchen with modern folding table and closet

space-saving wall shelf with folding table as ideas for small kitchens and modern wanddekofolding table &Table Plus; # 8220&# 8220; of magnetic

the modern folding table in radiant color as a color accent in the kitchen

Setting up modern kitchen with folding table gelb_wandfarbe gray for the kitchenfolding table &# 8220; WALLY&# 8220; of Clei

modern and effective kitchen equipment with wall folding table in Orange

color design kitchen with wall color dark gray and orange folding tablefolding table &# 8220; WALLY&# 8220; of Clei

create enough space in the living room by combining bookcase and folding table

cool wohnideen for small living room with bookshelf and white folding tablefinger apartment_noroof architects

if there is no space for dining table in the living room

modern living room with fireplace and wall shelves as fensterbank_coole device ideas for small apartmentsfinger apartment_noroof architects

space-saving furniture for one-room apartment &# 8211; the folding table as part of the shelving system

small rooms set up with folding bed and klapptisch_kreatibe furnishings for one room apartment with kitchenette, desk, folding bed, folding tableLittle Loft_Bigprototype Design Studio

Idea how to build a folding table itself

folding table build yourself with instructions

the little folding table made of wood creates a cozy dining area in the small kitchen

small kitchen set up with creative holzklapptisch_ideen for small dining table

the folding table as a solution for the small laundry room

laundry room set up with white wall shelves and folding table of ironing

small rooms set up with folding table as an extension of the window sill

space-saving device with folding table in front of the window

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