Napkin Folding – interesting ideas and decoupage for festive table decoration

Napkin Folding - interesting ideas and decoupage for festive table decoration

stock up the table for a party or a special occasion, is already a creative and exciting task for any host. An important part in replacing the tiles is of course the right, festive table decoration to which the napkins also play an essential role. On how you already 36 cool ideas to creative napkins wrinkle have shown we want to present some interesting examples today. This time we have also prepared interesting Serviettenfaltteck, and another 44 ideas for a festive table decoration. Discover our inspiration for a Christmas table decoration by different variants of folding fabric and paper napkins. The following ideas can help you, of course, not just at Christmas time, but at any festive occasion in which you want to surprise your guests not only with tasty food.

simple Serviettenfalttechnik and creative table space-decorating ideas

cloth napkins roll and fold for modern and Western tischdekoration and creative tischplatzdeko

The folding of napkins is like art! There is to make so many different ways that when you receive yourself every week guests, you will always have a new and interesting table decoration on the table.

folding napkins &# 8211; Napkins techniques and ideas for festive table decoration

Serviettentechnik the napkin fold as smoking

Our first inspiration presents a modern and festive table decoration Tuxedo napkins. In a few minutes and few steps you will have a fantastic Tischplatzdeko. Additionally, you can decorate the Tuxedo cloth napkins subtly with small nameplates.

Decoupage for Tuxedo cloth napkins wrinkle

creative table decoration with white servietten_serviettentechnik for smoking-napkins

The second decoration idea with folded in the form of Pfane napkins is simultaneously ideal for Christmas table decoration, as well as a table setting for Thanksgiving.

creative napkin folding and table interesting decorating 

napkins technology for peacock-stoffservieten as tischdeko and table space decoration idea for Thanksgiving

as Elefenhut creative folding napkins and decorate the table for Christmas

Christmas table decoration and cool decorating ideas christmas with Elefen napkins

Next, we will give you a super cool idea for a Christmas table decoration with Elfenhut napkins. Here is a short guide on how to fold napkins in this form.

Christmas table decoration with Elfenhut napkins as Tischplatzdeko

napkin folding as elfenhut in fabric napkins grünnen for festive table decoration for Christmas

We stick to the festive table decoration elf theme. Now we will show you how to fold paper napkins in the form of elves shoe.

super cool idea for the table with Pappierservieten in the form of elves Shoe

napkins technology for elefenshuh-paper napkins as coolde tischdeko idea

  • First fold of the napkin and place them face down on the table. Now fold 1/3 of the napkin down and the bottom third to the top about it. Then fold it in half.
  • With the help of a finger you have placed in the middle of the rectangular folded napkin, fold the two short sides down.
  • Now fold the small side corners to the middle again and roll the bottom corners upward toward the center.
  • Fold the two sides rolled to each other and fasten the two together with a decorative clip.
  • With your fingers you shape the elf shoe.

Elefenschuh-napkin folding instructions with

paper napkins fold as elefenschuh_coole Serviettentechnik for festive tischdeko christmas

Let yourself be inspired and cover a a festive table. We hope that you are here for your special occasion and for Christmas, with the following examples, find the right Serviettenfalttechnik and decoration idea.

Decoration idea Christmas with knitted napkins bags as Nikolausstiefel

napkins bags as nicholas boots as cool tischdeko christmas

Table festively decorate with paper napkins with name tags in the form of Santa Claus

papierservieten fold as Santa Claus for Christmas table decoration and creative table space decoration idea for Christmas

Fold Santa Claus napkins

creative table decoration with red-santa-paper napkin creative fold for Christmas

festive Tischdeko with napkins and cones &# 8211; Decoupage for Kikeriki-Servitten

napkin technique for creative napkin folding and cool tischdeko christmas

creative fold Sevietten and mount table festive

paper napkin folding for festive and creative table decoration with red servitten

super idea for folding napkins

fold napkins and floral decorate as creative ideas tischdeko

Table stock up for Christmas

decorate white cloth napkins for Christmas with golden cutlery

festive table decoration in black and gold for New Year’s Eve

festive table decoration in gold and black with fly-napkin

Origami napkin fold and decorate with nameplate

cool tischdeko with red tischdeke and table runners weiß_festliche tischdeko with rectangular glass plates in white and gray with red cloth napkin as tischplatzdeko

elegant table decoration idea with rolled napkins

Fold napkins simple technique for fabric napkins

festive table setting in blue

napkin fold and napkin technique for festive table decoration in blue

Napkins interesting wrinkle for Christmas

napkin fold as festive decoration idea table space for christmas

creative decoupage to Servetten wrinkles as a name tag holders

cloth napkins folded as tischplatzdeko in blue for festive table decoration

white cloth napkin folding with Greens as a Christmas table decoration

Christmas table decoration decoration idea in red and cool table space

fantastic and easy table decoration Napkins

sevietten falten_interessante napkin technique for festive table decoration

Table and plate festive decorating with small pineapples and cloth napkins with bows

Fold Christmas table decoration in green with round a backing and green weihnachtskugeln_stoffservietten green interesting and with green ribbon as table space deco decorate

simple decoupage for folding napkins with monogram

Fold napkin with monogram

cool Tischplatzdeko with homemade Angel Square signs of paper plates

cool idea for DIY angels of paper plates as tischplatzdeko

Table creative stock up on paper plate angels as Tischplatzdeko

tischdeko ideas with paper plate angels-as space signs

Napkin Folding ud roll &# 8211; cool table decoration-ideas for Christmas

paper napkin creative fold and roll and used as a festive table decoration

Stoffservieten creative and simply fold to stock table festive.

simple and creative servietentechnik for festive table decoration

Merry Christmas &# 8211; decorate Christmas table and fold napkins for Christmas

cloth napkin fold and decorate with red berries as decoration idea christmas

roll elegant table decoration in black-white cloth napkins

cool tischdeko in black and white and creative napkin technique for tischplatzdeko festive for Christmas

Crown-folding napkins and decorate for Christmas

crown-fold napkins napkins and decorate Christmas for festive tischdeko

Decoupage for folding napkins crown

Serviettentechnik for folding napkins crown-

stock up table with Still

simple paper napkin folding for creative festive table decoration

Napkin folding in the form of fir-tree

semicircular napkins folded in the shape of fir tree as a Christmas table decoration

Paper Crafts and ideas for festive table decoration

ideas for interesting napkin fold for festive tischdeko

Napkin folding in the form of heart on Valentine’s Day

napkin fold Valentine's Day

creative folding red napkins and decorate white plates

cool tischdeko ideas with servietentechnik to papierservieten-fold

Napkin Faltideen for Christmas

napkins Christmas fold and decorate for festive tischdeko

nice idea for napkins wrinkle for Christmas

Fold cool idea for napkins and roll as a Christmas table decoration

black napkins with red berries decorate for Christmas

festive table decoration ideas for Christmas with black napkin

Fold napkins Tannenbaum

creative decorating ideas for Christmas table decoration ideas and fold napkins

Christmas Stimmumg on the table &# 8211; Napkins creative fold at Christmas time

cool ideas for creative and interesting tischdeko napkin technique

simple decoupage to fold napkins bags

bag napkin fold for festive tischdeko

Christmas creative roll napkins and stick with DIY Star Napkin Ring

paper napkins fold with napkin ring of felt in star shape

festive table decoration in red &# 8211; Stoffservieten interesting wrinkle for Christmas

napkins simple and creative folds for Christmas as a cool festive table decoration idea

modern table decoration in black and white  &# 8211; Fold napkins as Smoking

smoking napkin folding of paper napkins for tischplatzdeko and festive tischdeko christmas

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