My beautiful herb garden in the kitchen

My beautiful herb garden in the kitchen

The private garden in front of the house is a luxury that has not any. Those who live in the city, the shortcomings of small garden tries to compensate by various houseplant and thereby bring a bit of freshness and nature in space. Room plants but also the fresh herbs and some vegetables can be counted. Who wants a garden at home, can create a fantastic herb garden variety of culinary herbs and medicinal herbs in the interior itself. ” My beautiful herb garden in the kitchen ” is today’s inspiration for an invigorating design and green Fensterdeko with herbal plants. Get inspired and refresh the interior of your kitchen. How to create your own herb garden and what herb and vegetable varieties are growing inside, you are about to read.

Herbs as green decoration

küchenkräuter as decorating ideas for the kitchen

Herbs and vegetables that are easy to grow indoors can:

lemongrass – the crop is one of the most popular spices. The lemongrass loves warm location and a fairly dry ambient air. An optimal watering of the plant is important. In summer, the grass should INPUT FEED twice or three times a week with moisture. The regular fertilization ensures better branching of grass.

chives – this delicious and vitamin-rich plant belongs to the Dunkelkeimern. This means that the seeds should therefore be covered after sowing with soil. For plants you can normal use with some sand and clay mixed garden soil. The Schnittlau germinates quicker at room temperature between 1 and plus 10 degrees. The soil in the pot chives must never completely dry out.

mint &# 8211; Actually, there are many different varieties of this plant, which have a different flavor. Peppermint is perhaps the best known of all varieties. Regularly required water and especially in summer, when you need to water them daily. Make sure that the leaves can take on the flavor of the fertilizer. Since the Mint is growing very strong, it should be cut several times a year. Increase the peppermint by dividing the rhizomes.

oregano – one of the kitchen and medicinal herbs. He needs a warm and sunny location. The planting medium should be light, thin and never too damp or wet. Due to a strong branching sufficient space should be allowed the oregano. When planting in flower pots Use vegetable earth, which promotes the growth and the formation of flavors.

My beautiful herb garden in the kitchen

diy herb garden itself anlegen_moderne wall design with fresh kitchen herbs

spring onion – Onion Confederation just put in glass with water or plant some bulbs in soil and plenty of water.

paprika – If you want to add small peppers to your small vegetable garden in the kitchen, you need a warm and sunny place and herb pots with a diameter of at least 35cm. Varieties such as cherry peppers and ”banana chili ” are ideal for the purpose and also as fresh windowsill decoration.

basil – the best place for an herb pot of basil is the sill of a south facing window. It begins to bloom, simply cut the flowers so that its leaves do not become bitter.

radish -is one of the vegetables that is easy to grow inside. The radish also love sunlight and are therefore ideal for decorating a window sill in the kitchen. but on hot days it should not be left directly under the sun.

parsleye – this herb loves direct sunlight and the earth in the herb pot should dry out a little before each irrigation.

Garden salad – the lettuce plants are another fantastic idea for little green vegetable garden in your kitchen. The south-facing windows is the perfect place for them.

tomatoes – varieties such as ” Roma ”, cherry tomatoes and berry tomatoes are also ideal for your indoor garden at the front of the kitchen Südfensterbank vanity.

garlic – you love garlic to eat? You can enjoy it all year if you grow a garlic bulb in pot and supply each day with fresh water.

  • Other appropriate herbs for your herb garden in the kitchen are: thyme, rosemary and sage.

Kitchen fresh garnish with herbal plants

herbs grow in kräutertöpfen_mein herb garden on the window

arrange creative herb garden

Now we present you a great idea of ​​how to arrange various fragrant herbs creatively together in a herb pot. What fresh herbs are combined here: thyme, mint, green and rotblättriges basil and red peppers for color accent. Each plant is worshiped in its own herb pot and need not be replanted. What you need to do is to simply put all five pots in a saucepan to put a couple of cinnamon sticks between the herb pots as additional decoration and hide the pots with moss at the end.

Creating a herb garden and creatively arrange with moss and cinnamon sticks

herbal pots creatively arrange and herb garden lend a

My herb garden in the kitchen with fresh herbs

herbal reporting pflanzen_ideen for küchenkräuter Fensterdeko

DIY Window planter made of PVC pipe


PVC pipe and stopper 2 &# 8211; ⌀ 10cm

Two small and two large eye hooks

4 small S-hook and chain

Drill and hole saw

Step 1: Drill two pilot holes for the small Ösenhacken, about 2cm from both pipe ends inside. They should be placed directly opposite each other. Then screw the two Ösenhacken.

Step 2: Select the center of each hole you are drilling for the herbs. The centers should be located in the same line with the screwed Ösenhacken. Do not forget that the holes are to have a distance between each other.

Step 3: Drill the holes with a hole saw. You can then smooth the edges of the holes with sandpaper.

Step 4: make the tube inside and outside of the dust clean and close from both sides with the stopper.

Step 5: First lay a gravel layer for better water drainage that will then cover with potting soil. Remove the herbs and fill the planter with soil.

Step 6: Screw the larger Ösenhacken to the window frame, attach the chains and hang your DIY herbal bucket before the window.

Decorating ideas for windows with DIY Herb Pot PVC pipe

herb anlegen_frische küchenkräuter as Fensterdeko

Creating a herb garden &# 8211; Medicinal herbs, culinary herbs, a small vegetable garden and tea garden in the kitchen

My herb garden Create innenraum_kreative idea for herb pots

Herb garden as Fensterdeko &# 8211; Windowsill creatively decorate with herb pots

Creating a herb garden in the küche_ein fantastic Fensterdeko with kitchen herbs and herb pots

Window decorating with herbs instead of curtains &# 8211; Great idea for Küchenkräter

herb garden create my garden as hanging in the kitchen

Hanging pots of herbs on a beautiful ceiling and interior design with fresh herbs

herb garden in the kitchen as a hanging garden from the ceilingThe Boskke Sky Planter designed by Patrick Morris

the modern herb pots &Pod; # 8220&# 8220; the Designerguppe Greenfingers for small herb garden in the kitchen

ideas for modern herb garden in the kitchenDesigner: Casey Lin, Adam Ben-Dror, Robert Skene, Nick Johnston

Inspirations for my herb garden on the wall &# 8211; a creative wall design in the kitchen

care and grow my herb garden as a modern wall design in the küche_frische herbs

Herbs in the kitchen &# 8211; My herb garden fresh culinary herbs

Creating a herb garden and pflegen_fantastische Fensterdeko with fresh green kitchen herbs

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