Mountains and the sea - a dream home "in the sea"

Mountains and the sea – a dream home “in the sea”

Mountains and the sea - a dream home

The Pole House is a great renovation project of F2 Architecture . The house is built on a metal pylon of 40 m above the famous Great Ocean Road on the coast Fairhaven in Australia. Thanks to its spectacular location and the inspiring design idea, the Pole House offers an unparalleled experience to its guests. That’s right, you can rent these dream holiday! The cottage rent is from 440 to 1,220 Australian dollars for a night with small children and pets are not allowed.

The 13 meter elevating the steep slope pylon carrying a concrete slab, which plays the role of a platform. Access to the house is made possible by a concrete bridge with glass railings. The elegant routing over the bridge leads directly to a set-back in the metal wall paneling main entrance of the square house. Viewed from this point, the construction is the illusion of a dream home in the sea. The understated entrance directed to the slope side of the coast, making a breathtaking 180 degree panoramic views of the ocean and the Great Australian Bight, opens from the luxurious living room.

The modern accommodations in principle an open-space living room is the living-dining room, kitchen and bedroom combined. A rounded wall with wood paneling hiding the placed in the middle of the house bathroom and is used for space division. Upon entering the holiday house, the wooden wall, visitors passes through the laterally arranged cuisine to trendy living room with the fantastic view. Large-size sliding windows give access from the minimalist living room to the wraparound terrace. For a romantic night with a warm ambience during the winter, is a modern hanging from pyramidal ceiling fireplace. In order to manage privacy, the two oriented according to the slope of outer walls are expanded closed.

The pole house is the house that is ideal for a romantic weekend getaway. A great idea for an incomparable and memorable Valentine’s Day.

As of Pole House &# 8211; the built in 1970 experimental beach house 

the pole house from the year 1970

a dream home in the sea &# 8211; simply chic and simple

modern rectangular house with black wall covering made of metal

The Pole House &# 8211; a dream house by the sea

a dream apartment beach

mountains and sea &# 8211; a dream resort in Australia

the house-to house rectangular pylon on the maritime

modern apartment &# 8211; mountains and sea for a dream holiday

modern small house on steilhang-dream house beach

Wood Interior Design &# 8211; The Pole House in Australia

a dream apartment beach-built modern kitchen wood

open space living room with a minimalist interior 

Modern living room with natural stone flooring and fireplace hanging black-wood wall covering of some wall

breathtaking view from Pole House

the house by the sea with panoramic views on meer.grosformatige sliding doors-glass dining table

living room inspirations &# 8211; Pole House in Australia

luxury living room with double bed and wood wall covering

romantic bedroom with panoramic views of mountains and sea

small bedroom with luxury bed linen and black headboard wooden

the house by the sea with glass facade and a covered terrace gang

Great Ocean Road in Australia &# 8211; the house poles

the house Pole a modern house by the sea

a romantic night in a luxury house on the sea Pole

dream verienwohnungen- the pole house

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