Modern two-bedroom apartment in Stockholm

Modern two-bedroom apartment in Stockholm

The chic apartment we would like to present, is located in a three-storey building in the Swedish city of Stockholm. The modern two-room apartment on the second floor has a modest area of ​​41 square meters and offers a stunning view of the river. Thanks to the open-space living area designed to lose the feeling of a small enclosed space. Entering the small apartment, you are in a small reception room, is managed from the point of view with respect to the living room. By the lack of doors from the hallway to the small kitchen and living room, which unite in an open space, there is this big drafty living space, which includes the corridor area belongs. In this way the otherwise small apartment seem larger.

The interior design in black and white lends elegance and that combination of colors in varying intensities of white and black, can the various living areas define. The small but modern and simply furnished living room for example, is decorated in white. An upholstered sofa with round coffee table, TV sideboard and a simple open shelf system are all in white. Only a few design elements, like the sofa blanket and associated Throw, are in black. As a contrast to the white interior of the living room, the kitchen with black wall tiles designed. The black accent the small kitchen is considered accentuating background for the white kitchen cabinets. The elegant kitchen is also defined by a bar that serves as a partition between the kitchen and living room. To the white bar 4 modern bar stools are decorated in black and thus forms a smooth transition from the strong black accents in the kitchen to the bright living room interior.

spectacular interior design in black and white of a small two-room apartment

chic apartment with a modern interior and small kitchen with bar in black weiß_

Wohnideen corridor in white with black Aktenten

corridor set up in white with wooden floors and white sideboard set

simple furnishings small living room with white wooden floor and houseplants

small living room einricten with upholstered sofa and round coffee table in white

modern interior design in white-black and suspended pendant light

small living room customize tv sideboard and sofa weiß_Wohnzimmer with kitchen and bar

Living ideas for kitchen with window and Bar &# 8211; Color design small kitchen

small kitchen set up with black and white wall tiles kitchen cabinets

small kitchen with modern and chic design noir and white

modern kitchen white tiles with window and black

The open hallway leading to a small bathroom and the living room opposite the bedrooms are situated. These two rooms are decorated in a black and white color scheme.

Inspirations with mirrored wall for optical magnification small apartments

Two-room apartment with inspiration mirrored wall in the hallway and a white wooden floor

creative and simple wall design with wall shelf system made of metal

small apartment with a modern interior in black and white

The small bedroom is simply furnished with a double bed and a small wardrobe with black sliding doors. Only one chair and night table are made of wood, which brings warmth and more comfort in the room. The modern bedroom also has small terrace with black and white floor tiles. Two rattan chairs and a round table with enough space outside for comfortable sitting and drinking coffee in the morning.

Bedroom inspiration in white with accents in black

small bedroom with a small white wardrobe with sliding doors white black glass

modern bedroom with rustic wooden nightstand

small apartment with a stylish living room design_bettdecke black and holzstühl

make small terrace in black and white with a round table and rattan chairs

make small balcony with rattan furniture and black and white floor tiles

small apartment in Stockholm

two room apartment in Stockholm with terrace and overlooking the river

The bathroom has a shower stall and send square wall compartments equipped. The walls are covered with narrow, elongated tiles. The black of which make the shower, and the wall with the sink and a wall mirror made of wood.

In this pragmatic, intelligent and elegant way that can be seen in the space division and interior design of this small apartment, there is a spectacular and modern two-room apartment.

small bathroom interior with chic narrow wall tiles

modern made room in 2 room apartment with black and white tiles and shower cubicle with glass wall

black and white bathroom with wood trim for cozy ambience

tiles color design small bathroom with black and white and basin and mirror wood

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