Modern prefabricated concrete garages

Modern prefabricated concrete garages

The garage is the small house of our cars that can look modern. The term “home” is quite correct, because nowadays the garages offer not only a weather-protected parking, but many more features. An important issue is also the construction, and the construction and building materials a garage. What needs to meet the garage? How big should it be? What features actually has a garage? We will answer to all these questions using different types of pre-cast concrete garages. Why did we choose the Fertiggaragen of concrete as a proposal? They are the most cost-effective and time-saving solution for every car owner. many different models can already be found on the shape and dimensions to the respective equipment that can satisfy every need in the market. The prefabricated concrete garages can be individually configured quickly and without complicated planning. You only need to select the desired exterior design, the garage door, an umbrella organization and possibly additional accessories, then order and just wait for the delivery. In addition, they can be located supplied with an electrical installation. This means that you have electrical outlets and lighting in your garage. An artful color scheme and a green roof are other options that transform the concrete garage into a modern and ventilated storage space.

Prefabricated garages from concrete with light effects

modern precast concrete garages with side courtesy light

We begin with a few examples of the company ZAPF that offers a wide variety of modern concrete garages. When it comes to modern design, the prefabricated concrete garages of the Z-series are the ideal example of elegant extension of your home. As advantage of prefabricated concrete garage is the compact, space-saving design that is ideal for small cars and short-cut land. With the help of lighting effects not only of the access can be at night illuminate, but also an interesting and stylish lighting design front of the garage and produce in the front yard. The garage is also an important equipment, because it is virtually the calling card of a garage. The gates will be robust, weather-resistant but also elegant. Besides the previously known steel gates, there are now a number of modern metal, sectional doors in different colors, and wooden gates and doors in wood look.

Precast concrete garage as a double garage with wide Sectional

precast concrete garage with garage door gray and concrete in painted gray

modern prefabricated concrete garages in clinker optics

modern double garages as fertiggaragen of concrete in brick optics

Another advantage of the prefabricated garages of concrete is its connection to double or row garages. The double garage offers either another park or an additional storage space outside your home. Another solution for an integrated into the surrounding landscape parking permit so-called precast concrete slope garages. As an interesting example of a vanished in the hanging garage, we present the model “Sting”. The modern prefabricated garage has an unusual shape with a rounded roof, which can also be landscaped. A fantastic set-up in style that can also serve the creative garden design.

Prefabricated garage made of concrete with roof structure

double garage of forge finished concrete bodies with Satelldach

the evolution in the finished concrete garages &# 8211; series Clou

modern concrete garages with arch roof and roof greening as a cool gartengestaltung

Inspiration for modern garden design with an exceptional cast concrete garage

unique finished concrete garage as a double garage

Prefabricated concrete garage with more height for your caravan

finished concrete garage with additional height

The combination of a garage with additional floor space as another layer on the garage roof is another fantastic and space-saving solution. Imagine that you need a garage, but also a separate office space or extra guest room. In this way, the space above or below the garage available not given away and.

a concrete garage as a hang garage with basement room

space-saving fertiggaragen concrete

The prefabricated garages can easily be used as an alternative for special buildings. The creation of space with different functions can be easily realized by means of prefabricated garages of concrete. The possibilities are endless &# 8211; Storage, exhibition, office and recreational facilities, as well as clubhouses or even toilets. As an example, we have a prefabricated garage made of concrete selected the following picture as a garden pool.

other Einsatsmöglichkeit a concrete prefabricated garage

modern precast concrete garages as garden pool

Another interesting feature that can fulfill a concrete garage is the storage of rainwater. A valuable solution for irrigation or Brauchwassernutzeng. The system “Hydra” Zapf is a water tank placed under the garage building.

Prefabricated garage made of concrete with the rain water tank

modern precast concrete garages with storage water for watering gardens

Here are some examples of pre-cast concrete garages Company Grötz.

Which Fertiggarage type is best for your site?

precast concrete garage with awning and sectional garage as a hang

the precast concrete garage as a minimalist Hausergenzung

modern concrete garages finished as a double garage with sectional Black

Precast concrete garage as a single garage with green roof

precast concrete garages as a small house for the car

Prefabricated garage made of concrete on steel supports

modern precast concrete garage as hang garage rely on

Combination of carport and precast concrete garage with roof structure

idea for precast concrete garage with covered parking

a prefabricated garage made of concrete with a roof terrace

fertiggaragen idea for modern and functional concrete

Concrete prefabricated garages imitation wood with wood sheathing

precast concrete garage with wood cladding

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