Modern hall design and lighting

Modern hall design and lighting

The hallway as horizontal development adjacent rooms, is an important traffic area of ​​our apartment. An anteroom which invites us in the apartment and leads us to a particular room, a stairwell, or to the output. And so we go through it back and forth thousands of times every day. This space is not only the individual living areas, due to the typical narrow and long space volume he also conveys a particular perception of space. It is fascinating how can change the character of a corridor through different design options and strengthen. The combination of colors, materials and the perfect lighting concept can convert walking around the walkway in an experience. Imagine that you go out of a large and bright living room and were in a dark hallway, where subtle lighting along the ceiling or wall sized him as space and draws the path. Entirely different sensation of space creates a corridor that opens up the space on the second floor of a mezzanine, as an open, floating in the air walkway with glass railings. This small area, which we refer to as hallway or corridor, can be make versatile and thereby be produced very different space-sensations. As a separate, enclosed space or as an on going part of a room, the hallway special decor can have. As inspiration for you, we have selected a number of interesting solutions for modern design and corridor-lighting of different architects. And since we want to make reference to a modern interior design and go to the “minimalist living”, the following 38 images are a spectacular example of simple interior design.

elegant interior design in white with lateral corridor lighting combined with accent lighting

modern corridor lighting with indirect lighting and wall modern interior design in white with wooden floor and decorated sideboard with wood picture frame

A modern and minimalist interior design corresponds also with the right lighting. The corridor lighting is for this reason an essential part of its design, which must be very well thought and planned. In principle, the lighting has great influence on the ambiance and mood of a room. Sometimes just using a new lighting concept we can create a whole new and different look of the interior, without changing the existing furniture. Shapes, color and surfaces act and look different, depending on the light intensity, color and light. This action results in the same lighting with artificial light, as well as with natural daylight. The daylight illumination is of course the better and the best solution for any room. but the corridor is not a space that is always equipped with windows and in this respect it offers the opportunity for a creative and interesting, artificial lighting different variant. The hallway lighting is to define the whole distance, which affects the perception and makes the interior design so interesting. By what kind of corridor lighting can create a unique atmosphere, is also shown in our photo collection.

modern hall design and lighting &# 8211; Celio Apartment by Carola Vannini Architecture

minimalist modern decor idea with wooden floor and wall color white

Corridor lighting with natural light through glass picture window &# 8211; Presentation by Marc Canut

modern furnishings idea and corridor design with wood cabinets and wall design with bilderrahmen_minimalistisches living room interior

minimalist decor and creative lighting concept for modern hall design

 Residential building of Atelie Zafari

minimalist wohnen_wohnidee corridor of concrete ceiling lamps with built-in light columns as wall and

Daylight hallway illuminated by round skylights &# 8211; House by the cameraman Erik Zappon

modern home idea hallway with wood paneling and sliding doors made of wood

creative idea for industrial design with plants and combination of künstlichm and natural lighting

cool idea residential corridor with garden in the house as interior design and deckenbeleuchtung

Daylight accent through various openings in the concrete corridor wall in Koshino House by Tadao Ando

minimalist concrete construction and cool living idea hallway with exposed concrete and wood flooring

a colorful curtain as a design element and plastic corridor wall in residence in Seattle SHED

cool wohnideen corridor with sideboard wood slanted roof and curtains as Flurgestaltung_wandfarbe beige

Daylighting and wall design with works of art as a living idea corridor architect Richard Pedranti

corridor lighting and design with windows and creative wall design and decoration in the hallway

Oberflächetextuteren underline by natural lighting

 Madinat al Zahra Museum Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos

minimalist interior with exposed concrete and wood cladding for overhead and hall lighting with daylight through glass roof

fantastic inspiration for industrial design and lighting &# 8211; Loft MM of C. T. Architects

living idea corridor white with fitted kitchen and creative wall design with wooden wall panels and indirect lighting wall

interesting ceiling design as furnishing idea for the corridor &# 8211; Neram Road from KNQ Associates

Modern hall design and lighting

filigree design space by means of glass elements &# 8211; Cervantes House_PH5 Design

modern interior design in the hallway with white inner staircase and glass panes

Dark walls and light wood flooring as an inspiration for the corridor &# 8211; Cervantes House

living idea corridor with wall color gray and deckenbeleuchtung by black cover strip

Wood accent for modern hall design &# 8211; Les Aventuriers Haus_Shun Hirayama Architecture

Modern wall design with wood cladding as a living idea corridor

the corridor as a garden path and transition to the house

wooden beams and floor lighting design as gartenweg

creative solution for space and color scheme in office corridor space &# 8211; Yandex Office of Za Bor Architects

modern corridor interior and office design wall panels with glass and deckenbeleuchtung

minimalist design in white hallway by clean lines and simple design

House in Melides Pedro Reis Arquitecto

minimalist wohnen_unterirdischer hallway with wall color white and skylights from the roof glass ribbon

small corridor defined by decorative panel  &# 8211; Project Situla GAO Archiects

cool room design for small apartments with shoe cabinet and decorative paneel as space separation from the hallway and living room

Inspiration for lighting design by perforated facade &# 8211; Rass Haveli Hotel

creative lighting concept through hole facade for overhead

Hallway behind glass façade lighting and design concept &# 8211; Ware house of Residential Attitudes

interesting lighting and natural corridor lighting by lattice wall

simple interior design and creative room division concepts by Christopher Polly Architekt

modern interior design and color scheme corridor

modern floor furnishing idea &# 8211; BLUE RIDGE RESIDENCE of Voorsanger Architects

corridor with ramp and indirect lighting wall by wall niche in natursteinwand_lichtakzent by skylight sideboard corridor

side window strip for corridor lighting with daylight &# 8211; Korinkyo House by Nakayama Architects

hallway ramp with indirect deckenbeleuchtung as a modern corridor design idea

minimalist and extremely &# 8211; Corridor design concept with exposed concrete and wood

creative wall light with built-in fluorescent afford

interesting hallway design with decorative wood paneling and mirrored wall of M2 design studio

modern interior design and interior design with wooden floor and wooden panels 3D

the corridor as part of the space which is defined by ceiling lighting

modern and creative wohnideen and furnishings corridor

white interior and illuminated wall design with wall panels as wall lights

wohnideen corridor for modern interior design in white with Traumteppich in blue and white and creative lighting design as wall decoration

Glasdachöffnugen for corridor lighting with daylight

minimalist interior design with exposed concrete and wood flooring as a modern living idea corridor

interesting floor wall design with wallpaper

living idea hallway wallpaper with wooden floor and

decorative wall panels with ornaments for Autentik at a modern hall design in white and gray

wall color gray combined with white ceiling and spread sconces as a cool color scheme and idea corridor

lateral corridor lighting behind wooden panels &# 8211; Koza Holding Headquarters of Craft312 Studio

Modern hall design and lighting

elegant and chic design hallway with curtains &# 8211; Schrager Apartment_ John Pawson

light wood flooring and living idea white curtains as cool and decoration in the hallway in white

elegant and modern corridor facility &# 8211; Tiburon Residence of SuttonSuzukiArchitects

modern interior design and furnishings idea with glass wall washers and natural stone cladding

Corridor as Unterchaltungsbereich &# 8211; Resindenz Laurel Way_Architekt Marc Whipple

design creative interior and realizations with bench in front of the glass façade

chic corridor design and inspiration &# 8211; Boutique Hotel by Harry&# 8217; s Hospitality Pte Ltd

modern interior design and minimalist interior with black and white floor tiles and armchairs

chic ambience with wooden accent &# 8211; Residence 6 Mimosa Road by Park Associates

living idea corridor weuß with bench and wall design by holzpaneneelen

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