modern bathrooms in vintage style

modern bathrooms in vintage style

modern bathrooms in vintage style

Do you dream of a fancy bathroom in vintage style? The reappearance of this facility style increasingly more and more not only in the fashion industry, but also in interior design. Especially for a simple and authentic interior design small bathroom so this hip retro device fits perfectly. Maybe it pays wages to the idea of ​​transformation with the appropriate equipment or even for a small renovation of your bathroom in your dream can come true. The renovation phase often presents a major challenge, but also the best variant a modern bathroom with old design style to be designed. With the company as a gentle renovation is important the use of key elements that do not copy the past, but only to suggest it without our comfort and sacrificing modern amenities. The challenge to design modern bathrooms in vintage style correctly, hide itself while creating an interior that is not tacky and does not affect old-fashioned.

Vintage style &# 8211; The old-new trend in establishing modern bathroom

bathroom moder and vintage set with wood and outside shower with drehebaren glasementen and roof glazing

Every detail and every detail play an essential role in the bathroom equipment. The retro bathroom design should be comfortable, cozy and welcoming. We have prepared some interesting examples of modern bathroom in vintage style and also explain some principles to help you in designing and setting up your dream bathroom with timeless interior.

modern bathrooms in vintage style

modern bathroom ideas for vintage bathroom with wood wall covering and fireplaceInterior design: Frank De Biasi Interiors

  • The main elements in a bathroom in Vintagestyle are the sanitary fittings, Details of metal such as Mirror frames or handles materials such as wood and wrought iron, textiles and male colors that give the slight age grades.
  • The wall design in wood appearance by a real wood paneling or luxury wallpaper is another characteristic of the vintage style design element. Another way to create that authentic wood look without worrying about a suitable for room humidity material to make that are very modern ceramic tiles with wood pattern. Important role in the floor tiles in this case also plays its size. They should imitate the best long board pieces of dark wood or stone.

transform the bathroom on the roof in a dream bathroom with vintage touch

modern shower with glass walls and screed floor in the bathroom modern with wooden floor and dormer windows

  • The main attraction in a vintage bathroom is the vintage bathtub. But how this actually look like? The typical bathtub in vintage style provides a piece of furniture that needs no embellishment and additional accessories. You will, if possible, centrally positioned in the room and staged thanks to its curved retro paw feet of cast iron. When it comes to color, now offers the wide range of colors of the typical Pfotenfuß-Badewane from the nineteenth century different version for modern equipment in the color of your choice.

What is the modern bathroom in vintage style today?

vintage bathroom with bathtub or modern set dusche_coole bathroom ideas for vintage bathroom

Vintage Bathrooms concrete with creative wall design from Kiselsteinen

bathroom modern lined with wall design of pebbles and bath concrete-

  • Regarding the sink, put it in the past a wooden washstand with elaborate carvings and a large mirror. The authentic porcelain sink was either white or decorated with fine, characteristic of Chinese porcelain arabesques. Today you can choose between two versions. You could either choose a large vanity with built-in storage or opt for a small vintage sink with foot or in a metal frame.
  • Metal and wood wall racks can be the vintage style in addition to stress. If the room space allows, you can immediately use a wooden cabinet in a retro look for storing towels and bathrobes.
  • Also do not forget the vintage faucet. Such pieces of equipment, small accessories, as well as the wall color say a lot already. Be careful on furniture accessories such as toilet paper holder, towel holders, holders for toothbrushes and toothpaste, mirrors and lamps, as well as textiles such as bath mats. Everything must be in the same style.

Bathroom Ideas for modern bathrooms in vintage style with authentic basin

bathroom modern in vintage style with a large mirror and washstand rustic

Suspended wooden washstand with round stone sink and faucet white for elegant establishment of a vintage bathroom

bathroom modern set in vintage style with vintage hanging basin from wood and stone flooring Hotel La Suite Sans Cravate in Bruges

narrow and small bathroom modern design in vintage style with wooden vanity cabinet and sink stone

modern design small bathroom in vinatge style with hanging basin cabinet and pendulum lamps overcame shelf with mirror

industrial glass in the bathroom combined with wood floors and wood vanity cabinet

small bathroom modern set in vintage style with swinging lamps and black metalfenterrahmen

the small vintage bathroom in white with fresh color accent in blue

vintage bathroom white blanket with curved and coarse putz_freistehenede bathtub blue and round beisteltisch as bathroom ideas for small modern bathroom with a small window

modern bathroom in white with vintage accent through the round stone sinks

bathroom white in vintage style set with polished floor and white round sink from stone to concrete basin cabinet white

creative idea for small bathroom in vintage style with modern bathtub on pedestal made of beams

bathroom modern set in vintage style with designer ceiling lamp freestanding badewanne_badezimmer with concrete walls and wooden beams-pedestal

Bathrooms in vintage style as inspiration for cozy bathroom design in wood and stone

Setting small bathroom in vintage style with wooden washbasin cabinet and wood floorboardRustic Redux project JLF & Associates in Big Sky, Montana

Combining modern pendant lamps, vintage decor and Holzbadmöbeln

vintage bathroom shower ideas with two vintage and bathroom cabinets with glass display casesInterior design: fredman design group

modern shower with stone tiles and vintage washstand made of wood as a creative bathroom idea

bathroom ideas for vintage bathroom in the woods with shower cubicle for two

Bathroom tiles wood look for vintage look in the bathroom

small bathroom with shower cubicle and roof sloping with kiselsteinboden and vintage wooden chair

Ideas for modern bathrooms in gray shades in combination with vintage plumbing fittings

vintage bathroom design shower heads with gray natural stone tiles and creative wall design with threePhoto: Sara Svenningrud

Vintage accessories for bathroom with white wall tiles

vintage bathroom with white tiles bathroom white and ausgemauertem shower basin with mosaicPhoto: Sara Svenningrud

modern bathroom in vintage style with white tiles and black marble

bathroom black with free standing bathtub black and mirror in wooden frame gray as bathroom idea for vintage bathroom designInterior design: http: Autoban212

set bathroom modern and retro

modern bathroom design in vintage stil_moderne bathroom shine as vintage ceiling or wall lamps

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