Modern architecture and interior design in white

Modern architecture and interior design in white

A spectacular private residence near Istanbul represents the example of the design progress of modernity in the family home construction. In comparison with the traditional, conservative family homes, which in 2006 by Emre Arolat Architects built house an important part of the urban growth. The luxury villa is located in the forest area, north of the Bosporus. The modern interior design of the house, the creative work from the Designer Tanju Özelgin . It was commissioned in 2011 by the owners of suburban house with the task of creating an elegant interior with harmonious and simple combination of the landscape with your cosmopolitan lifestyle. The original concept of the architects was the design of a space that interact with the surrounding nature. Reaching the designer through the use of natural materials such as wood and stone.

modern architecture and design Interior in white &# 8211; Entrance from S House

ideas for modern living and chic interior design with indirect lighting on the ground

The 400 m2 residence is built on a slope and is divided into three floors. The main entrance was planned to the top level, where the sleeping area with three bedrooms is located. The bedroom separate from the entrance area by a sliding door. To the modern and elegant decor of the master bedroom has a glass volume, which is defined with indirect ceiling lighting and white tulle curtains, can penetrate through even daylight. The centrally mounted cab actually represents the dressing room. The onset of opaque materials can also be seen in the stylish bathroom equipment. All wet areas with 60&# 215; 60 cm and 80&postponed 80 cm large floor and wall tiles of marble; # 215th The flooring made of wood in the living and sleeping area expands outward in a 480 square meter garden where wooden decking produced from oak. As a complement to the aesthetic transition from inside to outside and vice versa, the stone material is used. The surface of the gray marble slabs from Italy is irradiated, so that the original color of the stone does not change. Another place where stones find suitable place is the stairwell. make there small black round stones an organic rock garden beneath the modern interior staircase and create a sense of naturalness.

modern bedroom interior in white with floor covering made of oak

modern bedroom furnishings with marmot night tabletop and modern carpet weiß_schlafzimmer wanddeko

Luxury bedroom decorated with dressing room made of glass with curtains

modern bedroom inspiration with white curtains and wooden shutters

subtle indirect lighting in the bedroom as an accent of white Interiors

luxury sch

min imalistische means and creative solution to a dressing mitigen

mounted modern bedroom with dressing room of glass walls and TV on glass wall

interesting combination of transparent and opaque materials

ideas for bedroom with dressing room and indirect deckenbeleuchtung as bereichdefinizion

Bedroom flooring oak laminate and large-size marble slabs

bedroom design with carpet and white bedspread white as Enhancements to the white curtains

Inspiration for bedroom with dressing room and bathroom

white interior for bedroom and dressing room with indirect lighting

Idea for establishment in the bedroom with a sink stone

bedroom furnishings with washstand white and glass pane behind the washbasin

modern bathroom with shower area for two and indirect ceiling lighting

bathroom inspiration for modern shower with two shower heads in the ceiling

small bathroom with shower as an idea for open bathroom in the bedroom

bathroom indirect lighting ideas for modern furnishings small bathroom with bathroom tiles marble

creative idea for modern shower behind the vanity separated with glass wall

modern bathroom ideas for small shower behind the washbasin

Idea for elegant bedroom furniture with desk and wall shelf

modern curtains bedroom and modern carpets bedroom interior in orange for luxury with wall shelves and desk

Bedroom interior design with white furnishings and color accent in Orange

modern bedrooms with wooden floor and bed with sideboard in white

the soft lighting over the bed reflected in the glass wall of glass Mild

small bedroom with glass wall and bed with bedside commode weiß_moderne curtains white and wanddeko bedroom

Gray bathroom tiles made of marble and Deckenbeleichtunf for modern bathroom interior

bathroom gray with folding window and mirror washbasin cabinet with mirror bathroom lighting

The middle level is the modern kitchen and an open living-dining area. The open-space area, we separated again by a sliding door from the stairwell with an elevator. The design concept of this level is more robust in comparison with the other two areas. Partition walls covered with natural stone tiles, sharing the kitchen and the living room. The modern white kitchen is hidden and the flowing transition between the two areas does not interrupt itself.

Staircase with marble floor tiles and sliding frosted glass &# 8211; second floor

wohnideen corridor and inside staircase lighting and decoration

elegant living room design in black and white and creative wall decoration

modern living room interior design with leather armchairs black and white modern m carpet under couch-Nazi with marble slabs

Living room furnishing idea with a low sideboard white behind the black sofa

living room with sofas inspirations white and black sideboard and decorate

modern coffee tables with tops made of white marble and black metal frame

coffee table deco idea with candles and glass vases with flowers for luxury living room black and white

Sliding doors of black glass as an area separating the living room and stairwell

living room inspiration for modern interior design with wooden floor and wall design

Dining area with a centrally arranged dining table and elegant wall decoration

modern dining facility with white curtains and indirect deckenbeleuchtung

Living-dining room interior with sideboard and illuminated showcase

luxury residential dining room with marble wall and modern pendulum lamps above the dining table

Ideas for dining room lighting by daylight with indirect ceiling lighting combined

dining facility with dining table made of wood and leather-upholstered chairs in black on white carpet

Wall cladding with slabs of marble as a material accent to the wood flooring 

design interior with wood and marble for modern dining area with swinging lamps and white curtains

Partition as a partition between the kitchen and the dining area

Wall design with light gray marble slabs and sideboard decorate with showcase and indirect lighting

Stainless wine and refrigerator built into marble wall

design interior kitchen with partition for living area with built-in refrigerator

modern white kitchen with white Küchenschrönken and cooking island with black hood

luxury kitchen interior design in white with white cover lighting and window roller blind

another living area is a floor below planned, which is set up as a garden area. In this level, three residential functions are actually housed. A living room opens to the outdoor area with garden pool and consists of TV and home cinema. A dining table and modern bookshelf are positioned in the middle of the room. A spa with sauna, steam room and luxury whirlpool bath serve to relax. All functional areas to stay here elegantly separated by glass sliding door and white lace curtains.

a rock garden with indirect lighting under wall modern interior stairs 

modern stair room with staircase Range of matur stone and seiliche wall light

the second luxury living room on the lowest floor in black and white

wall modern living room with black and white sofa and modern armchairs

Inspiration for establishment from the living room with home theater

modern sofa with built scwarz books shelves black

modern seats and sofas with round coffee table cozy corner

white interior design ideas with upholstered sofa and black marble floor with white carpet

chic dining room in white with a dining table round and white dining chairs

creative wall design with shelf system white and indirect lighting

the white living-dining room lit by daylight

modern architecture and design interior in white as inspiration for the dining room with sliding doors to the garden

a Puffsessel small round Beisteltisch for relaxing and listening to music

realizations with wise polstesessel and white curtains

Terrace design with comfortable sofa with a canopy in white

Wooden deck with oak wooden floor and night lighting ideas for the garden

Bluck from the living room to the stairwell and on the course for the wellness

living room color scheme in black and white with modern furniture pieces and sodadeko pillow

Going to the spa area with glass walls and wood flooring and wet area on the lowest floor

gray wall color and cool realizations with rectangular vases for spectacular interior design

Luxury Design Interior idea for small wet area in the stairwell

modern architecture with glass walls and wall mirror in the bathroom with basin white

WC hall with mirrored wall and ceiling lighting over the Washtisch

bathroom tiles gray bathroom with light gray marble

Wellness area with sauna

house interior design for luxury facility with sauna and indirect lighting in the sauna

Inspiration for modern bathroom with whirlpool tub and wall mirror

luxury bathroom with inspiration indirectly Erbel you tung bathtub white and cool decoration bathroom

White Fensterollos in the bathroom for privacy and modern decor with TV

modern badär white with bathroom mirror and natural stone floor

The luxury house has a peaceful, comprehensive atmosphere by chic design with soft fabrics and materials in white color palette. make the combination of natural materials as an accent to the color white and the abundance of natural light, a sophisticated, minimalist interior, to which the technology and lighting used are made unobtrusive, so that they look as inseparable part of the device.

S house &# 8211; Third level

modern house floor plans

S house &# 8211; middle level

Central storey plan from S House

S house &# 8211; lowest level

luxury house space disposition

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