Modern Aquarium island for luxury kitchen

Modern Aquarium island for luxury kitchen

They want a modern kitchen with cooking island!?! With the following inspiration you will transform the kitchen into a lounge area. More and more of the cooking area is a part of our living room and, for many, the heart of a home. Nowadays allermögliche innovative equipment and solutions for modern kitchen equipment on the market are offered &# 8211; quality materials and kitchen appliances, creative space-saving kitchen cabinets and a modern kitchen and simple design that can satisfy every wish. How could you turn your kitchen into an eye-catcher at the same time, relaxation room and functional kitchen area, we will show you the same.

elegant interiors and simple furnishings a modern kitchen with dining area

Setting minimalist kitchen with modern cooking island aquarium and designer dining table white with black armchairs and cool wall decoration kitchen with built-in kitchen cabinets

The interesting idea for an aquarium in the kitchen, which is combined with the function of cooking, is one of the last, creative products of Dutch Designers Robert Kolenik . The Kitchen “Ocean” is a modern aquarium island with three gas hobs and kitchen sink that are built in a white kitchen countertop. An L-shaped cabinet under the bar is hidden from the transparent side of the glass volume by means of mirrors and the reflection of the marine environment, the aquarium also increases optically alone. Purely undergo the aquarium conveniently and easily and to feed the fish, simply press a button and the island plate is automatically lifted. The master piece is limited and can be tailored.

Modern Aquarium island for luxury kitchen &# 8211; &# 8222; Ocean Kitchen&# 8220; Robert Kolenik

modern cooking island with white kitchen top and built-in cooking gas fields and kitchen basin as ideas for modern kitchen facility

Marine environment in the kitchen &# 8211; a fantastic idea for relaxing water design 

device idea interesting and modern interior design for kitchens with white Aquarium cooking island and an L-shaped kitchen cabinet white

functional kitchen equipment and creative decoration with aquariums

device ideas with aquarium as inspiration for modern kitchen interior

Another inspiration for modern kitchen design and creative dining establishment in White is a designer piece of furniture that is used in this elegant kitchen equipment, is the modern Dining table “B’oom” from designers Laurens Hamacher.

modern dining room &# 8211; Furnishing idea with the elegant designer dining table “B’oom” 

modern dining table boom-in-white-for-modern-dining establishment of-Laurens Hamacher

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