Modern and inspiring garden decorations made of concrete

Modern and inspiring garden decorations made of concrete

For all craft lovers who like to work with concrete and cement, today we have prepared some cool inspirations for chic Garden decorations of concrete. This material is not just any objects and furniture pieces can tinker for indoors and outdoors, it gives us the freedom and the opportunity to create an individual design. Who is already a fan of the modern and simple design, is familiar with the role of concrete and its effect in the trendy today interior. And since we assume the garden in the summer as part of our living area, virtually as our outdoor living room, the garden design with the appropriate decoration of great importance for our well being, our comfort and our sensation.

great Betondeko Ideas for the Garden

cool craft ideas for DIY concrete plant holder in cake form

Once we have a Article about ” concrete in the garden ” have presented, is time again to inspire you further with new examples and craft ideas. Hopefully the weather is nice and sunny weekend, so you can tinker a cool piece for your garden. Here are our suggestions for DIY creative Garden decorations of concrete.

cool DIY lanterns as a modern and inspiring garden decorations made of concrete

interesting landscaping with homemade lanterns from concrete and jars

Garden lighting with candles in concrete shells

An inseparable part of any garden design is in fact the appropriate garden lighting for a homely and romantic ambience in the evening. And what may be even easier for the goal when decorating with candles? In this case, the candles need appropriate windbreak candlestick on this picture, we can little spice and indeed with a concrete shell. This glass vases, candle holders and other containers of glass in attractive and affordable lighting for garden paths and different garden areas can be transformed. What is needed for this concrete candleholder:

  • Dry mortar mix of Quick (without mixing use)
  • Weight (stone or brick)
  • Baking spray or regular vegetable oil
  • Gravel or small stones for decoration
  • Two shells for the mold

fantastic idea for attractive decoration and lighting in the garden

garden paths decorate and illuminate with candles in candle holder DIY concrete

Preparing your concrete mix according to the instructions on the package. Spray the inner side of the larger shell and the outer side of the smaller shell that will be used for the mold. Fill the outer mold halfway with concrete mix and place the smaller mold with the weight in the middle. The upper mold will not quite go to bottom, so that the concrete shell has a certain thickness. The mixture is to high, up to the edge of the lower shell can come and even tiles. Make smooth the concrete mix along the entire edge and arrange the stones. Let it dry for at least 24 hours. first remove the upper shell and tilt the mold in order to remove the outer shell.

cool idea for Garden decorations of concrete with attractive flower pots in house form

walls decorate with plants in DIY Blumentöpen concrete

Garden decoration with unique flower pots

In addition to the crafting idea for a concrete shell, but which can be used as a candle holder also to plant flowers, we like to present another inspiration your potted plants original in the garden. Whether are flowers and the associated flower pots and tubs an important decorative element in the garden or on the terrace. A perfect example is this craft idea for a DIY plant containers of cloth and cement. Except an old towel you will still need: 1 part Portland cement, ¼ part peat, a handful of cement-vermiculite mortar, 2L water bucket or tree trunk, gloves and a reed.

Florals put through unique plant containers 

cool craft ideas for DIY flower pots made of mortar and towel

You can use the cloth in an oval or in a circular shape cut, and just leave it that way, to form peaks. Mix the concrete-soil mixture, in which you will plunge the already moistened cloth. Set the bucket with the bottom up and wrap it well with foil. Once the cloth is really well moistened from both sides with mortar, place it over the bucket and let it dry well.

let your creativity when you tinker with concrete

garden original decorate with concrete boots as flower pots and vases

Attractive garden paths made of concrete

Another possibility for attractive garden design course is the garden path. Also on this subject we have already proposed some interesting inspirations. This time it is the crafting of decorative Mammutblatt-stepping stones. For this you can use any kind of large leaves that will be coated with vegetable oil, to then cover it with a 3cm thick layer of the already mixed concrete mix. Print easily the concrete layer with a second sheet and smoothen the edge along the sheet contour. Let it dry for at least. 24 hours.

tinker sheet-like treads for the garden

FANTASTIC IDEA TO gartengestaltung with concrete occurs gradually in sheet form

These wonderful concrete sheets can be varied use in the garden and not only for garden paths, but also as a wall decoration, as a bird bath or even for a DIY fountain.

Inspiration for interesting garden decoration with concrete sheets

concrete scroll landscaping with water and DIY

Below you will find more interesting ideas and examples of concrete decoration that you can make yourself.

provide you sit out in the garden by a DIY fireplace in the garden

cool landscaping with gravel, wood garden furniture upholster with white and round concrete chimney

put the accent on a tree

garden decorate with decorative tree rimmed with concrete share

exhibit flowers and plants right in the garden

garden decorate with diy plant bucket of concrete

simple and chic garden design with concrete buckets for flowers

tinker round and rectangular flower bucket of concrete itself

anything else you need in the garden and can tinker concrete

cool Gägenstände of concrete tinker for the dining area in the garden

The number can also be part of the garden decor

cool garden decorations for Halloween with pumpkins concrete

a very popular garden decoration with garden Ball

rustic and authentic landscaping with diy garden ornaments of concrete

the garden furniture can play the role of modern garden decorations made of concrete

creative craft ideas for DIY wooden garden furniture and concrete

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