Modern and innovative shower

Modern and innovative shower

You want to renovate your bathroom or you are just setting up of the bathroom and after a search of modern showers. We will show some elegant and modern variants of showers. Nowadays, technology plays an important role in our daily lives. New technical equipment to help us in the work, while driving, in the kitchen, why not in the bathroom?

How do you imagine a modern bathroom? Any type of sensors leads us into the world of water &# 8211; namely in the bathroom when a unique experience. Imagine how you enter your bathroom, the light can be on, when entering the shower, the water begins to run from alone and the lighting in the room changes according on what we machen- showers, wash your hands or simply enter the room to take what or to have there. That was only a short description of a luxury bathroom in my imagination. All this is already possible. The world of technology offers us every year something innovative, as Eko shower heads, water-saving shower or the ability to read messages into the shower and see. By the following examples we want to show different models of modern and functional shower.

How important is the establishment of your bathroom? There are people who love to spend a lot of time in the bathroom. It does not matter whether you want to take a relaxing shower after work or a refreshing shower in the morning, if you enjoy it. Important for this is not only the whole set up of the bathroom, but the shower alone. According to the selected materials and color direction for the bathroom, the selection of suitable shower only question today is your imagination. The options start with the simplest typical shower and go up to the innovative, full of sensors for water and exposure “high-teck” – showers and shower cubicles.

Modern horizontal shower

horizontal stone shower

modern and innovative shower in the bathroom

modern bathroom in natural stone with unique horizontal shower

illuminated horizontal shower&# 8220; HORIZONTAL SHOWER&# 8220; Dornbracht

Sensors in the shower &# 8211; Example of modern shower with sensors and illuminated shower head

built-in ceiling showermultifunctional shower head &# 8220; Aqua-Sense&# 8220; of Ggraff Faucets

chic bathroom equipment with two simple shower heads in the shower area

Marble floor for the shower

What is the modern shower today?

Modern designer shower head with six nozzles for modern bathroom in gray

Shower with modern shower headmodern shower head &# 8220; Six-Nozzle Tentacle&# 8220; the British company Vado

functional helical shower head with curtain &# 8211; Idea for small bathrooms

Shower and shower curtain in oneshower &# 8220; The Pluviae&# 8220; by Rapsel

freestanding shower in snail shape

Modern Snail shower frosted glass

Free-standing shower stalls &# 8211; modern bathroom with exposed concrete walls and black shower

modern shower with black back wall&# 8220; beyond shower&# 8220; of glass 1989

Future of modern shower

innovative free-standing shower in ring formshower system &# 8220; LOOP&# 8220; of Idiha Design

How do you imagine a shower?

modern detached shower cubicle with double-sided glazingOrbis Shower Modules by Hugh Thomas

Innovative shower solutions to save water

innovative water-saving shower wallwater-saving system BRS Frank Guo

 Eko innovative shower heads for the modern bathroom

modern and innovative dusche_Eko shower head in white

luxury bathroom with touchscreens

innovative shower cabin with touch screensmart shower concept &# 8222; le terme&# 8220; by Fei Chung Billy Ho

modern shower &# 8211; modern bathroom design with elegant shower head

modern shower with sensors

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