Means small kitchen

Means small kitchen

To make you feel comfortable in your kitchen, you do not necessarily need a lot of space. Small but as the saying goes! Often the small apartments do not have a separate room for the kitchen and she needs to be scheduled in the living room. If the kitchen is already separated, but often happens that the place is very narrow and not enough for the dining table and all sufficient kitchen cabinets. We show you many different solutions in setting up small kitchens and hope that we collect ideas, help you and inspire you.

Means small kitchen

Storage ideas-for-small-kitchen

small kitchen &# 8211; The potential of the niche


The first step is the installation point of the kitchen. A window in the kitchen is not just to vent, but also allows the natural daylight in the room. Other essential role in setting up a small kitchen plays the right color. By bright and vibrant natural colors or strong and bold color combinations that your kitchen could either merge with the interior of your living room or draw them as a fresh accent. Important factor in the choice of colors is also absorbing the light, the small kitchen will look wider and bigger. If the colors reflect the light, the kitchen looks spacious. To achieve these effects, use white, light brown, beige or pale yellow.

Daylight in the small kitchen

Promptly Small kitchen

The small kitchen requires functional storage furniture. If you do not have enough space for the normal cabinets, they can this be flush mounted or replaced by unhooking the shelves. A bold solution that will put the dishes in the scene can be an in strong painted color wall. Great potential for setting up small kitchens hiding in the niches. Want to hide your small kitchen like that is cleverly solved with the help of sliding doors.

Small kitchen hidden in the closet

klüge-solution-for-hidden-small-kitchen-behind-orange-sliding doors

mobile small kitchen with folding doors in orange and red

small-kitchen-in-bold orange-and-red-color

creative cuisine built in cupboard with orange kitchen cabinets and red kitchen countertop


Inspiration for small kitchen white with splash wall of mosaic in white

Small kitchen for small apartment

Gaudy color as an accent for small kitchen

small kitchen in white with akzentierender green wall and round shapes

elegant white kitchen positioned in niche &# 8211; creative solution for small apartments

Minimalist white kitchen with glazed and overlooking the living room

Refreshing wall motifs in the kitchen &# 8211; small kitchen with green cupboards and white shelves


colorful color design in blue and green for white kitchen

Modern-small-kitchen-in-accent-room-by--knalige-color-in-green-and-blue as

Small, light and colorful, why not round?


modern solution for the kitchen with island and rustic wall design with stone

natural stone-in-the-kitchen

Wood as a motif in the kitchen &# 8211; Small kitchen inspiration with Bar

small-kitchen-in-living-with-counter-in-marble-and-designer chairs from wood

modern apartment with cozy atmosphere Trough the use of wood &# 8211; Cooking island made of wood with white counter

small-kitchen-in-natural color-in-living-from-wood

Island wooden also offers seating in the small kitchen &# 8211; Color scheme of greens for fresh kitchen design

small-kitchen-of-wood-with-refreshing wall design-in-green-with-cooking island and dining table-in-one

Idea for equipment elongated kitchen with working tick and access to the terrace


schike and creative wall design small kitchen with wooden wall shelves and dishes

interesting design-idea-for-small-kitchen

Modern small kitchen as a cabinet with sliding doors

modern-kitchen-from-stainless steel vesteckt-in-scwarzem-cabinet-with-sliding doors small kitchen behind sliding doors

Kitchen area define with the wall color blue

corner solution-for-small-kitchen-with-wall shelves-in-blue-wall frame

Kitchen painting idea in light blue &# 8211; creative means with shelves as Küchenarbeitzplatte

small-kitchen-in-white-and-blue-with-close-counter-and-wall shelves-along-the-walls

modern kitchen inspiration in yellow and green &# 8211; ideas for kitchen with breakfast bar


fantastic solution for small kitchen in the niche

small-kitchen-in-the-American-with-built-Coffe maker

a niche with window offers the perfect place for the kitchen cabinet with a sink


interesting little closets in yellow for storage in the kitchen


small kitchen in white with a kitchen countertop and splash protection in Pink


black wall color as the background of luxury kitchen in white and red 


the wall color red for the Small kitchen

device-small-kitchen-in-black-and-white-in-combination-wall with Red-

small kitchen white with lighted closets with glass doors &# 8211; bring more light in the kitchen

small-kitchen-in-white-combined-with-bricks-and-verglsten-kitchen cabinets

creative ideas for setting up small kitchen  &# 8211; Example of natural light in the kitchen

balcony-in-kitchen-converted-as-solution-for-klenräumige kitchen-

small kitchen facing relation to the living room

small-kitchen-solution-to-look-on-the-living room

Design idea for the kitchen with brick-like wall tiles in white

device-small-kitchen-in-combination-with-brick wall-in-white

Combination of wood and glass for small kitchen

modern-kitchen-in-white-with-wooden-cuckoo-and-wall tiling-of-glass

ideas for small kitchen white with built-in refrigerator and splash protection from silver mosaic


Inspiration for small and chic kitchen with bar in a 1-bedroom apartment

small-kitchen-in-blue-with-back wall-of-wood-in-living room

Creative solution for small kitchen


Wall Decal writings as wall decoration in the kitchen

device-small kitchen-unit off-hook-wooden shelves

build kitchen counter glass block

cuckoo-in-glass stones-for-small-kitchen

open shelving with wooden bar as Küchenarbeitzplatte can seat by the window

wire-shelf system-for-small-kitchen

small kitchen with corner bar creates a small dining area in the kitchen

kitchen counter-runs-in-square-esstisch

fünktionale kitchen equipment with roller table and space-saving built-in wall closets

built-in-the-wall cupboard-by-tight cooking

Inspiration for Living dining room with small kitchenette

device-small kitchen-with-light-natural stone-and-dark wood

How could you make the wall in the kitchen creative?

interesting-wall design-in-the-kitchen-of-the-dishes

höhenverstelbarer wooden dining table and benches grooves for the small kitchen equipment


Glass wall as a partition between the kitchen and living room

small-kitchen-in-white-with-glass partition

Optical enlargement of the small kitchen wall Trough bright colors &# 8211; Example with wall color Gray

white-cooking island-between-kitchen-and-living room

chic little kitchen in white and brown with wall decoration of colored wall tiles with motif

modern-kitchen-in-dark brown-with-white-counter

Dark colors in the small kitchen

white-kitchen-with-dining table-and-colorful-chairs

the small round kitchen with sink and washing machine

Small round kitchen 1

built luxury kitchen with overhanging cooking island and seating for two


cool idea for small kitchen in the living room


the dining table as an extension of the island 


interesting idea for extractor to the wall with integrated lighting

modern-küchein-white-and-wood-with-oblique built-aspirator

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