make wall with DIY decoration from picture frames

make wall with DIY decoration from picture frames

A wall design and wall decoration with picture frame is already a familiar theme. But what do you think of picture frames that make the wall shelves a wall? This is definitely a great idea that could use you as a creative types and creative wall design with function everywhere. The following creative craft ideas for DIY wall shelves made from photo frames and wood that we found in shanty2chic, shows how you can decorate the walls in the nursery functional and interesting. Imagine how such a DIY wall decoration in the hallway or even look in the bathroom. It’s not bad if you make the walls with pictures and photos, but if you want to be even more creative, here you will find a super cool and unusual inspiration for wall decoration with picture frame. A beautiful inspiration that is ideal for children’s and but can also create a modern accent in the living room. Under &# 8220; decorate picture frames – creative wall design&# 8220; will find ideas more beautiful wall decoration!

DIY decor ideas with picture frame

wanddeko diy and simple craft ideas for DIY deco with old photo frame

What you need for this simple and cool craft idea:

Picture Frame

Wooden slats of wooden frame

Wood glue and nails

Wood sealer and spray paint

3M Command Picture mounting strip

If do not have old and unused picture frames at home, obtain new simple. They should be by no means expensive. Cost-context can be found everywhere, especially at the flea market. To create a footprint behind the empty frame, you will need to build an additional wooden frame. How deep the footprint of your DIY will be wall shelves depends on the whale by wooden slats or planks of wood. Of course you can use different wide wooden slats to create an even more interesting effect and creative wall design with different depths shelves.

Photo frame as DIY decoration &# 8211; build idea to wall shelves themselves

simple craft ideas and creative diy deco ideas with picture frame for creative wall design

Step 1: Begin with removing the glass and background of each picture frame until you have an empty frame in hand.

Step 2: Measure the length and the short side of the picture frame, in order to know how long you have to cut the wooden parts of the wooden frame. In the following example, the wooden frame 2 x 20cm x 28cm and 2 long pieces of wood, what the size of the picture frame used (20cm x 28cm) corresponds.

Step 3: Remove the wooden frame with the help of wood glue and a nail gun. To be sure that the wooden frame will withstand an imposition, Nail more than 1-2 nails at all corners.

creative wall decoration for Kinderzimer with DIY Picture Frame Wall shelves

picture frame for DIY deko_einfache craft ideas with wood for creative wall design with DIY wall shelves

Step 4: Glue the empty picture frame to the fertiggebautem wooden frame with wood glue. To two frames to attach better to each other, you nail the wooden photo frame to a wooden frame with 30 mm long clinch head nails.

make wall with DIY decoration from picture frames

build wall shelves themselves with images rahmen_coole and simple craft ideas for wall decoration in the nursery

Step 5: brushing DIY Wall Shelves made picture frames in the desired color or spray. Before you start with the painting, you can fill the nail holes with pore filler for wood. In the example, white spray paint was used.

Step 6: Hang the finished built Picture Frame Wall shelves on the wall by means of releasable images mounting strips.

Inspiration for creative wall design in the nursery and cool wall decoration DIY

wall shelves themselves are expanding images rahmen_coole wanddeko ideas and wall shelves creative wall design with nursery diy wall and desk wood

simple craft ideas for DIY decoration and creative wall design with picture frame

wanddeko ideas with wall shelves from bilderrahmen_einfache craft ideas for DIY deco with DIY frame-wall shelves white

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