make wall hanging decoration itself

make wall hanging decoration itself

make wall hanging decoration itself

to decorate a wall original and elegant, is very easy to make by creative handmade. As inspiration for DIY wall decoration, we will show you make some interesting examples and ideas for wall hanging decoration itself today. If you want to freshen up a room with new decoration and a color accent, wall hangings provide an appropriate solution to it is. Be inspired and create himself a modern wall design in the hallway, children, living room and bedroom.

Wall color blue as a background for colorful wall hanging over the bed

room with sofa make pachwork in blue and accent wall in blue with wall hanging as wanddeko behind wooden bedLoft Adam Pogue in Los Angeles

Wall hanging decoration itself make bath mat

wall design ideas in blue wood for baby room with wall color and armchair white, upholstered stool curtains made of leather, blue and lattice bed of

turn white bath mat in DIY wall hanging for the nursery

  • Bath mat white
  • cotton cord
  • Acrylic colors blue green and Navy
  • Flat ” Textile Medium ” from Martha Stewart
  • Tape and hot glue

simple craft idea for DIY wall decoration with white bath mat

cool decorating ideas with diy wall hanging white triangles with blue as DIY wall decoration

Step 1: Define Using tape the surface for painting.

Step 2: Mix the colors with the ” Fabric medium ” spray the two triangles and paint the two triangles. Let the paint dry and repeat with color, the two triangular shapes.

Step 3: Cut 30cm long cords for fringe. Tie a knot in the middle of each string, glue the node at the bottom of the bath mat and braid on the cords.

Tapestry in bright colors &# 8211; Inspiration for decoration selbermachen of colored yarn

white wall decorate with diy wall hanging in pink, yellow and blau_moderne wall design for white brick wall

creative decorative and craft ideas for wall decoration with wall hangings

creative and colorful wall design by handarbeit_originelle Decorating ideas for DIY wall decoration

Tapestry with pompoms as a beautiful accent on the wall

interior design ideas with wall hanging white, metal chair yellow and gray radiator


make original craft ideas for decoration itself

room to customize DIY wall decoration, hanging flower pots and decorative cushion in light pink as accent

tinker Pompon wall hanging himself

  • Yarn in various colors and thicknesses
  • Ikea hangers
  • Scissors and device for pompoms

Instructions for DIY Pompom Wall Hanging

creative wall decoration for itself tinker from yarn and ikea hanger

Step 1: Wrap the yarn around the determined Pompon device. Cut the wound yarn and attach it with a longer Garnschur in the middle. Then remove the device and trim the yarn to form the pompoms. Make a total of 16 pompoms.

Step 2: Cut out half of the hanger. They will use only the upper part.

Step 3: For the fringe cut yarns in a desired length you. Divide the yarns into 10 groups, fold in half, and each group by bay node bind them to the lower rings of the hanger.

Step 4: Tie the pom-poms on the hanger.

elegant wall design with DIY Tassel wall decoration in black

tassel wall hanging himself tinkering as a cool idea for wanddeko white walls

Tinker itself a creative tapestry with wooden beads and tassels

cool craft ideas for DIY wall decoration

black wall cloth with white floral motif itself tinker as a wall hanging

room design in black and white cushions with diy wall decoration, white gardiene with black flowers and arm chair white with wooden legs and white

make batik cloth wall decoration itself


  • Cotton cloth
  • Paraffin or beeswax
  • cooking pot
  • textile Color
  • Blestift and brush
  • scissors
  • gloves

Step 1: Cut the cloth into the desired size and it skizieren your design with a pencil.

Step 2: Melt the wax in a double boiler or heating in an old saucepan to 80 degrees.

Step 3: To trace the design with the wax, use an old paintbrush and let it dry. It is best to put the cloth on cardboard. Thus, the wax in the textile absorbed, it must be hot enough.

Step 4: Mix the dry paint with hot water in a plastic container. Pull rubber gloves and dip the painted cloth for about 15 minutes. Then wash it with water and hang it to dry.

Step 5: To remove the wax, iron the cloth with a paper towel on it until the wax is heated and absorbed onto the paper. Repeat if necessary.

make small tapestry itself &# 8211; cool and easy craft idea for DIY wall hanging

interesting decorating ideas for bedrooms with homemade wall decoration in black and white

Simple crafts of tapestry – There are great rug with geometric patterns that may look good not only on the floor. With this cool craft idea you are in a few minutes to make an original and homemade wall hanging himself. Ales, you have to do is the top of the rug to sew on a round wooden stick with a thicker thread and your new wall decoration is ready!

Wall Art selbermachen with natural materials

original wall design with diy wall hanging from branch and pink colored yarns

Original crafts tapestry of yarn and branch itself – Grab a thinner branch hot glue and yarn. Cut varying lengths Garnschnüre and simply glue the two ends of each string to the branch.

Wall decoration made of wood and yarn &# 8211; simple wall hanging himself tinker without knotting

tinker with wood as ideas for special wall decoration

great inspiration for modern wall hangings to make yourself

Tapestry Deco himself-machen_coole-and-simple-craft ideas-for-modern-wall design

Tapestry as a color accent on gray wall

wall design with wandg'farbe gray and diy wall hanging around

Tapestry of yarn with gold accent

  • Spray Design Master: gold (24 KT gold), Light Green (Prairie Grass 752), green (Basil 676)
  • 12 wooden balls d = 1.2 cm
  • white yarn
  • Metal ring d = 45cm
  • Scissors, tape and newspaper

Step 1: spraying first the metal ring in gold and let it dry.

Step 2: Cut 1.8m long Garnschüre and tie them to the cattle.

Step 3: Using tape trim the yarn ends in top shape.

Step 4: Color the wooden balls in gold and green and as soon as they are dry, add them to the shelves.

Step 5: Finally, you add another color accent and emphasize the V-shape of the curtain by spraying yarn ends in gold. Once the paint has dried, turn the curtain and spray the other side of the yarn.

Wall hanging himself up with gold colored metal rings, wooden balls and white yarn

tinker they themselves modern wanddeko in white and gold

DIY wall decoration in white and gold

makramee simply tinker with kupfer_wand modern decorate with diy wall hanging

Wanddeko selbermachen of cords and copper

  • Cotton cord 23m; d = 1.2 cm
  • 3 x 60cm copper tube; d = 1.2 cm
  • 19 x copper couplings d = 1.2 cm
  • 4 x copper caps d = 1.2 cm
  • Scissors, hacksaw and inexpensive

Step 1: After having cut the cords in the desired length, bind simple node first around a pipe and then around the second tube, so that the two are in a distance of about 15cm.

Step 2: In a further 15 cm add the first copper coupling, attach it by nodes from above and below and trim the excess cord. Add any additional clutch with about 7cm to bottom and from the center with 7cm up.

Step 3: Cut the third pipe 3 in parts (2 and 1 x12cm x19cm), to smooth the cut tube ends to the filing and add them again by the node in the middle to make a stronger emphasis.

Step 4: Finally, set the four copper caps on both ends of the two tubes and hang your new wall decoration on.

Macrame in white as a modern wall decoration with fresh color accents

creative make white walls with makramee

Materials for DIY Macrame Wall Hanging:

  • 60cm cable
  • round wooden stick
  • duct tape
  • Brushes and acrylic paint
  • scissors
  • wooden balls

Instructions for Macrame knüpfen_Teil 1

wanddeko idea in white, neon yellow and pink

Step 1: To make it easier to make the macrame or to hang without drilling holes in the wall, you can use removable wall hacking.

Step 2: Cut 14 cable parts in length 3.60m and 5.60m 2 parts in length.

Step 3: Place the two 5.60m long ropes at the both ends of the wooden rod and the shorter therebetween. Bind all cables in book nodes!

Step 4: Then tie Rundtörn knot with two half hitches, from beginning to end.

Step 5: Once you have bound the number of Runtörn node, you can continue to bind diagonally and add pair of wooden Hoods them now.

Instructions for Macrame knüpfen_Teil 1

makramee deco make itself as inspiration for creative wall decoration with diy wall hanging

Step 6: If you have the individual ropes diagonally fixed with each other, start the s.g. ‘Four ropes to bind to’ ‘switch knots’. After you have 8 bound such nodes, add diagonally again Rundtörn nodes.

Step 7: Once you have finished tying, you can cut the cable ends and then also color them.

stylish wall decoration with DIY Wandbegang with white and gray yarns

modern decoration idea for the living room and cool craft idea with wooden balls for homemade wall hanging

Walls elegantly decorate with DIY Yarn Tapestry

  • knitting wool
  • Round wooden stick d = 1cm
  • wooden balls

Step 1: Cut 1m long yarns. Fold the threads in half and tie with book nodes on the wooden stick.

Step 2: Add some wooden balls and trim the yarns straight or in a top shape.

Designer wall hangings in different colors and designs for a failed wall decoration

walls make with yarn and colorful materialsoriginal wall hangings of All Roads Design

Macrame as a picture on the wall

creative and modern ideas wanddeko for civil and schlafzimmer_schlafzimmer wall color gray with makramee decorate in whiteWall decoration with macrame Sally England

 Decoration idea for the corridor with wooden sideboard and wall hanging in black and white

sideboard decorate with black candlestick and glass vase with branchesInspiration of Ninelles Yarn Tapestry

make wall hanging decoration itself or buy a gorgeous room decoration and fresh color accent to the wall

Tapestry Deco itself-make-and-white-wall-decorating-with-diy-wanddeko-in-yellow

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