make terrace with DIY coffee table

make terrace with DIY coffee table

After the spring has officially fallen, it is finally time to make our terrace for warm and sunny days again and decorate accordingly. In addition to the various beautiful plants in colorful pots, an umbrella and a cozy seating area with several pillows, there are also many other objects and pieces of furniture that can add an accent to the terrace design. Such furniture is of course the small table on which we can put our drink, a book or vase of fresh flowers and candles. The side table actually plays major role in the Terrace device, not only because of its set-up function, but also in connection with the furnishing style. Namely the small details create the look of a particular style. Today we will try to inspire through some cool ideas for patio customize DIY coffee table.

the table as a decoration for the terrace

cool ideas for terrace make and decorate with homemade side table

If you design your patio, you will definitely want a side table also have. Although this type of tables is significantly smaller than a coffee table, the table can already cost a lot, especially if it is made of wood. Well, that can be so tinker a piece of furniture in various creative ways. How and what materials to make your own table yourself, you will soon see. Be inspired and design your patio in style.

make terrace with a DIY side table terracotta flower pots

make and set up terrace with diy möbeln_beistelltisch make Delber flower pots from

We begin with two creative craft ideas for a homemade side table terracotta flower pots. You need to obtain a larger pot, this spray in the desired color and simply turn. If you want to tinker a higher side table in pots, you can use two terracotta pots. Attach the two with the undersides of each other using two wooden blocks and a pin-bolts. Drill hole in the center of each piece of wood, then put the blocks in both pots and screw the pin. In addition, you can fill the gap between the pots with silicone.

fresh terrace design by bright colors and original ideas for DIY tables

interesting terraced design with homemade table from flower pots in red

make cool ideas for patio with DIY Beisteltisch wooden discs

they beautify the terrace with home-style side table industrial

Next, we make some cool inspirations for terrace with a DIY wooden side table plate in combination with different vintage metal feet. On the market are yet to find many different metal feet, through which you could lend a rustic accent the patio design. What would be important here is to coat the wood with wood sealer to make it weatherproof.

A Holscheibe and vintage metal feet is all that you need for a modern coffee table.

round side tables build your own wood as a cool idea for balcony furniture

As a creative alternative to the metal table legs, you can use a basket of metal mesh as the reason for the wood panel and make a chic round table in minutes. If you want the basket in a different color like, just use spray paint. While the paint dries, you can sand the wood panel and then pickled. Then screw the basket base to the tree and you are ready to make your patio new.

make the terrace with a home-side table in a wire basket

terrace make a diy side table in wire basket

an elegant side table your terrace tinker acrylic glass

terrace customize style by a side table with glass top and metal feet

Here’s another cool craft idea for side table with acrylic glass.

Materials and tools:

  • Acrylic glass plate 38cm x 50cm x 1.3cm
  • Gold spray paint
  • Threaded studs in gold
  • Tray table made of wood
  • Drill and drill bit thinner
  • screwdriver
  • Superglue and pen

Inspiration for modern table with acrylic glass plate, with which you can make your patio.

side table build yourself with instructions

Step 1: Screw the tray down on the table surface.

Step 2: Design the wooden base in the desired color.

Step 3: Place the tray on the acrylic sheet and mark the holes from the tablet. Drill the holes in the acrylic glass plate with a smaller diameter than that of the screw.

Step 4: Remove the blue cover sheet from the bottom of the acrylic panel.

Step 5: The already-colored table base and acrylic glass screw.

Step 6: Now remove the cover sheet from the top of the glass plate.

creative suggestions for the terrace with original coffee tables

diy schallplatte-beistelltisch_coole deco ideas for terraces

If have an old record at home that are not on your mind, you can use this different. In the upper example, a record is inserted so creative as a table plate on a plant stand of metal. Important here is the diameter of both. The record must of course be wider than the stand, for example, a record with a diameter of 30cm is ideal for cover plate from the flower pot stand with 25cm diameter.

Make clean the record of both sides and stick them on the stand. Apply hot glue along the edge of the stand, where you will be forking out the record. Make sure that the disc is centered before you have fixed them. Let the glue harden and your new table for the terrace is ready.

make a DIY Beisteltisch with wooden legs and concrete slab as decorative and craft ideas for patio

terrace modern design and set up with self table from wood and concrete

A fitting piece for the wooden deck would namely, a side table made of concrete, or concrete table.

  • Materials and tools:
  • Concrete mix or ready-made concrete plate
  • Betonversieglung
  • Wooden slats 4 x 4cm
  • Pocket Hole screws 6mm
  • Color for wood
  • Universal Metallic Spray Paint
  • Kreg Jig, Akuschrauber and measuring tape

Step 1: Cut four wooden table legs and four pieces of wood for the frame, and the concrete slab base.

Step 2: Remove the wooden base for the table along with pocket holes and pocket hole screws using a Kreg Jig tool.

Step 3: painting the wood surface with color and then spray it with the chosen spray paint.

Step 4: The concrete slab for the table, you can either pour themselves or simply buy a concrete flagstone for patios and coat it with Betonversieglung. If the concrete is textured stone, you can expose this crude concrete block side.

The round table with rope &# 8211; fantastic Basteltelidee for a side table and cool Terrassendeko

make craft ideas for DIY side tables as inspiration for terrace with style

More creative inspiration and craft ideas for a DIY coffee table, which you will find here are the conversion and change of use of small wooden cable reels, rustic milk cans, a metal bucket or a barrel in original and functional piece of furniture for an individual and tasteful design of your terrace ,

Tinkering with wood &# 8211; Baumstupf or wooden wheels for terrace figures

terrace customize naturmaterialien_runde wooden tables wooden discs or snags

a tree stump on roles as a simple craft ideas and cool inspiration for a round table DIY

terrace customize holz_coole craft ideas for homemade tables and rustic terrace design

Fantastic idea for DIY side table camel’s back terrace figures

barrel make for creative terrace

So can look your terrace &# 8211; The round wooden side table

tinker she herself a side table round table for terrasse_terrassengestaltung with diy

 make terrace with round Flower tub Beisteltisch

terrace creatively decorate with bold black plants and garden furniture made of metal

Terrace design in vintage style with a DIY side table in milk jugs

garden cool and exterior decorating ideas with Valten milchkannen as a side table

Cable role as a chic part of your garden design

diy side table for the terrace of kabelrolle_holz terrace decorating ideas with diy side table, candles and plants

Solutions, what form a terrace can be through creative and self-made tables

make inspirations with cable reel for terrace

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