make small living room outdoors

make small living room outdoors

What can it be beautiful in the summer, when as much time as possible to spend out there!?! Create a small living room outside in your garden or on the terrace – a cozy sitting area where you can sit all day long, lie, read and chat with friends. Unfortunately, many of us live in the city and do not have a big drafty garden. For those who already have but a small terrace or garden area, we have some interesting and wonderful suggestions for cool design of a small summer living room outside. The following 72 examples of terrace and garden design should be simple as inspiration for establishment where we like to enjoy the warm anniversaries small outdoor areas. Among our ideas, you will find different variants for a modern, rustic, Mediterranean outdoor living room. Surely you also love to eat outside or celebrate. In this way, our garden, and our terrace in a popular area of ​​converts, we can consider living room as an open summer. Discover different color combinations that simultaneously freshen the exterior and create a cozy atmosphere. Interesting proposals with carpets and DIY garden furniture, for a romantic and elegant device that will bring even more comfort to the atmosphere. No matter what style you will choose, or how large or how small, your available space, you can always make your own living room outside. Here the saying applies with full force, “small is beautiful”!

to design idea for little summer living outside in the garden original

cool gartengestaltung carpeting and sofa white as an open living room and garden wall deco ideas

Setting small living room in the garden on the terrace cool

smaller gaeten inspirations with terrace of natural stone with outdoor fireplace and wall color red

decorate your patio a cozy living room with fireplace and plants

interesting roof terrace design with wall decoration and Terrassenmäbel with yellow and orange pillows

fantastic idea for a small living room in the garden as a garden decorated with wooden arbor

beautiful garden ideas for garden arbor made of wood with sitting area and mobile stoffbeschatung

Setting up the small living room in the summer on the patio

Setting roofed wooden terraced with rattan furniture in blue and beige

sit comfortably on the terrace &# 8211; Inspiration for designing small terraces

cool idea for patio furnishings in green with terrace furniture made of wood and flowers

a spectacular terrace design as a cozy living room in summer

cool terrace device with pergola and sitting area wood

Your little romantic outdoor living room to the balcony

small terrace make and decorate with metal lanterns and silver coffee table round

make small terrace as a small living room cozy with hammock

small covered terrace with wooden floor paint in gray

make dream garden as a chic living room, rustic

Setting up a cool garden ideas for modern living room outdoors

 Inspiration for mediterranean garden terrace design

garden terrace with brick-lined rows of seats,

make a fantastic summery living outside in white

beautiful garden ideas for small seating area in the garden in white and terrassenbeschatung

Setting small front garden as a garden oasis for summer

dream garden customize garden decorations and garden bench

Garden design with fresh colors and comfortable garden furniture

cozy sitting area in the garden with modern garden furniture

beautiful garden idea for a small living room in the garden with DIY garden furniture pallets

small living room in the garden set in white and blue

cool inspiration for terrace design as summery living room

Setting rustic living room in the garden

 fantastic inspiration for garden design and living room furniture outside

cool gartengestaltung in gray and white with walled garden benches and cool garden decorations

make small sunny living room on roof terrace

garden terrace cool design on the roof terrace with rattan furniture

make comfortable seating for covered terrace with fresh colors

make covered terrace with DIY teelichthalter

Paper lanterns as terrace design and for outdoor summer parties

terrace shading ideas

cool Gartendeko ideas and setting up your summer living room

Summer living outside in the garden

colorful Terrace and garden design

set DIY patio with furniture as a cool living room outdoors

set up the terrace as a living room and summer kitchen

set up cool decked terrace and pergola-roofing

eat outside on the terrace &# 8211; Terrace and courtyard garden inspiration

hofgarten make with dining table and wooden benches

They make small living room with colored DIY garden furniture on the terrace

make wooden terrace with garden furniture DIY

creative wall design for small terraces with DIY sitting area

modern living room and terrace design with wood and sitting area with dining table

Inspiration for black color scheme in the garden

landscaping with garden fence and DIY garden furniture in black

beautiful garden idea for design with wooden pergola and garden bench in black with purple cushions

DIY gazebo wood as a small living room in the garden with sitting area from pallets

rustic living room &# 8211; cool terrace design with rustic patio furniture

modern terrace set up with outside fireplace and pergola

fresh garden decoration with modern garden furniture in bright colors

cool garden furnishings with DIY wooden garden furniture in gray and pink

Setting up the garden as a cool living room in summer

beautiful garden idea with folding dining table and folding chairs from wood

make the garden as a living room for the summer with wood

her living room in the summer on the terrace with parasol and wood cladding

convert your terrace as a summer living room to

set wooden terraced with terrace canopy as a cozy seating

Ideas for living indoors and out 

living inspirations make a covered terrace

Idea for the garden as a living area with skylight

modern garden as part of the house

fantastic idea for terrace and garden design with a seating area

smaller garden set up with decking and covered seating area

make small terrace as a small living room with sofa

Cool means smaller terraces with wooden floor

 Terrassendeko beautiful design and with less walled seat

Setting cozy seating area for the terrace in white and pink

little oasis on the balcony as a seating area for the summer season with carpet and floral decoration

balcony deco ideas in black and green

Design idea for small balconies DIY bench cement

make balcony with bench

comfortably sit outside &# 8211; Idea for beautiful living room outdoors

terrace set up with DIY patio furniture from Euro pallets

Facility from the dining area in the garden &# 8211; Inspiration for design of small gardens

with dining table set as a small hofgarten Traumgarten

the living area in the garden as a garden room with pond liners

make hofgarten as a dream garden

Her small living room to the balcony with cute coffee table

balcony deco ideas in white with folding table

 the terrace as our summer oasis and cozy seating area

balcony design ideas with wooden bench and folding table

Brick and wood as a material combination of cozy atmosphere to sit

FANTASTIC IDEA TO terrace design with garden bench in wood and standing lamps

Inspiration for a living room to the terrace with canopy and privacy

open living room design with curtains and rattan brown with white seat cushion

Garden design in white with wall shelves for flowers and barbecue

beautiful garden ideas for garden kitchen with barbecue

Roof terrace and living room as a dream place to sit in summer

make roof terrace with wooden floor and corner sofa

elegant furnishings in white for small roof terrace

roof terrace with DIY bench design in white with white cushions and umbrella white

design your dream garden with garden Brunen and cozy sitting area

Hofgarten customize wooden terrace and garden furniture and wooden

Terrace wöhrend as a garden and living room of summer days

beautiful terrace ideas for furnishings with DIY wooden bench and high Bete

elegant and creative design with white furniture for outdoor use

modern landscaping in white with wooden coffee table and round leather stools and sofa with sunscreen

chic terrace-garden with simple upholstered furniture

modern upholstered furniture for the garden

luxurious terrace design with comfortable patio furniture

make small terraces modern

Your cozy living room outside on the terrace with interesting ceiling lamp

decorate terrace with pergola and design corner sofa and coffee table wood and DIY wooden Weiinregal

a small living room to make carpet and comfortable patio furniture outside

fantastic terrace design with wood furniture and white cushions

Inspiration for small gardens and mini-terrace from the bedroom to the pool

make modern garden with garden pool and bamboo

Screen of vines for more privacy and romantic ambience

cool terrace furnishings and decoration with metal furniture and flowers

a cute decoration for your cottage garden, rustic style

fantastic terrace decoration with tablecloth and chair cushions

make creative sitting in the garden

cheerful colors for cool landscaping with natural stone and sitting area with dining table wood

Garden idea for modern design in black and white with patio furniture from rattan

make modern living room in the garden with fresh iris blumen

make a dream terrace in the city as a dream garden

dream garden on the terrace with awning as sun protection and shading to the terrace

a modern living room inspiration next to the pool with shading 

Setting minimalist terrace with wooden floor and pool

Setting the conservatory as a living room with planting for the summer

living room inspiration in the glass house in the garden

chic and elegant terrace design with rustic garden furniture

covered terrace arch of natural stone with

modern coffee table as a stove for modern terrace design

an open living room in the garden with a cool garden fence design

Dream garden dream patio in summer

make fantastic terrace with pergola and flowers

make your own living room in the garden with a carpet and tree trunks

garden idea with sofa and round coffee tables roundwood from

Inspiration for harmonious garden design with a seating area

garden ideas for rustic landscaping with garden bench and dining table rustic

cozy seating area set up for small garden and shade with awning

cool terrace decoration with wall screen made of wood and carpet

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