make Gartendeko itself: DIY garden balls

make Gartendeko itself: DIY garden balls

make Gartendeko itself: DIY garden balls

A fantastic idea for modern garden decoration are the popular garden balls. These decorative spheres can be made of all possible materials such as tinker metal, wood, concrete, bricks, etc. and thereby add an accent to the garden. Whether the garden Ball are as individual decorative elements or as a grouping of balls of different sizes in the garden, they see the same great and elegant. Discover make 12 simple and cool craft ideas for garden decorations yourself: DIY garden balls of different materials.

tinker a round decoration for the garden itself

garden ideas for DIY garden decoration with stones

First, we show you how you can tinker with wire a cool garden decorations themselves.


  • hot-dip galvanized steel wire 14ga (d 1,63mm) and 22ga (0.64mm)
  • Wire and needle nose pliers
  • black spray paint

make Gartendeko itself: 12 ideas for DIY garden balls

creative gardening ideas for DIY garden decoration with balls garden black and white flower pot with tap

Step 1: First you need to decide how big the garden ball will be. For that, you just form a circle in the desired size of the thicker wire and cut the wire. Take advantage of the cut wire piece to cut another 3 pieces in the same length.

Step 2: forming a circle with each of the 4 pieces of wire and bind together the two wire ends of each wire with a 10cm long piece of thinner wire. The wire ends should overlap about 5 cm. Wrap around the small piece of wire to the overlap and press firmly with the tip pliers.

Tinker himself decorative wire balls as cool Gartendekoidee

garden ideas for garden decoration with drahtkugeln_diy garden bullet instructions

Step 3: Once you have formed all 4 groups and bonded, use two of these, to generate the shape of a sphere. Put the two circles cross and tie them up and down together again with the thinner wire. Then add the other two circles and incorporate them in the same way.

Step 4: Now you are horizontal circle shape and tie. For the target wrap the thicker wire first around the center of already formed ball and cut this piece of wire with 5cm longer. Attach the first horizontal circular to all vertical parts with the thinner wire. Similarly, you add more horizontal circles until you get the shape of a sphere have.

Step 5: After you have built all garden wire ball ready, you can make them in different colors. In the example shown Gartendeko balls are sprayed in black.

Gartendeko itself tinker from woody sections: DIY garden globe in red and yellow

cool garden ideas for garden decoration with decorative balls of red and yellow dogwood

Would you like to tinker own garden ball made of wood cuts? Here is a simple craft idea for it with yellow and red wood sections from Dogwood.


  • Vines and dogwood cuts
  • wire cutters
  • Wire 18ga (1,024mm)

Garden ball tinker with natural materials &# 8211; cool craft ideas for garden decoration with vines

creative craft ideas garden balls with sticks wine for DIY

Step 1: Form a stable spherical shape with some vines. For the goal to cut the sticks in a length and shape circles with the diameter of the ball that you want. The two decorative balls on the screen have diameter of 30cm and 45cm. Tie a second circle of the same size and connect the two together, so as to form a sphere.

Step 2: Attach to each other, the vine-circuits using the wire.

Step 3: Add more vines to create the round shape of a ball and catch the colored wood cuts from Dogwood between the vines intertwine. Once you have achieved the desired result, you shape the DIY Garden sphere with palms.

original craft ideas for DIY decoration from driftwood

driftwood-ball as creative decoration idea for terrace and living room

A decorative ball for the garden or for the interior can tinker also made of wood. The following creative crafting idea shows namely how small driftwood in a sphere to bind. Obtain still an inflatable water polo and hot glue gun. All you need to make is to inflate the water ball and stick the short driftwood pieces together.

tinkering with natural materials as inspiration for creative garden decoration

Decorating ideas interesting and cool craft ideas for garden decoration wooden

Another interesting idea for DIY garden decorations is hanging Hauswurz ball.


  • 2 hanging wire baskets in the same size
  • Hoes and chain or wire rope to hang
  • potting soil
  • thin metal or wood panel

Step 1: Fill in the wire baskets with potting soil.

Step 2: Blank one of the two wire baskets filled with a metal or wood panel and turn it in this way to the second basket to.

Step 3: Carefully remove the plate and fix the two wire baskets using the wire.

Step 4: Make small holes and planting various Hauswurz plants that can overwinter in the ball.

tinker DIY Garden ball with Hauswurz as a great idea for garden decorations to themselves

garden ideas for garden decoration with planted garden balls

For a modern garden design you can make the Gartendeko itself: DIY garden concrete balls of various sizes and textures are apt example in the case. Depending on how want your garden decorations balls fine or coarse surface of the concrete, use one of the following variants of the mixture.

Materials and tools:

  • Lamp glass balls
  • Portland cement
  • water
  • mixing tank
  • whisk
  • rubber gloves
  • cooking spray
  • wire brush
  • hammer

Concrete in the garden &# 8211; fantastic idea for modern garden decoration with wood, concrete and ivy

decorative balls from betom in the garden as a cool garden decoration idea

Mixture – Variant 1: 2 parts of cement, 3 parts of peat moss, 3 parts of perlite and water

Mix – Option 2: 1 part cement, 1 part peat moss and water

Mix – Variant 3: 1 part cement, 1 part potting soil and water

Mix – Variant 4: pure Portland cement and water

Garden decoration with DIY concrete garden balls of different textures

garden balls tinker from concrete as example for modern garden decoration

Step 1: Mix the ingredients of your chosen variant in the mixing vessel. The mixture should have the consistency of cake batter. If the mixture is too thick, add some water to it and break with the hand Torfmoosstücke.

Step 2: Spray the interior of the lamp glass balls with cooking spray and fill it with the cement mixture. Do not fill the glass beads to the brim, so that the concrete balls look as round as possible. Place the filled glass spheres upright in garbage bags and leave them to dry in a cool place for about 2-3 days.

Step 3: After the concrete balls are dry, break the glass with a hammer. The best way to do it in the trash bag and wear rubber gloves.

Step 4: If the glass is completely removed, edit the concrete surface with a wire brush. If you prefer to have a glossy surface, the wire brush will not come in use.

 great garden design with garden ball made of stones &# 8211; sculpture &# 8220; Dark Planet&# 8220; David Harber

fantastic garden ideas with large garden ornaments of black stones

Another inspiration for DIY garden beads of stones

garden ball cool and special Gartendeko selbermachen with stones

super cool decoration and handicrafts idea with flower pots

garden ideas for garden decoration with flowers pots and grease plant

colorful garden decorations selbermachen with small glass beads from Murano glass

decorative balls for outside and inside itself tinker with glass balls

Another creative and super simple craft idea for colorful DIY Garden balls shows how you, old bowling ball or another ball could customize E-6000 glue and many small balls Murano glass a glass ball easily. Alternatively, you can stick coins on it to make an interesting garden decorations themselves.

Coins as an alternative when crafting DIY Gartendeko

garden decoration tinker with münzen_interessante garden ideas with homemade garden balls

modern and appropriate decoration idea for the garden and DIY garden ball of hoops

diy garden ball of metal for horticultural and terrassendeko

Do you happen to some old Fassbänder in the garage, then you can use this new for original DIY Garden ball. Put three or four Fassbänder into each other and fasten all together in a Pinkt up and down, using mounting screws and nuts. do so, select the two points on each barrel hoops and drill with the drill two holes. The best way to put additional threaded nut between the individual drum bands. Finally, turn the barrel hoops and decorate the garden.

make Gartendeko itself: DIY garden ball made of old tapes barrel

original garden ideas for DIY garden decoration with home-made garden ornaments of metal

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