make Christmas itself – Homemade Gifts

make Christmas itself - Homemade Gifts

Also have a very long list of friends and family members that you want to surprise this year with Christmas? In this case, you have to approach creatively. Many have to find the right present the problem. Others are looking for interesting and unusual gift ideas not only for Christmas, but also of all possible occasions. For all we have 23 original gift ideas for homemade gifts. Discover our craft ideas and be inspired. See how you can make some cool Christmas presents itself.

make Christmas itself, and creative packaging

Packaging Gift ideas for homemade gifts for Christmas

Homemade Gifts &# 8211; make Christmas presents itself

christmas crafts and creative verpacken_leckere gifts from the kitchen as a cool gift idea

dotted coasters for glasses made of wood as a cool idea for homemade gift

round wooden coasters as homemade gifts and cool stocking stuffers

2. DIY round coasters made of wood as a sparkling table decoration

The coasters are an essential Tel the table decoration that will not only protect the table surface, but also decorate. And if we only serve drinks, we can do it with style. Especially at Christmas time when all light chains set and festive decoration glitters, fits a golden and shimmering table decoration. Here is a great craft idea for wooden coaster with dot pattern of golden glitter, with which you can decorate not only your table for Christmas, but also surprise your friends. These round coasters for glasses are also ideal for gift giving. So you can make them as Christmas itself, you need to simply finished coasters procure wood and to make them with the help of a mask with patterns of your choice and glitter spray, or even nail polish with glitter. It is only important that the surface of the wooden coaster is oil-free and clean. The spray paint that was used in the example is metallic gold of Krylon.

Homemade Gifts &# 8211; make Christmas presents itself

homemade gifts from wood as a creative gift ideas for Christmas

3. DIY blanket with fringes as a cool gift idea for Christmas

Especially in the winter time, a ceiling not only the decoration of our bed or beds used. If the weather is cold and dreary outside, everyone wants to stay home, cozy to duck under the covers and to look with cup of hot chocolate or tea a film. And if the warm blanket and is still present from a special Peron, then the pleasure is doubled. Here you will find a cool craft idea for DIY ceiling with fringes and take this as an original gift for a warm and home-made gift.

make a warm gift for Christmas itself and give

make homemade gifts from textilien_DIY blanket with fringes as a Christmas present to myself

What you need for this gift idea is 1.60m from a thick, flannel-like fabric (thicker than the flannel shirt fabric). In this case, the cut piece from the textile will be 1,14m and 1,65m long wide. The two long sides are represented selvages and the short sides will end with fringe. Cut a straight line both short sides. If you selected a plaid flannel, it is best to use the pattern for the geradeläufigen lines. Sometimes the selvages are not very clean and single thread protrude from the edges, in which case you have to cut with scissors this easy. Next you need to decide how long the fringes to be. In our example, this is about 4cm long.

Make a cut in addition to the selvages of both short sides, which is as deep as the desired length of the fringe. In this way you will pull out the thread easier to get the fringe. Then make a straight seam along the two short sides from one to the other selvedge, at the point where the fringes to stop. For that you use a stitch length stayed for curative treatments. This will prevent further fraying of Flanellstoffes inside. Now you begin to single thread pull out. How could you do this most easily? With the aid of a separating knife or a needle, a thread grip and pull it away from the textile. To quickly make a creative Christmas present themselves and give someone a lot of joy for Christmas.

DIY blanket with fringes as a cool gift idea for the cold Christmas season

ideas for DIY Weihnachtsgeschenke_Decke with fringes as a gift idea for homemade gift

4. Potpourri with Christmas potpourri as an original Christmas present

Love you too, if it smells like Christmas? There are some specific fragrances that we connect directly with this time of year and be enjoyed during the winter days. Rather than looking to buy expensive air fresheners of different brands, we can also prepare themselves and give them as small, homemade gifts for Christmas Christmas scents. Here we have prepared three beautiful fragrance combinations as a suggestion. The potpourris with Christmas potpourri can be the perfect Christmas gifts for Mitt workers. You have to combine just the right spices and in a vessel pack -a cool idea for DIY Christmas gifts.

make small and fragrant Christmas itself

christmas selbermachen the vessel as a cool DIY Christmas gifts

Recipe 1 for DIY Christmas Fragrance Potpourri:

2 peppermint sticks, two pine branches and 2 cinnamon sticks.

Recipe 2:

1 branches of fresh rosemary, cinnamon sticks 2 or vanilla pods and lemon peel

Recipe 3:

2 cinnamon, pine branches 2, 1 tablespoon cloves, 1 nutmeg, 1/3 cup Kränbeeren, star anise and 1 1 Orange.

If you want to let out the smell, then simply pour the contents into a pot and let it boil too low a temperature.

Potpourris with Christmas scents as homemade gifts for Christmas

christmas himself machen_wunderschöne gift ideas for gifts for Christmas homemade

As a cool idea for homemade gifts, even at Christmas, we have prepared three craft ideas with photos and DIY photo frame. The first gift idea with which we will begin showing how you could surprise your friends and family with old and forgotten photos creatively.

5. Christmas selbermachen with old photos in DIY wooden picture frame with bow decoration

Tinkering with wood is fun and therefore you can also DIY creative gifts for different occasions tinker. As an example of Christmassy tinkering with wood, we’ll introduce you to a cool craft idea for a freestanding DIY photo frame.

make Christmas presents itself &# 8211; DIY Fororahmen as a cool gift idea

christmas do it yourself with photos

Here are the materials: two pieces of wood (one as a background for the photo and a smaller one for support of the frame), burlap ribbon, string, metal staples, wood glue and glue.

If you want to make 15cm large photos photo frame for 10 x, you need two pieces of wood: 1 x 15cm x 20cm and 1 x 8cm x 17cm. For more photos in 20s Format: 1 x 30cm x 30cm and 1 x 8cm x 27cm. All wood pieces having a thickness of 2 cm or 2.5 cm.

You can attach the two parts either with wood glue, or wood screws to each other. To do the best use of a blind hole jig that allows you to drill 2-3 holes directly through the small piece of wood to attach it to the back of the photo frame. After that, drill two holes in the top of the wooden frame where you will later connect the loop of linen fabric.

Christmassy tinkering with wood for homemade gifts

homemade gifts and cool gift ideas with DIY freestanding photo frame

To create a rustic look of the photo frame, you paint it. Want to reach a rust stains effect, use the best wood stain in color or black Carrington Rust-Oleum spray paint. While the paint dries, you begin with the loop. Before to connect the loop to the frame, you can sand the edges of the wooden frame.

For the loop, you need two 40cm long ribbons. One of the bands you will use for the fly. For that you secure the two ends of the ribbon together with hot glue. Again with glue can you affect Flige by pressing with two fingers in the middle. The second volume, fold in half, such as loop having two ends and with the aid of hot melt adhesive attaching the shape of the loop. Then glue the two parts together (fly and loop). For the small, central node of the fly cut a small piece of burlap ribbon and tie two knots in the middle. Glue the small node at the front side of the fly and wrap the both ends to the rear, stick them to each other and draw a string including, by which you are attaching the loop to the timber frame. Finally, you shorten the loop ends and shape tips at both ends.

rustic wooden frame for old photos to build yourself a creative gift idea

DIY wooden picture frame with bow as homemade gifts and cool gift ideas for Christmas

6. gift idea with DIY engraved wooden photo frame

Another inspiration for cool homemade gifts with photos. This time we show you a craft idea with Brandmalkolben for wood for engraved photo frame. For that you prepare the following materials: wood frames of different shapes and sizes, Brandmalkolben, pliers, metal ruler and pencil.

Another creative idea on how to make Christmas presents itself.

to tinker wooden picture frame as homemade gifts and ideas for christmas himself

Dot pattern – For the dot pattern insert the rounded end of your Brandmalkolben set. You can mark the points with a pencil before, and only then burn.

Star pattern – Replace the tail with the tip attachment which you must set flat to burn a small line.

Triangle pattern – Draw the desired triangular pattern with the help of the metal ruler and pencil and then with the same pointed essay trace the lines drawn.

Craft ideas with wood for homemade gifts with engraved photo frame Wooden

DIY wooden picture frame as a gift ideas and Christmas gifts to make yourself

7. gift idea for original and homemade gifts with photo prints on fabric

How to creatively impress your family and friends differently and reconnect with photo gifts? Some time ago we have you cool craft ideas for Photo printing on wood shown. Today we will show you how you can use the photo printing on textile for original, homemade gifts. This cool craft idea is ideal for oppressed pillow that you can make as a creative Christmas gifts themselves and give.

original Christmas selbermachen with photo printing

homemade, with photos, footprints as ideas for DIY Christmas Gifts

Print the selected photos on transfer paper. Depending on the fabric paint, use the soft variant of the transfer paper for white and light textiles and opaque transfer paper for dark colored textiles. In the following example, two different fabrics are used: white muslin for the front pages and linen beige for the backs of the pillow.

Cut the pieces of fabric for the two sides of the pillow in your chosen size and insert it with the front sides with each other. Sew the two textile parts along all four sides together on, where you must leave a 10cm wide opening to turn the pillowcase. You can equip one of the four sides with a zipper. Now you read the instructions for the transfer paper and iron the photo on the front of the cushion cover. If you are working with the opaque transfer paper, be sure to use protective paper when ironing the photo.

Photo printing on textile for cool decorative and seat cushion as a creative homemade gifts

christmas do it yourself with photos

Now the series are some cool gift ideas for delicious gifts from the kitchen and original gifts for the kitchen.

DIY Christmas gifts for a warm and delicious Christmas

geschnkideen for homemade gifts from the kitchen to weihnachten_Idee for DIY Christmas Gifts

8. Hot Cocoa Set as delicious Christmas

A great idea for small, very delicious, creative and inexpensive gifts. Grab a pair of glass bulbs that will fill with mixture of hot cocoa, marshmallows, cookies and peppermint sticks. In an interesting way you can actually wrap allermögliche mixes for hot winter drinks and pay.

Christmas itself make sweet ingredients

surprise you with home-made gifts to Weihnachten_leckere DIY gifts

9. Give Christmas caramel dip for apples

Do you love candy? Here is a quick and original recipe for a sweet dip from caramel and cream cheese, which you can use as a homemade gift from the kitchen. For this, you can either buy a ready-made caramel dip or prepare yourself. If you make it yourself, you have to unwrap 16 caramels and place in a small saucepan with 60ml water. Let the candy while stirring to melt at low temperature. Mix the caramel dip with the cheese. Fill half a glass vessel with the mixture and then with a layer only on the caramel dip. Sprinkle with nuts and pack the container with an apple together.

homemade gifts from the kitchen as Geschnkideen for Christmas

give homemade gifts from the kitchen for Christmas

10. Christmas itself Make &# 8211; Recipe for appetizing sweet butter

Look for sweet, homemade gifts from the kitchen? Here are two cool recipes for butter with berries.

Butter with berries:

450g soft, unsalted butter

1 glass jar with berries choice

1 tablespoon of honey

¼ teaspoon citric acid


450g soft, unsalted butter

1 cup honey

Preparation: Mix all ingredients in a bowl and stir it with the mixer for a few minutes until you get a frothy mixture.

DIY sweet butter with honey and berries as a creative gift idea

delicious weihnachtsheschenke do it yourself and schenken_coole with bread ideas for homemade gifts from the kitchen

11. garlic butter recipe as tasty gift from the kitchen and as a gift idea for Christmas

3 large garlic bulbs

3 extra virgin olive oil

220g soft, unsalted butter

salt and pepper

Cut off the tips of the garlic cloves and drizzle olive oil, salt and pepper on it. Wrap the garlic cloves in parchment and aluminum foil and bake them for 30 minutes in the open on 375˚. After that, let them cool down and press the garlic clove from the shell. Enter little salt and pepper and even crush with a fork. Mix the butter with the garlic.

DIY garlic butter as a culinary Geschnkidee

gift ideas for Christmas gifts from the kitchen

DIY tablet as a cool gift idea and original Christmas

make DIY Serving as an idea for Weihnachtsdehschenke itself and cool homemade gifts

12. DIY Wooden tray Frames Herringbone as a special gift

Look for creative and original gift ideas for homemade gifts? Here is a cool inspiration for DIY tray from a small window with white wooden frame. You just have to find an old window or glass in wooden frame. Glue the inner edges of the frame with tape to protect it and make you a herringbone pattern on the glass. Gluing along the two diagonals of adhesive tape strips and then cut the unnecessary parts from the intermediate tape out and coat twice the glass surface of the chosen color. Mount two cabinet handles. This tray is also ideal as a Christmas gift to make yourself.

How do you wish to convert old windows with wooden frames for homemade gifts creative?

make creative and original Christmas presents itself

DIY-colored cups as a beautiful Christmas gift to make yourself

make DIY Cups DIY_Geschenke and christmas himself

13 gift idea with DIY Gold Cups

make gold-colored cups as a nice Christmas itself. For this craft idea you must obtain white cups, tape, fast-drying golden matte spray paint and ceramic sealing spray colorless. Spray the colored cup with the ceramic sealing after you have entered the golden color in about 5 minutes. When spraying, hold the spray about 30cm away from the cup. Me Let the tape no longer than 8 minutes on the cup stuck. Do not rinse the cups in dishwasher!

creative design mugs as ideas for DIY gifts 

painted mugs as homemade gifts and cool gift ideas for Christmas ausch

make small Christmas itself &# 8211; Craft idea for stained wooden kitchen utensils

homemade gifts and quick and easy gift ideas

14. Colorful Wooden kitchen utensils as another gift idea for DIY gifts

More inspiration for homemade gifts is a colored kitchen utensils set made of wood or bamboo. Obtain acrylic paints and colorless paint.

homemade gifts for the kitchen

make DIY gifts and ideas for Christmas gifts themselves

15. Agate coaster with golden edges as homemade gifts

The agate slices can order from Crystal River Gems. You will find them there in different colors. Here, the blue agate slices are selected for the DIY coasters. All you have to do here is to emphasize the edges of agate slices with a lacquer nail. If you want to make cool Christmas presents itself, try these quick and easy craft idea for cool DIY coaster minerals.

give original DIY gifts for Christmas &# 8211; Agate coaster itself tinker

interesting christmas selbermachen from minerals

16. Self-made gifts for women &# 8211; DIY Bowls marbled tone

What could you give a woman? Here we offer you a cool craft idea with colored clay for small DIY jewelry bowls. You need the following materials:

Clay in white, black and other bright colors

Tonmesser and rolling pin

Small bowl or baking dish – ovenable

Liquid gold (Martha Stewart Crafts® Liquid Gilding)

and small brush

Surface application for sealing (e.g. Sculpey® Gloss Glaze)

DIY Bowls marbled clay as homemade Christmas

homemade geschenke_DIY clay cups for schmucl idea as a Christmas gift

Roll 12-13cm long poles from the tone of each color you want to use. Then twist the individual tone bars and roll them together. When the colorful clay bar is longer taxiing, fold them in half and roll on. Repeat 2-3 times. In this way you will mix all colors perfect. Form a ball. If most of the colors are not visible on the surface of the ball, divide it in half and shape them renewed. Then the ball with a rolling pin roll out until you have reached a thickness of 6-7mm. Cut off a circle of 15cm diameter. For that you use a bowl of the same diameter.

Place the circular shape into a smaller than the circle bowl oven suitable one. The center of the sound circuit is cut down slightly and thus the shape of a plate will result. Bake the clay shape so long as written in the line of Tonpackung. Let cool off the baked form. Shape the plate edge with the liquid gold plating and after the paint has dried, you can also use a gloss layer with colorless spray (Sculpey® Gloss Glaze) make.

Tinker himself a small jewelry shell

christmas do it yourself from ton_coole craft idea with colored clay

When it comes to gifts for women, the jewelry in this case a great idea. However, you can also tinker himself and give a creative and beautiful piece of jewelry. Here we have prepared two craft ideas on the subject homemade gifts and if you want to discover more cool craft ideas for DIY jewelry and cool gift ideas for women, you will see our article: “Failed 27 DIY gift ideas for her”.

DIY wooden necklace as a Christmas selbermachen wooden balls

homemade gifts for her as a gift idea for Christmas

17. Self-made gifts for women – DIY necklace of colored wooden balls

Materials: wooden beads, string, paint, tape and paint brushes

surprise your girlfriend with a homemade necklace

christmas selbermachen for frauen_DIY necklace made of wooden beads

DIY braid bracelet leather as an idea for creative handmade gift

homemade gifts and christmas selbermachen of leather

18 DIY braid bracelet as a gift idea for a homemade gift

For this cool gift, you have to just a “Mystery Braid Bracelet Kit” obtain and follow the steps.

  1. Pull through one end of the bracelet between the second and third leather strand.
  2. Braid the left strand over the middle, the right and across the middle and then the left strand over the middle again. Now you flick the end between the first and second strand.
  3. Braid the right strand over the middle, left strand over the middle and then the right strand. Snap the end of the bracelet between the second and the third strand.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you can no longer weave and to the tress sit flat.

A cool idea what to give for Christmas?

make homemade gifts for her and ihn_armband as christmas himself

19 DIY Nessessär for cables as a creative gift idea

Where do you keep your home headphones and chargers? As long as you look for your USB cable and your cell phone headset in their great ladies bag? Here is our solution for storing all cables that you constantly use and need. Perhaps the idea is also suitable for a homemade gift. You can make the DIY Nessessär for cable as a cool Christmas present itself and indeed in different sizes for different types of cables.

Materials: 30cm leather and buttons

Tools: cutter, metal ruler, cutting mat and pencil

Sizes, and using the toilet-:

small &# 8211; home chargers

medium – for cell phone chargers, earphones, USB cable

large – for laptop chargers, headphones, and more

to make creative idea for Christmas presents itself

homemade gifts of leather as a creative idea for DIY Christmas Gifts

Cut the desired size for your cable toiletry bag made of leather. In the center mark with a pencil a wider strip that they will use for storage of cable. Divide the drawn face and make a cut only by the long sides of the individual divisions. By the generated strip will run through the cable. With the pencil, mark the spots where you divide the two have to use the push button. It is best to fill the Bag with the selected cables and then mark the location of the button.

DIY Nessessär for cables as a creative gift idea

christmas selbermachen of leather for beautiful and merry christmas

20. Cool idea for small homemade gifts – three recipes for homemade hand soaps

Do you think that will surprise you with homemade scented soaps your friends and family, then look at the following 3 recipes:


120g Glycerine per soap and Vaseline

Spray bottle with rubbing alcohol

Molds for soaps (you can use the lower part of yogurt cups)

make yourself cool hand soaps as an extravagant gift

DIY_Duftseifen as homemade gifts

Fragrances and ingredients:

chamomile soap &# 8211; ¼ teaspoon of chamomile tea leaves

Honey oatmeal soap &# 8211; 1 ½ teaspoon honey, 1 pinch of ginger and 2 teaspoons of oatmeal

Aloe Vera Seife &# 8211; 2 teaspoons aloe vera gel

Coat the molds for soaps with petroleum jelly. Cut the glycerin soap into cubes and put them in a microwaveable bowl. Heat the glycerin soap at intervals of 20 seconds until the soap is melted but not flares up. Blend until smooth and add the ingredients to the appropriate scent. Pour the mixture into the molds and sprinkle with rubbing alcohol to prevent bubbles on the surface. Did you read to substantiate the homemade soaps for 2 hours. If you can not take out of shape the soaps, leave the molds for 10 minutes in the freezer and then try it again.

homemade hand soaps with fragrance as a cool DIY Weihnachtsgeschnke

homemade soaps as failed geschnkideen and small DIY Christmas gifts

Candles with cinnamon sticks or bark as a simple and appropriate gifts for Christmas

make simple and creative christmas himself

DIY heating pad as a cool gift idea for the cold Christmas season

make interesting ideas for Christmas gifts and Christmas presents itself

Craft idea for Wärmekissen &# 8211; make Christmas presents itself

homemade gifts and Christmas gifts themselves make textiles

cool homemade gifts &# 8211; make firewood bag as a Christmas present himself

homemade gifts for Christmas

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