make bedroom with mirror bed headboard

make bedroom with mirror bed headboard

The mirror is one of the typical decorative elements in the sleeping area. Since the 17th century, known as a vanity dresser with mirror is present at the bedroom furniture. In addition to its function for viewing, the mirror plays an important role in shaping and perception of a space. If the room is small and dark, you can easily visually enlarge it and lighten by bright colors, surfaces and materials in high gloss and a suitable lighting concept, and through the use of mirrors. Typically, these light-reflecting and reflecting surface disguises the cabinet doors and entire walls in the bedroom. Today we have some inspiration that is prepared on this subject using as an unusual but interesting alternative to the usual headboard for bed. So lets make and attractive decorating with mirrors bedroom.

Mirror in the bedroom &# 8211; great inspiration and design ideas

make luxury bedroom in black, white and gray and headboard with a large wall mirror in a gold frame mirror as a bed

A mirror bed headboard is inconceivable for many of you may nevertheless provides a creative solution for creative design from the bedroom. The diverse styles range from a simple wall design with small resealable mirror tiles, on the original use of large mirrors in old or artificially outdated picture frame, up to a modern full-surface wall paneling behind the bed.

make bedroom with mirror bed headboard

cool bedroom ideas for cozy interior design with wall colors beige and gray, red linen with floral designs and creative wanddeko with mirrors in silver mirror frame

How to Make a DIY mirror headboard simply tinker itself?

You’ll also find a simple craft idea for a DIY headboard mirror tiles, which could make an elegant addition to the bedroom interior weekend. For the goal, obtain a sheet of plywood, mirror tiles, mirror adhesives and assembly adhesives, Dekoleiste, screws and a screwdriver, wall brackets, color and Pinsel.Ermitteln the size of the headboard, and the plywood board and let the best cut these directly at the hardware store. If you instead will use an entire mirror part mirror tiles, determine the dimensions of the bed headboard on the size and number of tiles.

Step 1: Determine the size of the headboard, and the plywood board and are best cut these directly at the hardware store. If you instead will use an entire mirror part mirror tiles, determine the dimensions of the bed headboard on the size and number of tiles.

elegant bedroom design in a classic style with ornaments and accent gold

fantastic bedroom ideas for decoration with the Mirror in the classic mirror frame with ornaments and fresh color scheme in green

Step 2: Place the wood panel on flat surface and make the surface clean with a damp cloth. Then you can start the mirror tiles to stick to the plywood using mirror adhesive. You need to gently push the tiles to the plate and still the same check that the corners and edges are adapted to the two elements. If the plate is completely covered with mirrors, please leave the glue to dry.

by mirrors can be each bedroom creative design and lighten

bedroom modern customize screen wall of mirror, gold wall lamps and fur blanket

Step 3: In the meantime, you can color the Dekoleisten arbitrary and can also be dry. Once the colored strips and the mirrors have dried glue, attach the Dekoleisten on the wooden plate edges using construction adhesive. In this way you will remain hidden, the rough edges of the plate.

Step 4: Select on the wall in place of the wall bracket and attach them to the back of the mirror head board by means of screws. Finally, you hang your new bed headboard on the wall behind the bed.

great idea for modern interior design and optical magnification smaller bedroom

small bedroom design with wall color gray, gray curtains, classic wooden furniture and two spigeln in golden picture frame behind the bed

Mirror decoration in bedroom with dark wall color

modern bedroom design with wall color black and a large wall mirror in wood frame as wanddeko and headboard for bed

minimalist design concept in black and white for bedroom in old building


make modern bedroom with accent wall in black, square mirror behind modern bedside white, wardrobe with sliding doors made of black glass and black chandelier neoclassical

creative idea for wall design with wood and Spigel as a bed headboard

bedroom cozy design in white and beige, with wood floor coverings and accent wall in wood optics with elongated spigelteilen

small bedroom cozy, bright and modern design accented wall of mirrors

modern bedroom interior design mirror wall with gray box-spring bed, yellow pillows and bed linen whiteR, black night-Nazi and

Vintage headboard with mirrors for a romantic sleeping Always design

rustic bedroom interior with white wooden wall panels, candle-chandeliers, red carpet, white night-Nazi wood and wanddeko with spigeln in white wood frame

Bedroom cozy and romantic set up in vintage syle

make romantic bedroom with wall color light blue or white and the Mirror in vintage mirror frame

Bed put center stage by a mirror headboard in the right setting

device idea for modern bedroom with mirror-headboard for bed in black mirror frame, round bedside tables black and luxiöse bedding in ash Rosa

renew old headboard with Spigeln and make it more attractive

Setting small bedroom in vintage style with square coffee tables in black as bedside tables, table lamps diy, diy magazine holder and diy headboard for bed

Bedroom modern and stylish design with mirror wall 

modern bedroom design ideas with the Mirror as a headboard, box-spring bed, of armchairs and stool in gray and schiebeturfenstern

original design wall behind the bed with mirrors in thin frame

cool idea for modern bedroom design spigeln with accent wall from wall pure white, round glass table with green upholstered armchairs

Upholstered headboard with the Mirror-framing as a design idea for small, dark bedroom

bedroom with sloping roof modern set up with bed, upholstered bench and white bed-headboard made of white upholstery and the Mirror in schearzen frame

Wall mirror as an interesting creative accent in the bedroom

diy headboard from wall mirror in silver mirror frame as a decoration idea for small bedrooms

colored and playful wall design with mirrors

great bedroom ideas for modern wall design with patterned wallpaper, wall colors and reflect headboard from

Bedroom design with style and a 3D headboard for bed from Spigeln

cushion, orange with headboard of small spigeln original schlafzimmr design, black bedspread with white pattern

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