made kitchen renovation easily – so you modernize your kitchen itself

made kitchen renovation easily - so you modernize your kitchen itself

The kitchen is a daily meeting point is in the snipped, cooked and eaten. The years go into the country, you can see the work surfaces and fronts soon. Splashes of fat from cooking, lime from the water line or tracks left by knives, giving the room a decrepit impression. But to buy a new kitchen is often very expensive. An enthusiastic home improvement you can take our advice, the kitchen renovation in their own hands.

the kitchen as the heart of any home &# 8211; Tips for effective kitchen remodeling

color design kitchen in gray, white and holz_ kitchen ideas for modern kitchen design and space-saving device with angle kitchen and bench in wood optics© Elha Service GmbH

renew countertops

A new shiny countertop can cause visual wonders. Quality granite countertops, or hardwood are available and priced very affordable by the own assembly generally in any good hardware store. Especially hardwood makes a natural impression and can be sanded later in excessive wear to look fresh again.

made kitchen renovation easily &# 8211; modernize your kitchen renovation by the worktop

kitchen ideas for modernizing küchenrenovierung_küche with white kitchen cabinets, black worktop in natural stone optics, built-in hob and clever drawer device© Elha Service GmbH

renew kitchen fronts

The fronts of the kitchen look frumpy? And little wear a new paint can work wonders in the kitchen renovation in fresh colors. Install doors and drawer fronts and then freeing them first of dirt and grease, roughen then the surface with sandpaper and then slide in your favorite color. Adhesive films are an affordable solution that is easy to install and do not miss your kitchen a whole new look for a unified look in bright colors or replicated wood grain. If you choose different colors, you can experiment with color blocking to their hearts content.

new and modern design kitchen with printed kitchen fronts

kitchen ideas for kitchen design with angle kitchen in gray and white with modern upper kitchen cabinets with cabinet doors and oppressed black and white fire panel with designer pattern© Elha Service GmbH

Accents with door handles

For the individual touch to your kitchen, you can experiment with door and drawer handles also like. Here you have the opportunity to paint these colorful or renew completely. There are numerous variants of playful antique written charming porcelain to brushed steel in modern design. You can also build your own handles, for example by tie rope cords or repurpose natural materials such as stones knob.

the small details such as door handles play major role in the kitchen remodeling

kitchen ideas and tips for easy kitchen renovation, with new and modern door handles© Elha Service GmbH

Let the water flow!

The tap is dripping, is calcified or has holes? A renewal of the fittings in the kitchen renovation can help. Practically new models with movable hose and shower head. A country kitchen wins by valves made of copper charm. Before replacing turn the main valve off, open the tap to take pressure from the line and close the Absperrleitungen under the sink. A bucket underneath collects water residues. Thereafter, the terminals can be dissolved at the shut-off valves and the holding plate are removed with washer under the tap. Then the old faucet is simply pulled out, the new inserted and fixed anyplace.

is all about kitchen renovation, renewal of kitchen sink and Mischbaterie should also be considered

kitchen ideas for modern kitchen renovation and kitchen design with floor cabinets in vanilla color, fitted sink in pastel gray worktop and splash back wall of wood© Elha Service GmbH

Fresh paint on the walls

With different accents or patterned wallpaper give a whole new look in the kitchen renovation of the room. Pay attention to water-proof and mold-resistant paint, especially in the wet areas. Recess panels made of wood or marble cost to the design. Worn tile and grout tiles help paint and a renewal of the joint, like with color admixture to set the tone.

set fresh accents in the kitchen by colored cabinet doors and niche panels

modern kitchen design with angle kitchen in yellow and gray holz_küchenideen kitchens for small© Elha Service GmbH

Align light according to your needs

The use of light sources makes your kitchen only really homely. The skylight illuminates the kitchen full while targeted lighting on the work surfaces facilitates cooking. Here you can work with adjustable ceiling lamps or LED chains in the kitchen renovation, for example. A new lampshade or indirect lighting give rise to privacy.

Kitchen modernize through the right kitchen lighting 

kitchen design with wall color gray cupboards, fitted door handles in black with white top and cabinets with recessed luminaires for lighting the worktop© Elha Service GmbH

Support from Kuechenprofi

As a handyman you have to let shine when renovating your kitchen a lot of ways, the old premises in a new light. If you need assistance for renovation just ask the kitchen experts at Elha-Service GmbH. They are happy to help and pull out of your old kitchen a beautiful new kitchen.

design your dream kitchen easily 

by kitchen renovation without much effort

Cool kitchen ideas for modern kitchen design with wall color black, fitted kitchen with cooking island from holz', wall niche with shelves and built-in lighting and modern pendulum lamp white© Elha Service GmbH

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