Luxury interiors – Home in Black Serenity by Atelierii + Just Make Design

Luxury interiors - Home in Black Serenity by Atelierii + Just Make Design

“Black is the color of the hidden, the secretive and the unknown, creating on air of mystery” – “. Black is the color of concealment, the concealment and the unknown that brings the mystery with it” A bold and unique color scheme in Black. “Home in Black Serenity” is a project of Atelierii + Just make design in Taipei. The 265 square meter residence is an ultra modern design, which is based only on the color black.

Luxury Apartment Setting &# 8211; Color design walls &# 8211; Setting corridor

black wall-light design corridor-wall natural stone

Dining room set up with black marble floors and black ceiling

black natural stone ground- dining table with dining chairs in black and open space living area

The modern interior design combines the use of different materials and textures with the same color. The design idea that hides behind the luxury arrangement with various natural stones, explains an optical relevance of the material, as well as a timeless space. Thus, the space elements can be simultaneously unite and individually protrude. Upon entering the modern apartment, a rough stone wall, which extends as a continuous consistent texture background presented.

Design modern entrance area

Modern wall design with black Spiegelwand- black bench

Luxury interiors &# 8211; Guests plumbing

Mirror wall decoration idea

The modern living area provides an open space area where the dining room, the living room and the kitchen are located. The dining table is located in the front hallway as a separator between the public and private sectors. The individual functions are defined according to the different material used and the connection between the functional areas is managed by visual references. Secret corridor leading to five hidden bedrooms, each of which is equipped with a private en suite bathroom.

Modern open-space apartment &# 8211; Living black

black leather sofa with armchairs Modern Wall shelf black-black cover disguise

Modern interior design &# 8211; Interior design in black

modern coffee tables in black from glass ceiling coverings living room curtains black

Modern kitchen set up in black

black kitchen in the living room LIVING wandgestaltung- living room ceiling black

revolving door &# 8211; Secret passage to the bedroom

bedroom furnishings idea with black large-sized revolving door

Luxury bedroom with stone walls and black ceiling

modern bedroom with basin and freestanding spiigel- black kleiderschrank- deckenbeleuchtung

Bedroom design idea

modern Innenraumeinrichtung- built-in wardrobe with mirror bags

Modern bedroom with en suite bathroom with bath

modern bedroom Setup- wardrobe with mirror doors corridor with cupboards

En suite bathroom with black glass walls &# 8211; modern ceiling lights

natural stone walls in the bedroom double bed natural stone in black qubusrahmen-bed linen gray wall shelves

Modern bedroom set up with marble and shower

gray bed with bed linen gray marmorwände- modern stehleuchte- gray window shutters

Establishment modern small bathroom 

small marble bathroom with glass wall shower with natural stone bathtub

Luxury interiors &# 8211; Bedroom with black marble

black bedroom design

Plan of modern Apartaments

ground plan from Home in Black Serenity

Luxury interiors &# 8211; Flat design with natural stone

Gründris- stone scheme from Home in Black Serenity

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