Luxury interior ideas with concrete – inspiration for modern concrete

Luxury interior ideas with concrete - inspiration for modern concrete

34 Luxury interior ideas with concrete and inspiration for modern concrete building. Minimalist is often associated with a plain concrete, where space are closing elements, such as walls, floor and ceiling, built up from concrete and left exposed as a shell. The concrete should be used well for a long time not only in outdoor areas. Flooring made of polished concrete, walls and ceilings of exposed concrete panels with different texture, as well as much like pieces of furniture, such as lamps, wall shelves, benches or kitchen countertops, are part of a modern minimalist interior design.

Concrete walls are quite popular in minimalist interiors nowadays. Especially popular They are in combination with wooden furniture and wooden floors. Besides, that concrete looks great in combination with bricks or glass. There are many examples of search interior design and Japanese homes are the most popular among them. Here are some cool designs of different rooms did might inspire you to keep at least one of walls in your house without any treatment. The material concrete offers endless variations and allows any desired shape. For some people, the cold concrete gray color brings no comfort in the room. A well-filling and cozy atmosphere, however, can also result in concrete. By combining the concrete with different natural materials such as wood and brick, there is a modern and elegant and warm interior. If you are still using glass walls and a matching light design to you will get an amazing effect of the combination of materials and a luxurious interior design.

Take the example of a concrete floor. The concrete floor forms a smooth, staubfeie and easy clean surface. A polished concrete floor brings a special beauty with it. This allows you to create the feeling of softness in a contemporary living room with such soil surface, place a rug. By employing different pigments and different treatment methods, you can create endless shades and textures for all concrete member. The most widely used epoxy coating of the concrete is a clear or colored coating which can increase the portability of the concrete material.

Prefabricated wall elements made of concrete may have a smooth, colored or textured surface. Walls of exposed aggregate concrete or walls with a three-dimensional design for depth generate a creative appearance and cool wall design. Another idea for interesting wall design of exposed concrete, the concrete panels represent. The combination of concrete walls and timber creates sophistication. A minimalist decor includes seats, chimney walls or wall shelves made of concrete. In the bathroom instead of a luxury bath ceramic, you can build a concrete and to combine this with an elegant basin made of polished concrete. The polished concrete surface is often used in the kitchen in the form of a modern kitchen countertop. Bank surfaces or countertops made of concrete are durable and can pour in a popular free form.

We hope that the following cool pictures will inspire you so that you will have at least one wall without coating as a shell material accent in your home. Here are our inspiration examples of a modern interior with exposed concrete.

unique interior with concrete and accented in black from Igor Sirotov

luxury living room inspirations with walls made of concrete and wood-laminate flooring-modern seats and sofas with gray carpet beautiful black interior door black luxury bathroom interior in black and white

JD Concrete Interior inspiration for a luxury minimalism concrete structures with concrete

luxury interior with exposed concrete and tied window with black window frames-polished concrete floor-wood terrace-concrete stairs

Luxury bathroom interior idea with concrete in white with skylights 

modern bathroom in white with concrete basin of concrete and modern pendant lights black

cozy atmosphere an elegant combination of concrete and wood 

modern house from sight-luxury living room with wood flooring and fireplace made of concrete and glass

betonbau inspirations &# 8211; stylish interior of an open-space living room

modern living room with black floor and sight-partition of glass

creative living-dining room built in the existing concrete Interior

industrialer concrete construction with integrated neugemautem living room with wood pedestal and sliding window doors with wooden frame

Concrete inspiration from Amanda Yates

modern concrete house on a slope built with lzxus living room inspirations

Interior design ideas with concrete

sight modern living room with gray walls and built-in fireplace-beautiful carpet gray and yellow leather chair-modern coffee table in glass

send material combination of concrete and wood &# 8211; of AFGH

modern interior with exposed concrete and wood cladding-cover design with wood

gescfft a comfortable room atmosphere by concrete

luxury living room interior with exposed concrete and round metal-based black-Eingan decorate minimalist with window with black frame-corner sofa brown-wall design min images

elegant combination of warm wood and cold Betongaru color

modern living room interior of a concrete construction with polished concrete floor modern kitchen wood-innentrepe idea with wood wall tiling-white corner sofa with white carpet

fantastic Wohnideen corridor

betonbau with exposed concrete and wood cladding-modern bathrooms with mosaic bathroom

Living gray &# 8211; Inspirations with concrete

modern living room interior with fireplace and concrete shelf-polished concrete floor-upholstered chairs orange

Bodenbeluchtung in stairwell &# 8211; modern lighting design ideas

modern innentrepe with wood gradually from dark wood and built-in stairs bodebbeleuchtung

roofed entrance with walls of exposed concrete

input situation roof garden idea with walls of pigmented concrete and

Concrete with a gable roof in concrete

modern living room with sloping roof and exposed concrete-luxury interior with white sofas and coffee table square

modern interior of kitchen with concrete flooring

small kitchen ideas with exposed concrete and wall shelves from concrete

Green Home Design in Saigon &# 8211; Concrete Interior Ideas smaller apartments

living room light ideas-modern concrete building with parquet floor

modern bathroom made of exposed concrete &# 8211; Green Home in Saigon

modern bathroom interior with bath from concrete and washstand wood-skylight in the bathroom

minimalist living room interior with fireplace - floor and walls of exposed concrete

Concrete House _Müller Gritsch_ AFGH

modern living room interior with concrete stairs and fireplace

Living gray with wood accents

modern living room with fireplace inspirations from concrete and polished concrete floor-cover design with wooden beams

Concrete in the kitchen

betonbau with kitchen from concrete-modern kitchen top concrete

modern apartment with a covered terrace and garden &# 8211; Wholly concrete house

modern house of concrete with hofgarten

Concrete House by A-cero &# 8211; stylish and schik

minimalist house with dark wood floor and walls of exposed concrete slabs-landscaping the house

cool bedroom interior in gray and black concrete in the bedroom

bedroom gray with wooden floor and walls made of concrete-leather bed black wall color black-yellow upholstered chairs

living dining room interior of concrete

luxury house of concrete with band of windows glazing

Living room with exposed concrete inspirations

luxury dining room living with modern kochunsel white inner staircase made of black metal

small living dining room design with concrete and wood

modern living room interior with exposed concrete and wood

Loft apartment inspiration &# 8211; shelton mindel

luxury living room interior decorating with wood floor and carpet gray-wood dining table

Interior design inspirations &# 8211; Puma House by Nendo

Creative interior with concrete columns and wooden stairs as stönde for shoes

tiles with texture of concrete &# 8211; luxury bathroom interior

modern bathroom interior with washstand wood and bathroom tiles made of concrete

modern design elongated living room with sliding window doors

modern house of concrete with wooden floor and exposed concrete

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