Lucky bamboo as decoration and gift idea

Lucky bamboo as decoration and gift idea

The lucky bamboo is known as a symbol of happiness and positive energy. He presents all five feng shui elements – earth, water, fire, wood and metal. The earth and the stones in which the plant is used which for the plant growth used water, bound to the flowerpot red tape, the straw and the container in which the lucky bamboo grows, symbolizing the five elements.

The number of Ständel also has a specific meaning. For example, two Ständel mean love three – to bring good luck, five – bring harmony, 8, 18, 28 and 32 – Success. but decoration with four lucky bamboo has an ominous meaning which connects to the word death.

The woven design of lucky bamboo brings positive energy and protects against negative energy influence. A braided shape design of the plant symbolizes development in life and in work. The lucky bamboo is a creative and positive gift idea. You just need to choose the right number of bamboo sticks to taverns a positive message.

Design with lucky bamboo

deco idea with lucky bamboo in glass containers with white decorative stones in metal flower pot

Valentine’s Day gift idea

Heart-shaped lucky bamboo

Creative and positive design idea with bamboo

Lucky bamboo in a square glass vase with black stones

Lucky bamboo as a gift

gift idea with luck bamboo

Happiness and positive energy &# 8211; lucky bamboo

luck bamboo form

Fresh and modern Pflangestaltung positive atmosphere

plant deco idea stones in glass with water and

Message and meaning of the number of bamboo sticks

green deco idea with bamboo plant

Flowers Decoration idea &# 8211; lucky bamboo

gift ideas luck bamboo in black flowerpot

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