live in small apartment – furnishing idea for two room apartment

live in small apartment - furnishing idea for two room apartment

This small apartment is a 29m² large two-room apartment. A small entrance that leads directly to the kitchen, a living room with a sleeping area off the kitchen and of course a small but stylish bathroom but the small living space from. So that the surface potential is fully utilized, different smart device solutions are mitbezogen in interior design. The typical Internier for Scandinavia design with lots of design elements in white, a floor covering made of wood and minimalist Möbelausstatung, forming a modern and welcoming environment of the small two-room apartment.

The narrow elongated kitchen also has a strong character. The white kitchen cabinets and electrical appliances are placed on both opposite walls and stand as a counterpoint to the dark purple wall paint with blue tint. At the end of the kitchen space is another design element, namely the window gives in with white painted window frames.

Design idea for Klenes 2rooms apartment

two room apartment with modern small kitchen and white wall color gray-wall design kitchen

design idea of ​​an elongated kitchen with window &# 8211; Wall painting ideas

small apartment with white kitchen and wall color blue kitchen cabinets white and wood kitchen top

The second room of the small apartment serves the functions of living, eating and sleeping. The small living room is set up to make all necessary pieces of furniture such as wardrobe, sideboard, table and sofa, make the four walls and open space in the middle of the room. To make more space free, the owner has a folding bed next to the white wardrobe with sliding doors used. Compared to the white panel with the folding bed a simple bookcase for TV sideboard is used. The wooden coffee table is foldable and during the night the role of a bedside table. A wooden chair next to the coffee table combined with two other chairs and a semi-circular table in classic style, which are positioned opposite the bed on the outside wall between two windows. Next wood furniture, such as an antique Sindeboard and wall mirror with wooden frame bring a rustic tone to Interir.Die color scheme of small residential dining room provides the contrast of gray paint and white furniture.

small apartment with modern Interir in white and gray

two flat space with a small living room living farbgestaltung-

Establishment inspirations for small living room

modern living room with white folding bed and wooden floor in painted white and gray wall with picture frame decorated

Setting 1rooms apartment with classic wooden furniture

design small apartment-small living room design with folding bed white and semi-circular wooden table

living inspirations for 1rooms Apartment

1 apartment room make-curtain wall and gray color gray-sideboard antique wooden

zwiraumwohnung ispirationen

1 room apartment wall paint ideas in gray clasic wood furniture and window decorations

The small bathroom has a shower cubicle and black elements, such as covers, cabinet and mirror shelf along with the floor tiles in black and white enliven the room.

Setting small bathroom accented in black

1 room apartment furnishings ideas-modern bathroom in black and white

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