Lighting ideas and the right lighting design with LED lights

Lighting ideas and the right lighting design with LED lights

more demands on the lighting and light sources in buildings. They should provide sufficient brightness, without dazzling or generate barrenness. The second important aspect is the power consumption and the associated running costs caused by lighting. The ideal solution agreed all the claims in a complex lighting concept. Recessed lights allow partial or full integration into walls, ceilings, floors and furniture that can be almost any existing surface to be a light source. In this way, a glare-free illumination with depth effect and visual emphasis on particular area and equipment parts can be achieved. The economical power consumption of the LEDs guarantees moderate care costs and the operation of many lamps.

Light and Living &# 8211; me the right lighting concept at the right lighting

lighting ideas downlights with LED and the right lighting concept for indirect lighting in the living room

Low power consumption allows many light sources

Electric current is always stronger for years on the way to luxury. The exorbitant rise in the price justified mainly by the production costs, which mainly fossil fuels are consumed. For this reason, the legislature has already banned the last conventional light bulbs 2012th More and more into the foreground the alternative LED technology, the LEDs released. Lamps consume an average of about eighty percent less power at the same light output. The brightness of an old sixty-watt bulb of 600 lumens is provided by a powered eight-watt LED. Thus, now the most diverse Lighting concepts and many lighting ideas be implemented easily without excessive power consumption must be feared. A decisive advantage over today also widespread energy-saving lamps is also targeted light direction and selectable color temperature, which can be generated warmer or cooler white and specifically chosen to match the lighting task and placed.

Lighting ideas and the right lighting design with LED lights

lighting concept with wall lamps for lighting in Wonzimmer and flur_beleuchtungsideen with LED Down Light for light and spaceWall lights Astro Borgo

Walls, ceilings and floors for the basic illumination

LED recessed luminaire can be altered, both vertically and horizontally and sink, depending on the building type in the light beam direction. In the ceiling mounting single or multiple lamps may be placed, that donate a corresponding cover, color filters or lampshade static glare. They are particularly suitable as the main illumination of a room and are running along the ceiling arrangement, for example, a perfect light dispensers in corridors, hallways and narrow areas. If from the wide Offer from a pivotable variant is selected, the illumination pattern of the lighting concept multiply. The variable beam direction of the light beam can be aligned individually and achieve indirect lighting effects. As light walls can provide as reflecting surfaces for a good light distribution. Wall decorations such as pictures, wallpaper or colored wall decorations can be included in the illumination. In many cases, the actual luminous element into the background and is perceived, but also comfortable ambient brightness without a conscious localization of each LED recessed lighting. Placements in walls and crush-resistant acrylic glass bottom submissions create additional opportunities.

the right lighting concept for lighting with LED ceiling lights Eibau

lighting concept for light and space with modern recessed ceiling lightsCeiling lamps Astro Eibau Vancouver and Leucos Baia

Lighting concept for light and space &# 8211; Lighting ideas with LED Wall Light

modern lighting concept for light and live and stair lights lighting ideas with ledWall recessed lighting Vibia Eclipse

put furniture and fixtures with LED scene

A great creative potential unfold recessed lighting in and on furniture and home furnishings. Common examples are radiators located above a wardrobe mirror and recessed on inner railings LEDs. All open items of furniture such as shelves and closets and dresser attachments can create a unique room atmosphere by the assembly with recessed light sources and radiate. In Nutzregalen such as for books or household helpers they create not only the ambience practical help finding and finding the shelf contents. Cleverly placed them increase the depth and also support if space is limited, a spacious living area. Especially attractive home accessories and individual pieces of furniture can be highlighted interior design by illuminating or interior lighting. Very practical value produce integrated LEDs that often create the impression of a walk-in storage location in closets. 

interesting lighting ideas with LED on light and space

lighting concept for light and live with modern recessed luminaires and lighting pendelleuchten_coole ideas with LEDmodern pendant light with built-in LED&# 8217; s Rhythm

Orientation luminaires for exterior and interior

In the lighting concept of a building not only the atmospheric conditions play an important role, but also safety considerations must be taken into account. House entrances, corridors, hallways, garden paths, garages and carports must be reached on foot, even if no main lights are on. As ideal components, LED recessed lights are suitable because of their small footprint, protected from wind and weather placement and low power consumption. You do &Perennial; # 8222&# 8220; for example, supplied by solar power, offer permanent safety and orientation light. A dignified and unique optical effect achieved facade lighting, were installed for the LEDs under the overhanging roof. Depending on the window and door construction embedded in the respective falls recessed LED luminaires achieve illuminations of a special kind.

Lighting ideas and lighting concept LED floor lights

lighting concept and lighting ideas with orientierungsleuchten_ideen for light and space

Light and space &# 8211; the right lighting concept for lighting design and lighting

lighting concept and lighting ideas with leather strips for indirect lightingFlorist Studio_Shinichi Ogawa & Associates / Wohnbau_Atelier Zafari Architecture

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