Lantern crafts for the garden in winter

Lantern crafts for the garden in winter

can be, especially in winter transform the garden into a fairyland, thanks to the colorful decoration of all possible lights, lanterns and lights that brings a fun and festive Christmas spirit during the entire winter season. Among the many and varied Winterdeko ideas for outdoor use, we have today with the beautiful garden decorations DIY lanterns alerted. We will show you how to tinker great lantern to make the garden in winter creative and magical and equal with it to light.

original design garden in winter and light 

cool garden ideas for DIY gartendeko_eiskugel-lantern craft as DIY Winterdeko

When everything outside is covered by snow, it is at once romantic but also playful and mischievous for great and small, who play no patience in the snow. Besides the popular winter games you can tinker and what creative and have as much fun in the snow at the weekend. A fantastic craft idea for the winter, that represents the crafting of ice lanterns, which would be not only a cool garden decorations, but also a pretty interesting jobs your children. Besides ideas for original Garden Winterdeko with lanterns made of ice, you will also see how large and small DIY are making Eisteelichthalter.

Lantern crafts for the garden in winter

creative decorating ideas for gardening in winter with metal lantern, DIY lantern from sheet metal vessel and a small fir tree in a large glass bottle green

Lantern craft of tin

In addition to the cool craft ideas for different ice lantern, as show you how to veranda with a DIY lantern tin can comfortably and effectively can decorate. For this DIY Winterdeko you just need a large tin can you use a thick nail and hammer to pattern desired. The gewühnschte patterns you can make by means Bormaschine. After that, spray the tin with color. Put a candle or LED lamp and the individual lighting your outdoor staircase is finished.

great craft idea for Winterdeko with DIY lantern tin

creative craft of lantern for garten_gartengestaltung ideas for the winter

Ice lantern tinker in spherical form

To make your garden in winter original, you can vary greet tinker spherical ice lantern. What you need for this cool craft idea balloons made of latex, water, a plastic lid as basic and of course a minus temperature outside.

the garden in winter creatively decorate with ice lanterns

Ice lantern crafts for original decoration in the garden

Fill the balloon with water to the desired size and tie it tight. The best way to do that using watering, or directly on the sink. Set the plastic ground in the snow, in a shaded area. Let freeze the ice lantern balloon for about 12 to 18 hours. The water in the balloon is freeze from the outside inwardly. Do not forget to watch the freezing process, as in inside the water to remain liquid, if you want to tinker a lantern, and not merely an icy ball. Then simply cut the balloon and remove it from the ice ball. Turn the frozen ball upside down to pour out the water from the inside. You know that the candle need air to burn. For this reason, you need to drill a hole from the top of the ball.

spherical ice lantern tinker using balloons

garden in winter ball decorate with lanterns made of ice

In this way you can tinker and colored ice lanterns in which you color the water using food coloring.

colorful make garden in winter with colored ice lanterns

colored ice lantern crafts for creative and colored DIY Winterdeko in garden

great ice lantern craft in various forms

Cool Winter decoration ideas with ice lanterns and diy ice-teelichthalter in cake form back

DIY cake baking pan Eisteelichthalter

You can not decorate only the garden in winter creative with ice lanterns. When it comes to Christmas table decoration are to tinker too diverse Eisteelichthalter. First you see a craft idea for DIY tealight holder in cake baking pan, which could make you a creative Winterdeko for exterior and interior. For the destination you need either a round collar, form, or a larger pot and a can. If you do not have a federal form, set the can in the pot and fill it with stones. Then fill the pot with water.

DIY ice tea light holders for the table festive for Christmas

cool Christmas table decoration with DIY tealight holders from ice, pine green and red berries

So you will really make a nice Christmas, put into the pot and some pine green branches, little red berries, orange slices, or fresh flowers. Then pour some water and let it freeze. Once the first layer of ice is ready, you can fill the pot with more water and allow to freeze again. In this way the decoration items will not show up, but equally cold.

creative garden decoration idea with candle holder Snow

garden in winter decorate with DIY candle holder Snow

More original idea for decorating outdoors using cake baking pan, it is easy to fill with snow.

the porch in winter decorate interesting with cake baking tin candle holders

winter lantern craft of snow in cake form back

Garden paths and table festively decorate with DIY lanterns made of ice

Christmas table decoration and garden path lighting with ice lanterns

Ice lantern to tinker in various forms, can be put in the same way. You just need two different sized vessels such as buckets, milk or juice packs, washing dishes or pots to put in each other and fill the interface with water to a wonderful decoration in the garden, for the porch and exterior stairs, or for lighting the garden path to tinker in winter.

arrange round ice lantern with fir trees have cones and candles

great Winterdeko with ice lantern, cones and candles

winter table decoration with DIY lanterns made of ice, pine green and berry fruits

Ice lantern tinker for wihnachtliche tischdeko and garden decorations in winter

winter decorating ideas with small Eisteelichthaltern for the garden table 

matching Winterdeko for the garden in winter_gartentisch decorating ideas with home-made ice lanterns

creative crafting of ice lanterns and lanterns with flowers and greenery

Ice lantern tinker with tulips, forest green and tree branches

festive Winterdeko ideas for the outside stairs and porch

outside stairs decorate with wintry ice lanterns

cool inspirations for Christmas table decoration

bottle cooler and telichthalter tinker from ice for Christmas tischdeko

Balls of ice itself tinker for winter Gartendeko

unique winter decorating ideas with DIY Eiskugeln_coole landscaping and craft ideas for DIY garden decorations

fantastic idea for decoration and lighting from the garden in winter

garden design in winter with home-made ice lanterns and wooden boxes

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