Landscaping with sitting area

Landscaping with sitting area

Summer party in the garden &# 8211; have grilling, entertaining and fun with friends outside! Everyone is waiting for the warm summer time and who has a garden or large terrace, is already planning the first summer party outside. For this, your garden requires not only a barbecue, but also a pleasant place to sit. Of course, you can always buy a pair of garden chairs and a garden table and just get out in the summer. Another possibility and idea we propose, is a sitting area with garden benches that could be used as part of the garden design and you do not have to constantly get in and out.

Ideas for garden design with a seating area as a border planting

beautiful garden with garden fence wood as a privacy shield garden and outdoor fireplace with wall color orange as Gartendeko

The following 26 garden pictures provide fantastic inspiration for a fantastic garden design various sitting areas. In the event you have enough free space, you can build a gazebo yourself or buy and set up the desired seating area there. We also offer solutions for seating in the garden by simple rectangular wooden seat to which you can also use a garden table with chairs. A garden bench along the garden wall saves space compared with a seating area, which is decorated with the typical garden furniture. The garden bench offers more seats and is a more compact solution. It can also play the role of beautiful and elegant extension or boundary of the plant beds.

Dream garden with decking and covered seating area in Scharz as a garden pavilion

my beautiful garden in black with garden lying and sitting area wood

Idea of ​​Design from the rock garden with pool and seating area of ​​the garden benches 

landscaping with garden pool and natural stone floor

So a modern, simple garden bench without back and arms, you can either buy or bricking themselves or build. If you have nice lined the plant beds, then simply mount seat on the beds wall. But if you are just in the planning of plant beds in her garden, add a seat to your garden design. You can then simply cover the seat with wooden boards or sitting mats and decorate. The brick-lined sitting areas are also ideal for shaping the edges of a pool or pond basin. Of course, there is an even simpler version for cool garden design with comfortable seating and only with seat cushions. For that you prove your dream garden with gravel or wood floor. In this way you will create a romantic and feel-good atmosphere in your garden. After seeing our pictures, you will definitely like us think: “I want to make my beautiful garden like this!”

make dream garden with seating area and garden fountains

gartengestaltung with terrace hallway and garden bench rounded in white and gray

Inspiration for modern garden design with Gartenbak on the corner with lighting

my beautiful garden with modern garden are made of metal and sintzecke with garden bench and garden table

fantastic idea for terrace garden with a pond basin and wooden furniture

terrace design with garden bench and water garden as traun garden

Sitting room of garden benches as a design idea for the terrace and the garden

garden bench with white cushions as terrace design with privacy protection

Terrace Garden ideas for design with seating area and mobile solar protection

terrace garden with garden lighting and sitting area terrace garden as a dream of a luxury apartment

cool idea for garden design with DIY garden pavilion made of wood and sitting area

traun garden customize garden walls of brick and walled garden benches with brown matt

Garden Lounge customize brick-lined sitting area and built outdoor fireplace

my beautiful garden with terrace and sitting area with outside fireplace

Setting dream garden with a seating area on the roof terrace

make roof terrace with garden and sitting area of ​​garden furniture wood

Inspiration for establishment of a sitting area with a garden table and fireplace

my beautiful garden with wooden terrace black and sitting area with outside fireplace

Ideas for sitting areas in the garden as part of a wooden staircase Garden

my beautiful garden with terrace and garden sitting area with wooden garden table

modern garden furniture for a dream sitting area in your dream garden

my beautiful garden with a round garden lies

Garden design with seating wooden benches and garden lighting

my beautiful garden in the yard with floor tiles and wooden benches from sitzecke

Inspiration for garden design small gardens

ideas for garden design with privacy protection and pond basin

Sitting area with garden benches as an extension of the planting beds

with garden bench and face protection landscaping garden wood

contemporary garden pavilion with the garden pool as part of the garden landscaping

beautiful landscaping with garden pavilion and pool

Garden ideas with garden fence as a privacy and garden bench made of wood

beautiful garden with brick-lined plant beds white and sitting area AAUs wood

Idea for design sitting area in the garden with privacy as a garden fence in white

beautiful garden with gravel and seat cushions in purple and blue make

modern garden furniture for terrace and garden design with a seating area

wooden terrace with seating area and garden lighting as garden design

minimalist garden design in black and white

modern terraced garden in white with garden bench and gravel

Seating Area garden with an outdoor fireplace and modern garden furniture

gartengestaltung with garden wall of natural stone and rectangular garden tables

Inspiration for small flat garden with modern garden bench in black

luxury apartment with garden courtyard

make small seating area with wooden garden table for the garden

garden bench made of wood for cool landscaping with natural stone floor tiles and garden fence wood

make a dream garden with green plants and wooden bench 

my beautiful garden with garden bench and hedges

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