Lamps themselves basteln- cool pendant lamps from pallets

Lamps themselves basteln- cool pendant lamps from pallets

What we have found this time is a great idea for elegant and stylish pendant lamp, which is a recycled product of pallets. to tinker this idea for lamps itself is just fantastic! The cool lampshades consist of 8 restored pallet-timber parts, lighting fixtures and 2 colored elastics. Lampshades pallets can be lighting fixtures are used and are suitable for energy-saving or LED lights with each type. The wooden parts of the lampshades are available in different colors. You can choose between five different colors for the lampshades and six colors for the elastics, which makes a total of 30 different variant for 30 fantastic design options. You want to adjust the lamp to the rustic look of your flat, then take the model in natural color and combine it with a black elastic band. They want to bring in some color space, the colors Winter blue, summery yellow, sunset pink or sky blue, are the ideal solution. Since different types of pallets is recycled, there are also different patina and shade. The elegant pendant lamps can be ordered online at Etsy and assemble home itself. Have fun decorating with handmade pendant lamps made from recycled pallets.

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