Lamp itself make out of plastic bottle

Lamp itself make out of plastic bottle

Today we will show you an easy and creative craft ideas for DIY lamp out of plastic bottle and cooler Rose decoration from coffee filters. See how you can turn an empty plastic bottle of disinfectant in an interesting and chic table lamp. Of course, you can use a plastic bottle of juice or other liquids for this craft idea once it is large enough and from a stronger plastic material. A fantastic idea for waste recycling!

What will you need to make your new table lamp itself – a larger, round or oval white (translucent) plastic bottle with a flat basic bottle, for example, of a cleaning agent, coffee filters, which depends on number of the size of the bottle (in the example shown 44 roses are used), power cable 2m, socket, switches, plugs, 2 screws with nut for fastening the frame and hot glue gun.

fantastic idea for DIY table lamp with glowing paper roses

Cylinder lamp itself make white plastic bottle and paper flowers

Lamp itself make out of plastic bottle

tinker with plastic bottles as a cool idea for DIY -Tischlampe

How to make this cool lamp yourself? We start with the instructions.

Cut the plastic bottle into two parts, or remove the upper part of the bottle. They will use only the lower bottle part for DIY lamp. So you will be easier to cut the bottle from all sides in the same height, you can first make a mark with pencil. If the edge is not cut cleanly, go with the cutter around again. The edge has only smooth sein.Der edge must be entirely smooth. Then make the cut part upside down and place the socket in the center to mark the location of the two screws, or break through.

how to make a creative DIY lamp yourself – step by step

lamp selbermachen with instructions

The next step is to make a 1.5 cm large hole for the power cable at the bottom, the sides of the bottle base. First, connect the cable to the socket, attach the socket to the base and then thread the cable through the hole. Mount the switch and the plug.

make cool table lamp itself – simple and creative

tinker with plastikflaschen_kreative idea for DIY lamp with lampshade made of paper roses

It’s time for the DIY decoration with paper roses. As you do this, we show the same also. Place away from the Kabellochung so that the hole will remain more or less hidden, the first DIY Rose by hot glue about 1cm. Then glue a rose above, in addition to the cut edge of the bottle. Depending on how big the bottle is used by you, think about how many roses still can be introduced between the two bonded flowers. Make no point mark with pen, since they are visible from the inside of the lamp. To make it easier to glue the coffee filter roses on the plastic bottle, you can first fix only the outermost part of Rose.

DIY lamp with lampshade decoration of homemade coffee filter Roses

do it yourself diy table lamp with Rose decoration of paper

creative table lamp with roses as DIY decoration

cool table decoration with DIY table lamp in plastic bottle

And here is the guide for the home-made roses from coffee filters with images and description step by step.

Step 1- Make the coffee filter wet and let him stretched on the kitchen countertop to dry. Then cut off the lateral edges. A few of the coffee filters you need to horizontally cut into three parts and remove the top, or the small Spitz part. The remaining semi-circular strips about 4.5cm wide, you have to cut in half now.

tinker with coffee filters – DIY decoration with roses from coffee filters

tinker with coffee filter as a creative craft ideas for DIY decoration with paper roses

Step 2 – The other dried coffee filter are to be cut vertically in 3 parts, after the lateral edges removed. This trapezoidal portions you will need for the rose seeds. Draw a screw on each of these three coffee filters parts and cut them carefully along the contour from.

tinker roses from coffee filter itself – Step 2

tinker them paper-roses from coffee filter itself

Step 3 – The screw strip should be wide between 1.5 cm and 2 cm. Catch the worm roll up to, as shown in the following picture. Make the rolled Rose core fixed with some hot glue drops.

DIY roses from coffee filters – Step 3 

do it yourself decoration paper roses

Step 4 – Of the other coffee filter strips that you have cut horizontally at the top and cut in half, you will first tinker the outer parts of the roses. Take the smaller of the two strips and by means of hot melt adhesive to connect the two strip edges along the width. Knead the edge of the smaller opening and closing this page by fastening the kneaded paper with a Heizklebertropf.

DIY roses from coffee filters – Step 4

craft idea with coffee filter for homemade roses from paper

Step 5 and 6 – Do the same with the larger strips the outermost parts of the paper rose. You can now attach the three roses pieces together. Place them together and using hot glue, attach the parts from below. Your DIY rose from coffee filter is already done!

DIY roses from coffee filters – Step 5 

DIY decoration from coffee filter-roses as cool craft idea with paper

DIY roses from coffee filters – Step 6

DIY roses from coffee filter as a creative craft ideas for do-it-yourself decorating with paper roses

make interesting and creative table lamp for himself

tinkering to do with paper and plastic as a craft idea for lamp itself

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