Kitchen in fresh gloss: Simple Tips for renovation

Kitchen in fresh gloss: Simple Tips for renovation

The average lifespan of kitchens is about 20 years. Then the old kitchen is replaced with a new one, which means a high financial cost in most cases. Here, the kitchen inventory, shows after a few years the first signs of aging especially if the kitchen is used regularly. But to create instead a completely new kitchen equipment, there are cheaper options to make the kitchen again. Here are some simple tips to help the old kitchen shines in fresh glory.

Kitchen in fresh gloss: Simple Tips for renovation

small kitchen with stone flooring and bar with marble top white© / AleksandarNakic

Fresh Look for surface and wall tiles

Whether stubborn stains or scratches, with daily use of the kitchen show soon the first signs of wear on the surfaces. However, for a fresh look requires very little effort and a little skill. So a new color for doors and bars can already work wonders. It is important to thoroughly clean the surfaces before the new paint. Wood is best suited an acrylic lacquer. Subtle colors like white or light beige are a good basis and make more room for the rest of the design of the kitchen. To insert new kitchen handles in fresh colors and color accents are mounted in no time.

reshape old kitchen by the color white in combination with bright color accents

modern kitchen set with white kitchen cabinets and yellow cabinet intervened© / IP Galanternik D.U.

Matching the new front design, the wall tiles with simple means can be refreshed. It need not be the same, a new tile mirror; A quick and clean alternative to this is a new coat of paint with a special tile paint. Good mood provide fresh colors like pink, red or bright green. In the online shop of there are numerous original ideas to make the kitchen back wall. From funny cartoon to the New York City skyline nothing to be desired here, as far as the individual design of the kitchen back wall. The design and size can be changed freely so that the new gem also fits perfectly.

Kitchen back wall made of printed glass as a modern and genuine solution kitchen renovation

kitchen set up with kitchen cabinets made of dark wood and white kitchen top with printed kitchen splashbackKitchen back wall 160x50cm in vintage style Style Your Castle

Replacing kitchen cabinets and aufpepen old kitchen and beautify

Setting up modern kitchen with kitchen front in pink, white and kücjenschränken kitchen top granite beige© / Simon Bradfield

to work fresh: replace kitchen appliances and countertop

If the dishwasher gives their minds or the oven on strike, it helps nothing: the purchase of new tools can not be avoided in such cases. The investment is worth it yet because the new devices save much more energy than their predecessors and also make far less noise at work. Since the size of all installed elements is standardized, the exchange can be done relatively easily. For special solutions such as a handle for left-handers but you should take the advice of a specialist to complete.

 Kitchen appliances themselves share in the renovation of your kitchen

modern kitchen with cooking island and built küchengeräten_renovierungstipps for the kitchen© / Gregory_DUBUS

The countertop is suffering the daily requirements they must withstand. With a little technical skill, a new countertop can be attached quickly. With a wooden worktop regular oils is sufficient to maintain the original look. is used for hard oil, a special linseed oil, radiates the surface in a new light.

beautify the old kitchen by renewed kitchen countertop

renew kitchen top and old kitchen with verschönern_küche wood kitchen cabinets and U-shaped kitchen top© / -Oxford-

Fresh light creates a good atmosphere

When lighting the kitchen, it depends on the correct brightness. Just the work area should be illuminated with at least 500 Lux, so when handling sharp knives & Co. happening evil. In return, flat light strips are best, you can also place subsequently below the upper cabinets. Their big advantage: they prevent disturbing reflections. Matching the new kitchen back wall is also reflected colored light well, which makes for a pleasant lighting atmosphere.

small kitchen zoom optically bright color and light reflection thanks to shiny surfaces

small modern kitchen with white kitchen back wall in orange from mosaic© / IP Galanternik D.U.

To replace missing daylight, spotlights or lamps should be placed near the window. For a sufficient lighting ensure ideally several lamps which are attached to the ceiling or walls. A practical solution is a system of rails in which adjustable light spots are located. So you can adjust the incidence of light specifically to the respective operation. Also for the interior of the cabinets there are such light strips, which illuminate the contents when opening the door.

reshape old kitchen without a window through more light and bright colors

Setting up modern kitchen with wood kitchen cabinets in white cooking island wooden worktop with white and pendulum lamps© / Kevin Miller

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