Key - a creative decoration idea

Key – a creative decoration idea

Key - a creative decoration idea

The keys are small items that we use every day and always have. Can you imagine this as a bedroom and garden decoration, in addition to its essential function in our daily lives? The Australian artist Michael Moerkerk has in fact this idea realized in the form of key creative sculptures. The interesting DIY decorative objects represent an atypical modification of old keys. Instead of opening the door, the keys form various works of art with curved and rounded shapes. By attaching the edges of different types of keys and heating of the metal, various interesting decorative accessories, such as balls, wine bottles and glasses have and interesting fruit bowls and lamps form.

Art of old keys as inspiration for garden design

cool garden-deco -Idee with key-sounds as DIY Candlestick

The sculptures “Moerkey” can be used perfectly well as a modern garden decoration. Some of our examples show the nähmlich harmony between metal and wood, as well as a fantastic entrance decoration of a hotel with big key pendant lamps. If you find these key works of art interesting and suitable for the interior of your home, or you want to make your garden creative, you can these and other inspiring works from coins and old copper tubes by Michael Moerkerk over Etsy to order.

Key – a creative decoration and handicrafts idea with old keys

DIY Ball pendant lamp from old break as creative landscaping

Ball Stand lamps keys as inspiration for input and street lighting

cool decoration idea for input with modern pendant lamps out of old wrenches

creative key sculptures

tinker with metal key sculpture as a creative decoration idea

Decoration idea with sculpture of old keys

creative decoration idea with key sculpture in the form of female body

Decoration with Schlßssel artwork in the form of female body

old key for creative decoration idea with body-sculpture

cool idea for modern fruit bowl

break modern fruit sounds from old

creative designer Früchtschale of old keys

craft ideas with old break for DIY fruit sounds

old keys in the form of a bottle of wine as creative decoration idea

cool craft ideas with old break for interesting DIY decoration

interesting garden decoration and design idea with key decorative balls

craft ideas with old break as creative decoration idea garden with balls

Craft idea for DIY table lamp in keys

cool ball-lamp build yourself from old wrenches

creative candle holder key as interesting design for indoor and outdoor use

DIY candle holder break a hip Gartendeko idea for pendant lights

small decorative balls made of old keys for creative table decorations

craft idea for key Deco balls

Key decorating ideas – tinker with old keys

break ball decoration of old crafts and used as cool Tischdeko

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