Jacuzzi bathtub - the modern bathroom

Jacuzzi bathtub – the modern bathroom

Jacuzzi bathtub - the modern bathroom

What a luxury bathroom today and what belongs to the establishment of a modern bathroom? As an example we have selected the whirlpool tub Faraway by the manufacturer KOS. the designers Ludovica and Roberto Palomba behind the elegant design of the mini-infinity pool. In this small pool to aesthetics and function agree. Through this whirlpool tub, the bathroom was a spa.

The pool consists of polyester and vinyl ester resin layers and has a gelcoat surface. Holding frame made of stainless steel resting on adjustable feet and cover of the overflow channel with a non-slip mesh or with a system of stainless steel plates to be coated with a tailored surface

The modern bath has two relaxing seats with 16 Blower nozzles for air massage, four different beams equipped hydromassage seats, RGB underwater light, infrared sensor control, water heating and other functional equipment for a unique wellness experience. The Faraway Pool can accommodate 6 people and can be used inside and out.

whirlpool bath &# 8211; FARAWAY

Bathroom- modern bathroom design with black vase and floor lamp-wood floor bathroom

modern bathroom &# 8211; bathroom set up

whirlpool bath - innenpool- luxury bathroom

bathtub white - bathroom design

Swimming pool lighting design

swimming-pool with pool bathroom Lighting

Luxury Bathroom Design

luxury bathroom with pool kas

Garden in the bathroom

Indoor garden Bathroom- bathtub modern bathroom with whirlpool

Roof terrace design with pool and lanterns

whirlpool bath - outdoor pool

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