Invigorating Landscaping small dip tank to relax

Invigorating Landscaping small dip tank to relax

The theme ” garden ” all catches us to deal with you again. In today’s post is the focus namely the idea of ​​a truly invigorating garden design with water and that with a small plunge pool which is the perfect alternative to the traditional swimming pool, especially in the tendentious decreasing area of ​​private gardens in the urban space.

relax and enjoy the summer in a diving pool

attractive landscaping with small garden pool on rock hill

Water is alone represents an important element in garden design, as it is for relaxation and tranquility. In addition to his creative function, can be regarded as an entertainment element in the garden a small plunge pool. Of the Mini-garden pool actually has great potential. It can simultaneously play the role of cooling zone or paddling pool for your children during the hot summer days when all-year sauna swimming pool, or if it is filled with salt water, are even used therapeutically. For the people who love not to go especially into the water, still remains to fully enjoy the relaxing lounge feeling.

dream garden design with a small dip tank

hofgarten creative customize plunge pool above ground with natural stone cladding and less staircase with glass door

elegant design

  • An easy and simple form from the plunge pool works better for small garden areas.
  • Select either a darker color to transform the plunge pool in a strong accent in the garden, or a sandy color to make it harmonize with the whole garden design.
  • With the right lighting design, the basin will also enliven the night the garden attractive.
  • By a square edge around the dip tank around, will produce a discreet, decorative shadow line.

clever idea for flexible Holzabdekung the small dip tank 

Modern landscaping with plunge pool and wood cover as a small pedestal for deck chair with side table

required technology

  • Filters for clean water
  • Massage- or Springquell nozzles
  • energy-saving heat pump for pleasant water temperature
  • Ambient lighting

round dip tank as an elegant accent in a stone garden

cool garden ideas with plunge pool for bathing fun in summer and cool gartengestaltung

The health aspect of a garden design with plunge pool

The plunge pool is the ideal solution to runterzukühlen after the sauna and harden, which is also in the winter. In addition, the suitable temperature-controlled water outdoors is much better for the immune system. the strongly heated water is an absolute delight, and for allergy sufferers a filled with sea salt water plunge pool for people with joint and muscle problems.

make feel-good chilling in the garden using a small plunge pool in partial shade

small garden fantastically customize ausgemauertem plunge pool, pergola and face protection wall made of bamboo rods

The architectural aspect of the diving pool

The small pond in which one cools, can also be an architectural function, namely to get from a mirror pond. In this case, a natural building material such as recommends to use slate or natural stone. The beautiful reflection of trees and lighting will enliven the garden and give it a unique spatial effect.

the plunge pool as lichtreflexierendes design element

with concrete walls modern design hofgarten with glass doors in black frame, cushion in gold and cactus in flower pot

The charming hot tub

Other suitable way for bathing in the small garden provides the round hot tub, which simultaneously represents a flexible solution. What you makes them so popular is a small footprint, flexibility and of course, the country-style look, thanks to which it fits perfectly into the natural landscape. To the hot tub usually work hardened a heat pump, which can be out there and assemble inside. In addition, you can also use only as a disguise for a hot tub and to refrain in the case of the use of the heat pump them. Do not forget to also have that you insure a water drainage, water supply and of course power in the garden for the goal. A stable ground is also of great importance.

round shapes in the garden &# 8211; Hot tubs with rounded seat and privacy

gartengestaltung with round bathing tonne and stone wall as a privacy shield

fantastic combination of wood, stone and water for a dreamlike garden design

make garden with a round bath barrel wooden and stone garden

the small courtyard garden revive by small plunge pool and greenery

cool idea for modern landscaping with outside shower and rectangular plunge pool from concrete

authentic garden design with authentic diving pool

cool idea for DIY plunge pool in the garden with large stones

little oasis in the garden create a walled plunge pool

ideas for garden oasis with water

The round plunge pool as the focal point in the garden or on the patio

fantastic garden ideas with water and round plunge pool

transform the terrace in private spa zone

cool terrace design with water, grass and ambient lighting

make the garden style as a private beach with a wooden patio, sand and a small plunge pool

cool landscaping with water, wood and sand

great alternative to the use of a garden house

make beautiful garden with garden house with plunge pool, curtains and sliding doors

the immersion basin as an architectural element

minimalist landscaping rectangular plunge pool black

define small relaxation area with water in the garden

wellness-area design in the small garden with wooden pedestal-terrace and concrete-plunge pool with rows of seats,

original idea for true garden oasis with bridge from the bedroom to a small plunge pool

cool ideas for modern house with bedroom with open bathroom, round plunge pool and hammock

make sure there is water fun in the garden with a small mini pool of metal

great idea for landscaping with water, gravel and plants

make the small garden japanese

small garden design with wood pedestal, round bathing tonne and Japanese deco

build small basin itself and creatively decorate with stones

ideas for landscaping with water and stones in the form of natural plunge pool

the plunge pool in the courtyard garden as a mirror pool

cool hofgarten design with small garden pool and several palm trees

make Tarrasse exotic with a mini pool 

cool terrace design with wooden floor and a small pool

with a plunge pool, you will definitely make for a romantic atmosphere in the garden

romantic landscaping and cool ideas for your own garden in wellnes

Who says that a plunge pool can be planned only in the garden?

cool terrace design with ausgemauertem plunge pool and wooden bench

an energizing Landscaping with water, palms and comfortable seating

make great ideas for hofgarten with plunge pool, garden sofas cushion with white and black coffee table on large terrace tiles beige

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