Interior of concrete hidden in the old stone building

Interior of concrete hidden in the old stone building

Buchner Bründler architects reconstruct a dilapidated house of stone and wood that hides in a small Swiss village in the Rovana valley. Inside the old 200 year old house, a simple new building was designed from concrete. The conversion from Casa D`estate provides a Innenbau of layers casted concrete. The house consists of the slope built cellar base and an unheated living space above. A water connection is missing. Cross the stone a timber oriented in knitwear design. The rustic architectural character of the house should be kept and as the building is used as a summer home, the waivers of heating and insulation is made possible. The newly formed interior of the living room, alcove, bathroom and fireplace. By stahlgefasstem from glass garden door of the new building can be seen from the outside. In the subsidiary, which is reinforced with steel beams, are the kitchen and the bathroom. The two bodies are interconnected by means of a new passage, and the left visible in the interior stone walls unite old with newly.

small summer house of two structures

small old house in the mountain with luxury interior design

Conversion of a Steinbaues in Switzerland

minimalist interior in a small old wooden house

Summer House Casa D`estate

conversion from the stone house

Dream house with Natusteinmauern and garden door glass stahlgefasstem

summer house from masonry and glass door

Concrete with layers casted concrete

modern interior with concrete and large-sized revolving door of glass-modern living room with polished concrete floor and ceiling height windows wood

living inspirations of concrete with ceiling heights wooden shutters

living room design with ceiling heights wooden doors and minimalist wall lamp black

ceiling height wooden doors and inner staircase from sight

modern living room from concrete and inside stairs to the alcove

 Concrete body with fireplace and alcove

modern small house concrete stairs from concrete with open fireplace and

elongated toilet room with washing niche in the wall

small toilet with exposed concrete and sinks of concrete in the wall niche

existing natural stone walls for rustic room Interior

walls of natural stone interior door with wood door case of concrete-sink made of concrete with indirect lighting

Connection of the two house body with through-Concrete

durchang of concrete between two structures

Idea for sinks made of concrete

rustic kitchen with sink made of concrete

minimalist bathroom with concrete floor and old stone walls

bathing space of concrete and built-in bathtub floor from concrete

Map of Casa D`estate

summer house in Switzerland

Floor plan of the inventory with the new concrete

summer house of masonry with concrete construction in the interior

Casa D`estate section

tag project from the stone with the interior of concrete

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