Interior design with floor tiles

Interior design with floor tiles

Interior design with floor tiles

If we want a room new or remodel, we should take the colors, the materials, the style and not least the room size and space function in view to, as a result of the combination of these major criteria to achieve a successful interior design. Today we will set the ground as a major, space closing design elements in the scene. The flooring must meet certain requirements already adequate to the tasks of building physical requirements of the room. He must slip, be easy to clean, durable. It also requires a thermal, acoustic and moisture protection. The surface also plays an important role not only for the visual design, but also for a safe ascent of the floor area. Here properties are to be like, slip resistance or durability into consideration. Besides the wear layer of the floor coverings, weight is also the back construction &# 8211; Substructures, support layers, fixings or adhesive bonds which are required and vary depending on the flooring. Because of all these different needs and uses of space, including a diverse range of products for flooring is created. As an example of an interesting interior design, we have the floor tiles of the Spanish company Vives Azulejos y Gres selected.

Inspiration for modern interior design with floor tiles Urbino

Wall painting pattern in white and gray for modern interior design and establishment of a modern living room

Vives creates modern, innovative and high quality ceramic tiles and realized an interesting, creative and unique interior design by creative wall and floor tiles with patterns. The following examples will introduce different models and combinations that are a modern design for any room. Would you like to create a modern living room or a rustic kitchen? You want a flooring with wood look but you want to lay a wooden or laminate on the floor? Search tiles for outdoor use or for the bathroom? We provide several inspirations for modern interior design and a cozy atmosphere in front of each room area with floor tiles.

for a rustic look in the living room &# 8211; Floor Tiles Tassel Perla 1900 Series

living inspirations for modern interior design with white bricks and floor tiles white and gray

interesting idea for elegant kitchen facilities with floor tiles of RIFT HEXAGON collection

modern kitchen design in white with open shelving and floor tiles with floral pattern

The floor tiles for outdoor enable to terrace and garden design. The solar reflective index of the tile that is above 29, leading to the reduction of the heat island effect. In addition, there are no volatile organic compounds due to the combustion process of the tiles at high temperatures, allowing a healthy indoor climate. The modern floor tiles are divided into 15 different series and offer a fantastic color range of different patterns and surfaces of porcelain tiles that differ according to three main groups &# 8211; Floor tiles of stoneware, porcelain stoneware crock and Rotscherbiege Steingutfliesen.Um see more inspiration for a unique interior design with floor tiles and more cool ideas for interesting wall design with tiles, take a look at the entire collection Vivas.

Porcelain tiles Fargo collection for interesting interior design in wood design

modern living room set black ceramic tile wood look and dining table

Bathroom tile idea for elegantly decorated with floor tiles of the series 1900

Bathroom with modern floor tiles in light gray and dark gray with pattern

Inspiration for chic decor by combining different floor tiles

red luxury living room and modern interior design in white with wooden floor tiles and pendant lamp

the ideal solution for white interior with floor tiles Vodevil

Means white kitchen with arched windows and modern white floor tiles with pattern

Another inspiration for modern kitchen facilities in black with tiles 1900 Series

modern kitchen with black wall tiles and floor tiles in gray

fresh color scheme combined living room in white and red with modern flooring in wood look

modern living room with creative wall design of black picture frame and upholstered sofa with white coffee table white and red carpet

modern floor tiles with patterns in gray for an elegant interior design &# 8211; RIBADEO tiles

modern interior design wood in white with coffee table and floor tiles gray

cool idea for fresh decorations in black and white with accents in yellow &# 8211; series Vodevil

cool inspiration for modern interior design with black and white floor tiles

Inspiration for modern design with floor tiles &# 8211; Arquinia

decoration with tiles for modern interior design

innovatibe floor tiles for rustic wood look in white &# 8211; EFESO series

modern living room interior in white with bow windows and brick walls

Efeso floor tiles with Rhomboidmuster in wood look &# 8211; 

ideas for modern device of a loft apartment with white interior and dining table wood

creative interior design white-black with blue floor tiles Palau Celeste in 1900 Series

modern living room with fireplace and dining table white

bring ferns in the room with floor tiles Via Apia Collection

modern living room interior with floor tiles in green and red for modern decor in white with bookshelves in white

Inspiration for creative design bedrooms with floor tiles

make bedrooms with rustic floor tiles

elegant interior design in black and white with the tiles TERRADES GRAFITO

modern living room interior in black and white

creative furnishing the kitchen with floor tiles Paulista Grafito the World Series Streets

rustic kitchen with dining table set up wood and gray floor tiles

unique design with floor tiles in marble look RADNE NATURAL series TITAN

modern living room set with marble tiles in green and gray

Bathroom inspiration for modern interior with hexagonal tiles RIFT

bathroom tiles ideas for luxury bathroom in beige

chic wood appearance with the ceramic tiles of the collection WORLD WOODS

luxury living room with brown brown color design in yellow and brown with armchairs and yellow leather sofa

VIA APPIA B Collection&W offers an elegant design in various combinations will

beautiful carpet of kerammikfliesen in red modern interior design with floor tiles


modern interior design in white with floor tiles in broun wood pattern

Ceramic tiles with wood appearance for modern terrace design &# 8211; Series ORSA TERRAZA

terrace ideas for design with floor tiles with wood effect

Floor tiles Barro TACO NEGRO series DUOMO of Design from the outside area

beautiful garden ideas with floor tiles in different patterns

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