Interesting furniture painting ideas

Interesting furniture painting ideas

Interesting furniture painting ideas

A creative and cost-effective solution for new interior design and decor is the painting of furniture. They want the interior of your bedroom or living room reshape your dining room also needs refreshing or you are just moved into a new apartment, but you can not afford new furniture. Do not be in such a hurry to throw away your old furniture. They may look old-fashioned or cheap and can be decorated with many scratches after a long-term use, but that does not mean long that your old furniture you can not continue to serve you well. But on the contrary! Modern decor does not necessarily mean new furniture. modern labeled a stylish and elegant furnishings and corresponding color scheme is actually meant. Have you noticed how much does a classic wooden cabinet with colored painted parts such as cabinet doors, &# 8211; legs, or-pages? So the old furniture can be a real treasure. If you are re-paint the walls, you consider whether you also do not want to make a different one or other furniture. To help inspire you, as some creative examples have prepared. How can you transform your existing furniture in modern and chic furniture, we will show you 40 interesting furniture painting ideas.

cool inspiration with Ombre-string pattern for redevelopment of old wooden chairs

old furniture underscore Idea in blue and white for modern dining table chairs wood

The color of your furniture is one of the main priorities at room design. The advantage of remodeling by furniture-painting is that you can create a completely different interior, without walls and repainting. You must determine the new furniture color with the passing furnishing, decoration and wall color just in time. To avoid unwanted surprises, think carefully where you will place the newly designed furniture that fits your selected color to the close objects that are available and what effect results from the fact.

An interesting design possibilities for your own new designer furniture is to provide them with an accent. Such color accents can be in the form of various motifs and geometric figures by template or make hand painted. For a new look with style example, you can delete as background in a different color just the drawers or only the frame around the drawers and cabinet doors around. A creative furniture painting idea is also the two-tone painting, through which you can make the outer and inner surface in different colors or shades. The “Ombre” -Streichen idea is also another fantastic option for contemporary and creative furniture design.

creative furniture painting idea with scenery for the old wooden cabinet

antique sideboard wood creative highlight in different farben_alte furniture highlight idea

This inspiration with landscape-painting patterns by designer Shannon Kaye can transform any furniture in a unique designer piece of furniture. The technique for this spectacular design is simple. You just need a pair of torn pieces of paper that you have turned slightly attach to the surface or hold it until they sweep along and over the edge of the paper to reach slightly above continuous edges between the different colors, or ridgelines your mountain-landscape. It is best to use artists’ brushes and different torn paper strips a poster to create a realistic landscape. If you emphasize with satin latex paint, you do not enter a lacquer top coat at the end, as they are seen as a protective layer.

 transform old wooden furniture in modern furniture

furniture emphasize for a modern room design with rustic wooden cupboard in green

The following example shows an interesting and simple swipe idea for furniture, through a syringe painting technique. To get this effect, choose two colors that contrast with each other. Mix the paint for the spray motif with acrylic clear coat to make the decoration spots shine. Dip the brush into the mixture and beat lightly on the furniture surface. To make this even easier for it to use a stick and make the hitting at the height of about 15cm.

emphasize children’s furniture and redesign &# 8211; interesting painting Idea For Furniture

build desk with drawers themselves and nursery in red streichen_coole idea

old armchairs re-shaping by the old textile spray-paint

classic wooden chairs with green Damst in blue underline as ideas for furniture underscore

 fresh color combination and cool furniture-painting idea in gold and pink

repaint round Barchocker of wood as an idea for modern bar furniture

Inspiration for a classic wardrobe furniture in blue as accent and furnishing idea for interior in white

furnishings living room and color design with wall color blue and antique sideboard in blue and white with leather armchair

Modern Wooden bedside table accented in white for schische bedroom furniture

emphasize old bedside table in white wood

Zigzag swipe pattern in black and white for painting old furniture

side table deleted from wood in black and white

 modern office space with color design in black and pink

with wall modern interior design and carpet in black and wood desk in pink color paint

repaint rustic wooden sideboard in light blue and decorate cabinet door with pattern

antique sideboard living room decorating symmetrical and blue paint as an accent wall panels to the white and blue wall color

Stripe pattern in blue and white as interesting strikeout idea for the old cabinet

old furniture paint in white and blue with stripe pattern and floral motif

cool point motives for creative designer furniture &# 8211; A new look for the old cupboards

wood cabinet underline idea in white or blue with dots

 fresh accented by pops Color &# 8211; old wooden chairs embellish by painting the chair legs

make rustic wooden chairs creative white with cool chair legs-emphasize ideas in purple and

Denmark flag as inspiration for furniture painting

creative idea residential corridor with sideboard corridor wood in red and white paint

blue color accent as elegant strikeout idea for a cabinet with wood carving

living ideas for modern corridor decor with antique sideboard yellow in blue and wood color and wall color

old rattan furniture emphasize in fresh colors

cool garden furniture of rattan in green paint

emphasize antique sideboard in blue &# 8211; interesting and creative painting ideas

emphasize rustic wooden sideboard idea in blue and white

 refresh your old table in the hallway by silver color

paint old furniture in silver

hand-painted floral motifs for the new look of a wooden cabinet

make rustic wood sideboards creative

Who says that a piano can not be colored painted?

cool wanddeko with plates and a piano underline idea in blue with wooden stool in blue

 paint the white cupboard furniture with floral and bird motifs

furniture-emphasize idea with floral motif hand painted

emphasize the old wooden sideboard in black and decorate with white frame

sideboard black with white akzen

revive the classic cupboard furniture with little green paint

antique sideboard redesign in green paint furniture as ideas for old

transform the small wooden stool in modern side table

side table underline idea in blue and black

paint wooden furniture in yellow &# 8211; Idea for fresh bedroom color scheme

sideboard bedrooms and wood bedstead highlight in yellow streichen_coole bedroom design and wall idea

Inspiration for chic furniture design with geometric shapes &# 8211; classic sideboard painting idea

technology underline cool with tape to scrape old furniture

interesting cabinet painting ideas

old cabinet furniture creative highlight in two colors

 emphasize your patio furniture in green for fresh terrace design

furniture in green streichen_coole landscaping with garden furniture green

blue wooden cabinet with drawers white as an idea for furniture design

sideboard repaint wood and creatively decorate

Floral motif using Template in gold paint as decoration white drawers

furniture paint in white and gold

beautify white wardrobe with accent and make different 

color design with wall-color light green and white furnishings with wooden cabinet

cool Ombre-strikeout idea for wooden cabinet with drawers

wood cabinet drawers as white with blue paint idea for ombre-furniture

 Color combination of white and blue as furniture-painting in dual color

white wood desk with blue-painted drawers

old  Nightstands beautify its fascinating color combination

dessert emphasize ideas with different colors

new paint and handles will change the old wooden cabinet Tatal

furniture paint in white and gray

simple and creative pranks idea with points as elegant wooden cabinet Decoration

wood cabinet and sideboard in dark blue paint and design with white spot motif

revive the old wooden furniture with fresh colors

furniture paint in pale pink and white and orange_streichen idea for wooden chairs and side tables

creative strikeout idea for the wooden furniture in the nursery

Children's creative designs and old wooden furniture paint in gray

there is no color that does not fit to the tree &# 8211; Fresh ideas for your painting wood cabinets

underline them old furniture in different colors for cool color scheme in the living room and in the kitchen

elegant combination of wood look with the color white

classic sideboards wood with white drawers

Inspiration for creative furniture design in black and white

black and white paint idea for wooden furniture and sideboards

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