Interesting and modern lighting design in the bedroom

Interesting and modern lighting design in the bedroom

The bedroom is our personal space in the apartment and also needs a special device for a pleasant and intimate atmosphere. are important not only the furniture and materials, but also the lighting design. Indirect lighting in the bedroom can be achieved in various ways and allows. The conventional solution for this is being suspended ceiling with built-in lights. but the lighting in the bedroom can be performed more interesting. A creative lighting design by wall decorative elements or 3D wall panels that are illuminated, can be awarded different lighting accents the room and set the bed scene. Be inspired by our examples. We provide Ihenn 11 creative and interesting lighting concepts for a discreet and romantic lighting. The right lighting in the bedroom can expand the space visually and to create a very different mood. In fact we only 1/3 of our lives in the bedroom spend but that at this time we have to ourselves relax and rest. Indirect lighting can be very helpful in this case. The different illumination colors have different positive effects. That is the reason why the light therapy is translated in various diseases. For example, they help in Depresion and related sleep disorders. When Consider how you will make your bedroom and set, consider the lighting design.

Ceiling design with subtle overhead lighting in a luxury bedroom

Bedrooms with wooden floor and a double bed in black wall and Deckebeleuchtunh

modern bedroom in beige with wall design of triangular tiles and wall lights

Wall light design with triangular lights

creative wall design bedroom with flower wall lights

Bedroom with colorful floating floor and 3D wall panels with light decorations

modern bedroom in white with wall and ceiling lighting

Bedroom in white with wooden floors and decorative wall lights

3D wall design with LED lighting for romantic ambience in the bedroom

interesting lighting design for bedroom with illuminated 3D wall panels and steps

discreet and elegant Wandbelauchtung for Bedroom Gray with gray wall panels

Double bedroom in white and 3D wall panels in gray with integrated lights

luxury bedroom with lighted white 3D wall panels and LED lights on the ceiling

Lighting design for bedroom with white 3D wall panels and indirect lighting

 Bedroom inspiration with Wandbelauchtung

Bedroom with white duvet and 3D wall panels

minimalist bedroom in white with LED lighting on the wall

Lighting design for white bedroom

modern bedroom design with ball pendant lights

Bedroom with modern hanging ball lights

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