Inspiring DIY and Upcycling ideas with wine bottles

Inspiring DIY and Upcycling ideas with wine bottles

Inspiring DIY and Upcycling ideas with wine bottles

Who likes to drink wine, has appointed home some empty wine bottles. What you could do with them instead of throwing them away? Actually, much more than you can imagine. In today’s post we have many inspiring DIY and Upcycling ideas prepared with wine bottles, under which a vast array of examples of DIY lamps and candle holders, DIY furniture, DIY garden decorations, as well as interesting examples of homemade household items and kitchen utensils. Be inspired and transform the empty glass bottles in designer items, modern decoration and home accessories.

the upcycling of glass bottles &# 8211; everything you can do with the empty wine bottles

creative tinkering with glass for DIY deco and living-Accessories

By Upcycling of already useless glass bottles that are to be used renews in its original form or as the basis for an entirely new product either, can be produced allermögliche quality products. Same as when tinkering with other materials, here the imagination has no limit.

creative upcycling ideas with wine bottles for original DIY Serving

eindeken creative upcycling of glass bottles in Serving as a cool idea to table

DIY serving dishes from wine bottles

One of the creative upcycling ideas with wine bottles is their unusual use as original glass bowls for serving food, snacks or nuts. You can use the wine bottles either halve or flatten by heating to make modern serving trays themselves. We will first show you the second variant.

How to make wine bottle flat and tinker cool DIY bowl?

einrigartige green glass bowl tinkering by the upcicling of wine bottles

make wine bottles flat

Before we start with the instructions for flattening of glass bottles, here is the list of the materials required for this cool craft idea: Wine bottle, large bowl, soap dish, steel wool, wire 14-ds, wire cutters and electrical glass melting furnace.

First, unplug the bottle label. To easily remove the adhesive residue, dip the bottle in the filled with warm soapy water basin for about 20 minutes, with steel wool to make the glass surface clean. Rinse the wine bottle with cold water and dry it off. If you want to use the flattened glass bottle as wall decoration, you will need a mount for it. For the goal, turn a small part of the wire, put it in the bottle neck. The wire is secured in the molten glass. Place the wine bottle in the electric glass melting furnace. close the door from the oven and set the temperature to 800 ° C. Once the oven has reached this temperature, let the wine bottle in there long hour. After an hour, turn off the oven without opening the door. The molten glass bottle in the oven let it cool for at least 24 hours. If you want to take out the already shallow glass bottle from the oven, it is best to heat-resistant gloves.

Inspiring DIY and Upcycling ideas with wine bottles for DIY furniture

modern coffee table wood to build yourself with wine bottles as table feet and tischdeko

interesting idea for homemade wooden coffee table and wine bottles as table legs and vases

cool upcycling of wine bottles in vases and creative tinkering of DIY wooden coffee table

Furniture build with wine bottles

With empty wine bottles also creative pieces of furniture such as coffee and side tables, and shelves can easily build. All that is needed for this are few bottles and a wooden board in which you simply drill holes for the bottle necks. In the same way an interesting shelf is to build.

simple and creative construction of shelves made of wood and wine bottles

free trend shelves wood itself bauen_coole craft ideas for DIY furniture

Another craft idea for DIY shelf with glass bottles and wooden boards

cool shelves build your own wooden plates and wine bottles

Bar build yourself with colored glass bottles for interesting lighting effects at night 

creative landscaping with self garden bar and cool lighting concept with wine bottles for the garden

Lighting design and wall design with glass bottles

Let artificial or natural light through colored glass bottles through to create an interesting lighting.

original wall design and creative lighting concept with walled wine bottles

original upcycling of glass bottles as translucent wandekoration and creative room lighting

the use of glass bottles in the garden as a creative and homemade Gartendeko

wine bottles upcycling ideas for DIY-gartendeko_garten customize DIY partition and diy windspiel from wine bottles

Garden design and decoration with wine bottles

The empty wine bottles can find a place and its new feature in the garden, as an original, playful and even practical garden decorations. For example you can build interesting garden paths and garden borders with glass bottles, as well as allermögliche Garden decorative items like wind chimes, garden plug and Bird Feeder. the wine bottles are also suitable for a beautiful garden lighting with torches and lanterns DIY.

Wine bottle upcycling ideas for Bird Feeder

creative craft ideas with glass bottles for diy birdseed dispenser

illuminate the garden and decorate by the creative upcycling of glass bottles

wine bottle garden design ideas with diy lanterns and diy candlestick from

DIY glass bottle Torch

  • Glass bottle with a 2.5 cm diameter of the neck
  • Teflon tape of width 1.3 cm
  • Copper plate to the support (3/8-inch tubes)
  • 1-inch copper tubing hanger (3/8-inch tubes)
  • ½ inch x 3/8 inch copper sleeve
  • ½ inch copper cap
  • 2 x hexagon nuts (3/8 inch inside diameter)
  • 2 x 26mm zinc plated wood screws
  • 1 x 3 inch threaded rod with zinc plating (3/8 inch diameter)
  • 1 x adjustable screw and nut key
  • 1 x Hacksaw
  • Cordless screwdriver and funnel
  • Petrol and wick (10 – 12cm long)

DIY torches from wine bottles as coolle garden lighting and garden wall decoration

creative upcycling of wine bottles in wandfackeln_garten lighting ideas with homemade torch from glass bottle

After you have found the right place for your DIY torch, attach the copper plate with two screws at the garden fence. Then turn into the threaded rod. Now screw the first nut onto the threaded rod, to the copper plate and the second at the beginning of the threaded rod so that the hanger can be held. Then mount the hanger and fix it with the nut. It’s time for the wick. Wrap as much Teflon tape around the larger end of the copper sleeve until the sleeve fits into the bottle neck. Run the socket and let the wick to come out three quarters of a centimeter from the bottle the wick into. Then attach the bottle to the suspension, fill with gasoline and insert the wick with the sleeve in the wine bottle into it. Before lighting the torch, let the wick for a few minutes to absorb with gasoline.

great decorating ideas with wine bottles

the upcycling of wine bottles in bright table decoration

transform the empty glass bottles in designer tea light holders

cool craft ideas for DIY with vintage candle holder made of white glass bottles

Upcycling of wine bottles in candles and candle holders

Surely you have seen many different and creative ideas for DIY candle holder and candle holder glass bottles. In addition to the simplest variant in which the candles are easy hineinzustecken into the bottleneck, there are also many more creative but little more elaborate inspiration for DIY candle holders, which part is cut off from the wine bottle. But how does it work?

Tablecloths festive with beautiful DIY candle holder wine bottles

make original decorating ideas with candles and Weinflaschen_kerzenhalter itself

Glass bottle cut by flame


First you have a line at which the bottle breaks, using be scratched by a glass cutter or Glasbohrerbit. The bottle must be heated at the already scribed line about 5 minutes long. For the destination, you can use small candle. Everything is equally hot, turn the bottle all the time. The flame is to be concentrated directly along the score line. After that, soak the bottles end that you want to cancel in the sink or in a pot of cold water. Breaks the bottle is not the first time, repeat the heating and diving. Finally, grind smooth the broken glass edges first with coarse Schmirgelklotz and then with fine sandpaper.

elegant candleholder craft of wood and glass bottles

wine bottles upcycling ideas for romantic kerzendeko with modern DIY Teelichthalter

stylish décor with original tea light holders made of green glass bottles

cool decorating ideas with kerzen_grüne glass bottles recycled in modern tea light holders

romantic stair-Kerzendeko with dark wine bottles

innentrepe romantic decorate with candles and wine bottles made of dark glass

creative upcycling ideas with wine bottles by John Meng creative DIY lamps

cool table lamps themselves are expanding wine bottles

Chandelier build yourself from wine bottles

upcycling of glass bottles in kronenleuchter_raum illuminate with diy glass bottles lamps

great idea as you vintage pendant lamps can tinker

wine bottles upcycling-ideas for homemade pendant lights in vintage style

interesting interior design with DIY pendant lamps

creative upcycling of wine bottles in modern DIY pendant lamps

interesting idea for DIY vintage lamp from glass bottles and water pipes

original wall and table lamp expanding metal water pipes

Wall decoration ideas with wine bottle as a vase and hurricane lamp

walls in the hallway decorate with DIY Wall candle holder wine bottles

Modern wall design with candle holders for wall

wall-candlestick itself tinker from wine bottles as a cool wall and lichtdeko idea

use empty wine bottle for a DIY mini garden

cool Hängedeko tinker with glasflaschen_diy terrarium wine bottle

tinker hanging herb garden itself

herb garden make yourself as a hanging garden bottles for wine

Modern room decoration with plants and cool craft idea for vertical gardening

beautiful herb garden in the kitchen making themselves with empty glass bottles

stylish table decoration with home-made vases from glass bottles

simple upcycling of wine bottles in modern vases

Christmas craft idea for DIY Winterdeko with wine bottles vases

cool craft idea for snow-white Winter decoration with wine bottles

Sideboard decorate with DIY lights of glass bottles and Christmas Lights

craft ideas for Kamindeko with DIY bottle lights

interesting decoration with photos in wine bottles and creative crafting DIY soap dispenser

cool glass bottles upcycling-ideas for DIY photo gift and DIY soap dispenser

creative glass bottle upcycling ideas for the kitchen

modern glass-container pasta tinker from wine bottles

Salt and pepper shakers, Löfel and toothpick holder craft of glass bottles

cool craft ideas with weihflaschen_diy zahnstochherhalter, diy glasläffel and diy salt and pepper shakers

Upcycling fantastic idea by Maria Bang Espersen &# 8211; modern glass serving bowls &# 8220; ontanke&# 8220;

modern glass-Serving tinker from glas_ideen for stylish table stock up

creative DIY bathroom decoration with wine bottle toothbrush holder

creative craft ideas for DIY toothbrush holder of glass

Upcycling ideas with wine bottles for interesting lighting and interior design 

inspiring interior design by Red Design Group

original cover design and light design with modern pendant light green wine bottles

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