Innovative and modern – the future of the modern kitchen

Innovative and modern - the future of the modern kitchen

Electrolux is a global leader in home appliances for private and commercial use. When it comes to innovation in the household, the Electrolux Design Lab is the scene for young designers and their creative and innovative solutions for the future. Today we want to take a look into the future of modern cuisine. Innovative and modern – so we can refer to the development of new kitchen appliances from Electrolux. Modern kitchen is not only modern furniture design. The innovative household appliances are already an inseparable part of the modern kitchen.

Innovative – the right name for a new island from Electrolux, which agreed a creative combination of dining area and kitchen table. The modern concept idea of ​​interactive “Randez-vous” table brings the kitchen in the living room where you can chat with your guests while cooking. The innovative island is composed of the table top, which is an energy surface. To activate the surface, you need only one device to be placed on it. The table top has induction cooking system with sensor technology. The cooking zones are not specified. It is simply there released heat when a pan or a pot is presented. The required by the consumer refrigerator, stove or other kitchen appliances could be modular in drawers. To make cooking easier, Rendez-vous also includes a programmed virtual chef who helps the consumer during the cooking process.

The innovative cooking island &# 8211; Randez-vous table

modern kitchen set-black and white dining table with modern Barhockern- island

The mobile induction hob Tommi Moilanen

currently kitchen - kitchen innovation modern kitchen appliances-

Designed by the designer Tommi Moilanen intelligent induction cooker can be set up anywhere and use. A compact and modern road solution. With the help of an app for your smartphone to child-proof remote control for the hob is used. The app also stores information about the last cooked food. Thanks to the timber handle the cooking plate is easy to carry and suspend in charging to a wall.

Modern induction hotplates &# 8211; Honeycomb hotplates 

modern white hotplates

The innovative modular induction cooking system “Honeycomb”, is particularly suitable for small households and kitchen. The induction hob has hexagonal modules that can be combined in different variations together. They can be combined by simply clicking and in this way provide a cooking zone at any place. A remote control controls the heat wirelessly via Bluetooth. The high-gloss white surface of each module fits in harmoniously in the entire living room. The modules can be stacked and can be easily stowed when not in use. Of course, the system can be used as well in larger households as a heating plate.

kitchen currently &# 8211; USB Print Toaster by Sung Bae Chag

kitchen up to date - modern kitchen appliances- white USB Toaster

How do you find the idea of ​​news, sports and weather on your toast to be read on the go? The portable printer toaster from Sung Bae Chag may allow. You can connect the device via USB to your computer and print entire articles and computer snapshots with it.

Salvé Bagel Toaster Kent Madden

kitchen up to date - modern kitchen innovations Bageltoaster-

The Salvé bagel toaster is a portable and energy-efficient toaster. The bagels are freshly roasted by the principle of rotation of the device. The modern toaster makes itself charged by induction.

Flexible cooking with Quimi

kitchen up to date - the modern kitchen appliances from electrolux

Quimi is an innovative Küchenset from the Designer Ilia Vostrov, which can be used for heating, roasting and steaming the food. The device is wireless and portable, it requires very little storage space and is hung on an induction charging heels on the wall. All operations can be realized through mobile devices in the network ready home of the future.

kitchen currently &# 8211; Sook &# 8211; Recipe Generator

kitchen up to date - innovative kitchen solutions

Sook is a recipe generator that brings the social network in the kitchen. The innovative device that can be used as a cutting board, has screen, wireless Internet connection and camera. Sensors detect which foods are on the board or in the vicinity thereof. Sook can look at all the ingredients of the recipe currently in use or emerging on the screen. The modern kitchen appliance lets you load and cooking instructions snapshot of the cooked dish directly to the Internet.

Heating and cooling with Ribbon &# 8211; innovative kitchen appliances

kitchen up to date - innovation in the Kitchen cooler in white and black

The designer Enzo Kocak has developed an innovative idea for cooling and heating. Due to the unique shape and flexibility of the device can be envelop for heating or cooling a container with food or drink. The innovative heat device and cooler in one, has two sides. The black provides warmth and the white cools. It can be used as a hotplate. The rechargeable electronic thermoelectric battery cells can also reverse the charging process and revert to excess heat into electricity when the appliance is not in use.

Stratosphere &# 8211; the clothes rack

modern clothes rack - innovative home appliances

Stratosphere is an innovative coat stand, the deodorized and disinfected clothing. “Actually it is a clothes rack, the germs, micro-pollutants and chemical substances sucks of body odor and cigarette smoke and clothing escapes. The polluted air passes through a HEPA filter and then in a chamber, where it is disinfected with ultraviolet light “.

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